Pokémon Unite Adventure in Zacians Weald Event Guide: How to get Zacian’s license for free

New event underway in Pokémon Unite!

Finally, the Pokémon Unite MOBA gamers get their first significant event of 2023. Barring the event, it would be the first time since Mew, that a permanent Pokémon License would be the ultimate reward. Adventure in Zacians Weald is the Pokémon Day 2023 event in Pokémon Unite for the Nintendo Switch and mobile devices. Players can read this, till the end to find out how to unlock the Legendary Pokémon and other items, such as frames, and backgrounds for free. Also, players can note that, as of now, the event is the only way of unlocking the character, as it would be available in the shop only after the event ends.

Pokémon Unite Adventure in Zacians Weald: Event Duration

StartFebruary 27, 2023
EndMarch 27, 2023
12:00 AM UTC

Pokémon Unite Adventure in Zacian’s Weald Event Guide

Claim the 2023 Pokémon Day Trainer Outfit

First and foremost, to start this event, players can claim the free 2023 Pokémon Day Trainer Outfit. Celebrate Pokemon Day this year with this fabulous new outfit! After claiming the T-shirt, the adventure begins!

Pokemon Day Trainer Outfit

The steps succeeding might look complex, but the following section might make it a bit more convenient for you:

Core Gameplay

Step 1: Roll the Dice to Start Moving

Firstly, roll a die to decide how far you might go. Landing on a square will reward players with a Pokemon License and Rental Holowear of that random Pokémon based on that square itself. An Adventure Mission will also start where players will need to complete missions related to the Limited License obtained. If a player receives Garchomp and its holowear, he needs to complete missions based on Garchomp, to move forward.

Get 3 Free Dice Daily

Until the end of the event, players can log in every day to get 3 free Adventure Dice. This is currently the only way to get dice for free, so try logging in every day! However, to hasten to get Zacian, players may purchase an Adventure Die for 20 Aeos Gems each. (One can only obtain a maximum of 50 dice this way.)

Step 2: Finish Adventure Missions

When assigned an adventure mission, you will have to finish at least one of them to get rewards and continue rolling the dice again. Completing one task will also provide players with 12 Adventure Coins. Players can access the Adventure missions by pressing the button at the lower right section of the screen.

If one wants to quickly get Zacian, one may instantly finish one Adventure Mission in exchange for 4 Aeos Gems. Players only have to finish one adventure mission so they only spend what they need, however, it is easier to complete the assignments instead, we reckon.

Pass a Goal Square for Rewards

Passing through a goal square will reward players with 12 Adventure Coins and Aeos Tickets (without doing any Adventure Missions). Movements due to dice rolls will also stop, and players are free to roll another die afterward.

Step 3: Repeat

Repeat steps 1 and 2 until you have enough coins to exchange in the Adventure Exchange Shop! This is currently the only way to obtain Zacian’s Unite License, as it is currently unavailable in the Shop.

Get Zacian Limited License on the First Map

Clearing the first map by reaching the end will reward the player with a 3-Day Zacian Limited License. Players need to travel 8 squares to obtain the Zacian Limited License. One can use this if they want to try out this Legendary Pokémon in Standard Battles! However, players must remember that it is a temporary license, getting the permanent one isn’t this convenient.

Once finishing the first map, players will now be using the second map to obtain rewards. You need to travel 13 squares before you finish one lap. This map will make you go around in laps.

Land on Bonus Square to Move +3 Squares

In the permanent map, the fourth square is always a bonus square that will let the players advance 3 squares for free!

Adventure in Zacians Weald Event: Adventure Achievements

Completing certain quests in the event will give the players Adventure Achievements that will have their trophy case in-game. Players will also get exclusive rewards as they obtain each achievement! Players can try completing this and brag about their progress to their friends!

Achievement List and Rewards

Adventurer – LuckyEncounter Zacian 1 time.Rusted Sword Sticker
Adventurer – MasterEncounter all 49 Pokemon.Background
(2023 Special)
Adventurer – ExpertEncounter 40 Pokemon.10 Item Enhancers
Adventurer – EliteEncounter 30 Pokemon.10 Aeos Tickets
Adventurer – VeteranEncounter 20 Pokemon.10 Item Enhancers
Adventurer – ExperiencedEncounter 10 Pokemon.10 Aeos Tickets
Adventurer – BeginnerEncounter 1 Pokemon.Snapshot Frame
(2023 Special)

Share Your Progress for 50 Aeos Coins

If players share their progress with anyone, they can get 50 Aeos Coins! This is a one-time reward only, so claim it whenever you can!

Pokémon Unite Adventure in Zacians Weald Event: Adventure Exchange

Pokémon Unite Adventure in Zacians Weald Event: Adventure Exchange

All Adventure Coins received from Zacian’s Weald can be exchanged here. This is where you’ll get Zacian’s Unite License for free, in exchange for 600 Adventure Coins!

RewardsCoins NeededExchange Limit
Zacian UNITE LicenseAdventure Coins
Snapshot Sticker (Zacian)Adventure Coins
7-Day Aeos Coin Boost CardAdventure Coins
7-Day Battle Point Boost CardAdventure Coins
3-Day Aeos Coin Boost CardAdventure Coins
3-Day Battle Point Boost CardAdventure Coins
7-Day Aeos Coin Boost CardAdventure Coins
Aeos TicketAdventure Coin

Final Thoughts

These are the steps to unlock Zacian for free in the game. Players can look out for our Zacian guide once they unlock the permanent license. With a bunch of new Pokémon coming to the roster, a free Pokémon was everything that a Unite MOBA player could’ve asked for. Players can watch our Pokémon UNITE MOBA section for future leaks and updates on Umbreon, Chandelure, etc.

What are your thoughts on the Pokémon Unite Adventure in Zacians Weald Event? Let us know in the comment section below.

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