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Pixel Gun 3D Beginners Guide, Tips and Tricks

Tired of being the best on a battlefield?

Pixel Gun 3D is largely based online action battle royale game and there are multiple modes in which you are pit against real opponents online. Then, it becomes a real challenge for you to come out on top every time. Here is our Pixel Gun 3D Beginners Guide with a few tips and tricks to help you in your multiplayer games.

1. Keep switching through all your weapons

Pixel Gun 3d Guide

Pixel Gun offers you something few other mobile FPS games can offer, that is 6 weapon slots. You should utilize all of these as best as possible in order to make the best of every weapon you have. A good strategy is to repeatedly switch between weapons after each time you fire. This makes you much more unpredictable and your attacks will be much more diverse.

2. Pick weapons based on the map

Thankfully, you are able to access your entire armory during a match. You can use this to your advantage; modify your load-out during a match to pick the most effective weapons during a battle. For example, in a close-quarters map, the best weapons to use are ones which can do area damage, since you will be able to damage multiple enemies at once. In a larger map, you may choose to select weapons with high range, such as scoped assault rifles, heavy items that shoot straight projectiles, etc.

3. Learn the layout of the maps

As with any other FPS games, it is very useful for you to learn the layout of the maps you play in. Some maps have special features, such as portals, secret pathways, and hiding spots. Use these to your tactical advantage in order to flank enemies, carry out stealth attacks and surprise attacks. Remember, there is a chance that other players are also familiar with these special features in maps, be careful when you plan out your strategies.

4. Always be aiming to complete challenges

Pixel Gun 3D sets you a huge bunch of challenges which can earn you great rewards. Focus on completing as many as you can as this will unlock great benefits. One thing to keep in mind, challenges may take time, so it is a good idea to plan out which challenges you want to attempt before you choose them.

5. Never underestimate the pets

Pets may seem harmless and adorable, but do not underestimate them. These little pests can be extremely annoying at times. If you ever see an enemy pet, take that out first as this will not only help you, but it will also help your teammates when facing the pet’s owner.

Looking at it the other way round, pets can be very useful to you. If you upgrade it enough, it will really help you out during a battle. Pick the ones with the best stats and take it alongside you into battle.

6. Save your gems, spend your coins

Gems are the main currency which buy you all the premium items. Handle these with care as they can be exchanged for great items in the shop. Coins are much easier to obtain but they focus on the more basic items, such as basic weaponry, upgrades etc. If you are a starter player, these coins will buy you all the basics you need. However, for an experienced player, coins will be beneficial mainly to your item upgrades.

7. Participate in Clan Activities regularly

Pixel Gun 3d Guide

There is a large focus on clan activities in this game, make sure to regularly do your part. The rewards you can earn from this part of the game can be great, sometimes even better than event rewards (these are some of the best). Some of the weapons that you can win from clan rewards are very overpowered. Also, make sure that the clan you are a part of is active as you will all need to work as a team to maximize your rewards.

Did you find the tips in Pixel Gun 3D Beginners Guide helpful in multiplayer matches? Let us know in the comment section below!

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uh lovebirds is the best for back up and I tend to stay with it forever


Not really.. The backup i choose that is pretty annoying is sparkeling unicorn


Thanks for this great information, my son is addicted to this game

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