Pokemon Go: Role of Poffins and its benefits

Poffins and their benefits!

Trainers with an idea of how to get the best buddy status in Pokémon Go! Where it was advised to feed them berry so that it can fill up their hunger meter and you can earn hearts. Poffin is a role-like item that was introduced in Generation IV. Poffins are special berries that are made up of by combining different berries, these items are used as a special snack for your buddy Pokémon in Pokemon Go. You can purchase it from the shop for 100 coins. In this article, we are going to talk about the Role of Poffins and their benefits. 

Role and benefits of Poffins in Pokemon GO

These are some benefits of Poffins in Pokemon GO:

  • Boosting up your Buddy Pokémon mood might not seem so valuable but it helps to fill their hunger meter for a longer period. 
  • By consuming Poffins in Pokémon Go Trainers can earn Heart at Double speed every day. 
  • They also help to reduce the distance that’s is been needed to earn a candy in half which is a valuable idea to maximize candy and help Pokémon to evolve without any delay. 
Poffins are used as a special snack for your buddy Pokémon
Poffins are used as a special snack for your buddy Pokémon

Collecting hearts do have its benefits that can help a trainer’s buddy to get this following four status: 

  • Good Buddies: where Pokémon will walk with their trainer. 
  • Great Buddies: where Pokémon will pick up occasional items.
  • Ultra-Buddies: where Pokémon will present Trainer with souvenirs.
  • Best Buddies: where Pokémon will get a boost in CP.

It will be effective if a Pokémon gets to best Buddies for the CP. After all, timing is everything in Pokémon Go! If you are thinking of using Poffin then use it on days when you can spend more and more time with your Buddy Pokémon as it will be a waste if you don’t use it after spending 100 coins. 

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