eFootball PES 2020: Playing styles of Forwards in PES

eFootball PES 2020 is easily one of the most realistic football games out there available for mobile devices. Out of many realistic things Konami has successfully implemented in the game is different playing styles for different individual players in PES.

When it comes to playing, forwards reap all the rewards – the highest salaries, the biggest moments and the crowd’s affections – and to be fair, without goals, you simply can’t win. It’s obvious that some forwards’ have their unique play style which is about their on and off the ball movement.
So let’s look deep into different playing styles of forwards in PES and understand how we can get the best out of our goalscorers in the game.

1. Target Man

target man playing styles of forwards in PES
Target Man play area


It’s an attribute typically for strikers/centre forwards in the game. CFs with Target Man playing styles are forwards in PES who don’t really get back for offensive build-ups, prefer to stay close to the line of the opponent defence, always looking for runs behind the defender. They are always open to passes and can collect the ball in the attacking area when a wide player drifts inside. They have the ability to hold the ball in offensive areas and also great aerial ability. Target Man players are best suited for waiting in the box for heading in from crosses. If you have a CF with Target Man attribute then its best to send crosses into the box and hope for your striker to head in.

In-game examples: D. Zapata, Z.Ibrahimovic

Best Formations to use in: 4-2-3-1 (Ex: P.Boer, G.Henriques)

2. Fox in the box

fox in the box
Typical play area of a FITB in PES 2020


Fox in the box is a very commonly used term in football for strikers who are always waiting in and around the opposition box waiting for opportunities to fire the ball in. These players are similar in the fact to Target Mans that they don’t involve themselves in the build-up too much. They like to stay close to the box waiting for the perfect opportunity to score. They are best equipped for exploiting any loose balls in the box or any inch of space between the defenders, thus giving them one of the lethal playing styles as forwards in PES.

In-game examples: G.Batistuta, H.Kane, R.Lukaku

Best Formations to use in: You can use one Fox in the box in any two striker formation. (4-4-2,4-3-1-2,3-3-2-2 etc) Ex: (D.Millesi, F.Santos, A.Conte respectively)

3. Goal Poacher

goal poacher best playing styles of forwards in PES
Goal Poacher play area in PES 2020


Goal Poachers are that kind of strikers who lead the attack and like to be a part of the attacking build-up. They have good ball control for receiving through balls from midfielders or wingers and also for providing the same. Some goal poachers have a great pace that helps them in beating the defensive line or offside trap. (Ex: P.E.Aubameyang, K.Mbappe

Long balls are of great help for such goal poachers, as with their particular playing styles as forwards in PES they can run past the defence and score with the help of that electric pace. So combining a goal poacher with a long ball provider is always a good idea if you want to skip that build-up part in the opposition half.

In-game examples: K.Benzema, S.Aguero, L.Suarez

Best Formations to use in: any 4-3-3(4-1-2-3 or 4-2-1-3), (Ex: L.Roman, G.Zeitler) also you can pair up one goal poacher and one target man/fox in the box in any 2 striker formation.(4-4-2, 4-3-1-2 etc.)(Ex: D.Millesi, F.Santos)

4. Prolific Winger

Typical play area of a Prolific Winger in PES 2020


Now that we are done talking about strikers, let’s talk about wingers who provide width to the attack and combine with the striker and midfielders to build up the attack. Prolific means players who have a tendency to score goals consistently. Prolific wingers in the game mean wing players who generally play on the wings but also like to cut inside and shoot when the opportunity comes.

Pace, dribbling, ball control and offensive awareness are some strong attributes for prolific wingers. Due to their lethal playing styles in PES, you can combine offensive fullbacks with prolific wingers to utilize the space in the wide areas of the opposition half really well. Also, you can often cut inside and aim for the top corner. 

In-game examples: C.Ronaldo, E.Hazard, S.Mane

Best Formations to use in: any 3 in the front formation like 4-3-3, 4-2-1-3, 4-1-2-3 etc.(Ex: Y.Grimault, C.Tunal, L.Roman) 

5. Roaming Flank

roaming flank play style in pes 2020
Typical play area of a Roaming Flank player in PES 2020


Roaming Flank” players are those wing players who move up and down the wing, and can drift in through spaces between the opposition full-back and centre-back. They also tend to track back when the opposition attacks through wide areas. Pace, dribbling and passing are three most attributes for roaming flank players. Pace and dribbling help in exploiting spaces between FB and CB and drifting inside when needed.

Good passing is needed for sending lofted and through balls towards the strikers for creating chances. Roaming Flank players with good passing abilities can create lots of good chances from wide areas, thus giving the opposition defence a headache about how to fill the gap. You can combine these forwards having such playing styles with target man CFs in PES for creating great aerial chances too.

In-game examples: L.Messi, M.Salah, H.M.Son

Best Formations to use in: Can be used as LWF/RWF in front 3 formations(4-3-3,4-1-2-3 etc.) (Ex:Y.Grimault,R.Koeman etc.) and also as LMF/RMF in 4-4-2,4-2-3-1 etc.(Ex: C.Raneiri P.Bosz, S.Gϋnes etc)

6. Dummy Runner

Dummy Runners are comfortable in central attacking positions


‘Dummy Runner’ players like to make dummy runs around or inside the opposition box to attract the defenders, thereby creating spaces for other attackers to exploit. They are very limited in numbers in PES 2020, sadly. They can take a lot of workload in the team and like to get involved in the build-up as well. They are good at shooting as well.

Offensive Awareness and Stamina are the two most important attributes for them as they like to make forward runs every now and then to grab the attention of Defenders.

In-game examples: T.Muller, M.Marega

Best Formations to use in: Can be played as a SS to partner a FITB/Goal Poacher in any 2 striker formation like 4-2-2-2(Ex: M.Preuss). Can also be played as an AMF in 4-2-3-1(Ex: H.Flick)

Did we miss out any forward(s) in the list who has worked well for you online? Or do you prefer any other playing styles of forwards in PES 2020? Feel free to mention them in the comment section below!

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You are wrong about target man
.He does involve in buildup


What about lawendowski


”Collects the ball from the wide flank by dropping deep’. It’s mentioned there. That is a part of buildup play.

Sam Selahle

Joachim Locadia is my best Fox in the box. Solid on the ground, packs a fatal shot and hardly hits a miss.


You missed out Lewi


What about lewandowski and 4-1-3-2 formation


Plz add friend match request


What about creative playmaker. Eg. Neymar


Where is the dummy runner? Müller, Embolo?


Bro what about dieago forlan and kluivert or kluivert and van bastin…?

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