Pokémon GO Primal Rumblings Event Guide and Tips

Be the star of the Primal Rumblings event!

As Pokémon GO Tour: Hoenn 2023 is coming up, trainers can use this event to stock up on catching supplies and familiarize themselves with Pokémon that would be returning during the Primal Rumblings Event. The event is available from February 22, 2023 (10 AM Local Time) to February 24, 2023(10 PM Local Time).

Pokémon GO Primal Rumblings 2023: Event Overview

Event Bonus

During the event, players would be getting 2x XP for evolving the Pokémon. So, players can stack up on pokemon that they can evolve and use a lucky egg to make the most out of the event bonus.

Event Spawns

During the event, the following Pokémon would have boosted spawn rates:

Pokémon GO Primal Rumblings event
Image via Niantic
  • Treeko
  • Torchic
  • Mudkip
  • Wurmple
  • Whismur
  • Numel
  • Barboach
  • Grovyle
  • Combusken
  • Marshtomp
  • Absol
Pokémon GO Primal Rumblings event
Image via Niantic
  1. One-Star: Treeko, Torchic, Mudkip
  2. Three-Star: Grovyle, Combusken, Marshtomp
  3. Five-Star: Rayquaza would be appearing in the 5-Star raids during this event. And the Rayquaza caught during this event would know Charged Attack: Breaking Swipe, a Dragon-type move.
  4. Mega: Latios and Latias.
Pokémon GO Primal Rumblings event 2023
  • Trainer Battles: 50 power. This move decreases your opponent’s Attack stat when used.
  • Gyms and Raids: 35 power.

Primal Rumblings Special Research Tasks

Step 1 of 2

  • Catch 5 Water / Electric / Bug Type Pokémon: 20 Pinap Berries
  • Catch 5 Fire/ Grass/ Ground Type Pokémon: 20 Razz Berries
  • Catch 10 Pokemon originally discovered in the Hoenn Region: 3 Golden Razz Berries

Rewards: 2023 XP, 2023 Stardust

Step 2 of 2

  • Complete 5 Field Research Tasks: 10 Pokeballs
  • Power up Pokemon 10 times: 5 Great Balls
  • Make 5 great curveball throws: 1 Star Piece

Rewards: 2023 Stardust, 2023 XP, and 1 Go Tour: Hoenn Bonus Pass

On completing the Special Research, Trainers would be prompted to pick Team Ruby or Team Sapphire. And on February 25th and 26th, the 2 teams would have a friendly competition in which the team would be able to complete more field tasks. The winning teams would decide on more raids of Kyogre (Sapphire) or Groudon (Ruby).

The special research task would be available till 1st March. Players should try to complete the tasks by then to receive the bonuses and free passes.

Collection Challenge

There will be a Primal Rumblings Collection Challenge available during the two days of the event. The Collection Challenge can be completed by evolving different Pokémon from the Hoenn Region. On completing the Challenge the Trainers would be rewarded with useful in-game items like Ultra Balls and a Rocket Radar.

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