Pokémon Unite Full-Fury Team Clash Event Guide and Tips

Choose your team and win several rewards!

One of the most fast-paced battle modes has returned to the Pokémon Unite MOBA in a new avatar. The Full-Fury clash event promises to reward plenty, in terms of entertainment, excitement, and rewards. In this guide, we would talk about the start and end dates of the Full-Fury Team Clash event in Pokémon Unite, the rewards, tips on how to complete this event, and more! One must note that this guide contains the entire knowledge one needs for this event, both in terms of the event and the battle mode. Hence, do read till the end.

Pokémon Unite Full-Fury Team Clash Event: Duration and availability

Full-Fury Team Clash is an event in Pokémon Unite that will span for three weekends. It will make use of the Full-Fury Battle format for maximum fun!

WaveStart dateEnd date
1st WaveDec. 31, 2022Jan. 3, 2023
2nd WaveJan. 14, 2023Jan. 17, 2023
3rd WaveJan. 28, 2023Jan. 31, 2023

Pokémon Unite Full-Fury Team Clash Event: Basics

  • The event makes players choose first between two teams, Red and Blue. The Red Team is led by Buzzwole, while Cinderace leads the Blue team. Both teams must compete via Full Fury Battles which will be active on several weekends in January 2023!
  • When it comes to picking a team for this event, choosing either the Red or Blue team will not have an effect on the players. Both parties would be receiving similar rewards after reaching milestones. Pick which side you want to be on, and you’ll be able to participate in the event! Also, remember that you cannot switch teams once you have chosen one.
Pokémon Unite Full-Fury Team Clash Event Guide
Full-Fury Team Clash Event (Image via The Pokémon Company)
  • At the end of the event, the team with the most combined points will be the winner! Win or lose, both teams will still be able to receive rewards, and those rewards must be claimed within 7 days after the result was announced! Both the teams would receive a Winner’s or Loser’s Background and Frame.
  • The points system would be based on the Aeos Energy goals, which one has scored in the match. Also, you might match up or play with players/friends who have joined your opposite team. It would just be your own points that would matter.

Pokémon Unite Full-Fury Team Clash Event: Missions and Rewards

Pokémon Unite Full-Fury Team Clash Event Guide
Image via the Pokemon Company

As said earlier, all rewards for both teams are exactly the same, so feel free to join whichever faction one desire!

Winning Team Rewards

These are additional rewards that players who are on the Winning Team will be able to claim once the showdown is over!

Winning TeamPokemon UNITE - Winning Team Frame Winning Team Frame x1
Winning TeamPokemon UNITE - Winning Team Background Winning Team Background x1

Losing Team Rewards

While you may lose epic fights, if you are on the Losing Team you will still be able to claim these rewards!

Losing TeamPokemon UNITE - Losing Team Frame Losing Team Frame x1
Losing TeamPokemon UNITE - Losing Team Background Losing Team Background x1

Milestone Rewards

These are rewards that players will receive once they have reached a certain milestone from participating in the event! Collect all 10,000 points in order to have a high chance of winning against the other team! The milestone points can be attained based on the Battle Points one earns after each Fury battle. Hence, try to play the best version of yourselves, instead of hoping others to carry.

50 points 3-Day Limited License Selection Box x1
100 pointsAeos Ticket x50
150 points 7-Day Limited License Selection Box x1
200 pointsAeos Ticket x50
250 points1-Day Aeos Coin Boost Card x1
300 pointsAeos Ticket x50
400 points1-Day Battle Point Boost Card x1
500 pointsAeos Ticket x50
600 points3-Day Aeos Coin Boost Card x1
700 pointsAeos Ticket x50
800 points3-Day Battle Point Boost Card x1
1,000 pointsAeos Ticket x50
1,200 points7-Day Aeos Coin Boost Card x1
1,400 pointsAeos Ticket x50
1,600 points7-Day Aeos Coin Boost Card x1
1,800 pointsAeos Ticket x50
2,000 pointsEnergy Boost Tank x1
2,400 pointsAeos Ticket x50
2,800 points Extra-Energy Tank x1
3,200 pointsAeos Ticket x50
3,600 points Item Enhancers x5
4,000 pointsAeos Ticket x50
4,500 points Item Enhancers x5
5,000 pointsAeos Ticket x50
5,500 points Item Enhancers x5
6,000 pointsAeos Ticket x50
6,500 points Item Enhancers x5
7,000 pointsAeos Ticket x50
7,500 points Item Enhancers x5
8,000 pointsAeos Ticket x50
8,500 points Item Enhancers x5
9,000 pointsAeos Ticket x50
9,500 points Item Enhancers x5
10,000 pointsAeos Ticket x50

Pokémon Unite Full-Fury Team Clash Event Guide: Event Breakdown

In this part, we will discuss Full Fury Battle mode minutely. Do read till the end to know how to end the battles with the maximum points possible.

Pokémon Unite Full-Fury Team Clash Event Guide
Image via the Pokemon Company

Full Fury Battle Mode: Basics

  • As of now, Full Fury Battles will now provide players with random Pokemon picks instead of letting players choose from the entire roster. This balances out the game mode as players’ picks would now be more diverse.
  • Every player is provided with 2 License Redraws at the start of every Full Fury Battle. These allow players to randomly draw another license to use in the game mode! Hence, you would have 3 random Pokemon choices while venturing into the battle.
  • Everything in this battle mode is very fast, be it leveling up, goalscoring speed, respawning, move cooldown, battle item cooldown, etc.

Pokémon Unite Full-Fury Team Clash Event Guide: Tips and Tricks

  • Events tied to the current Full Fury Battle season also provide additional single-use license redraws to use. With this, you might get additional choices even after the 2 free choice roll-ons per game. Hence, you might get 3+ choices for every license to redraw you have collected. However, remember that those license redraws would only arrive once (no idea if once per weekend or not), hence use them wisely.
  • Also, examination and experience are currently showing that the random Pokemon you might get are the ones from the Unite Licenses you already own. Hence, practice with and gear up all the Pokemon you have with the necessary items and emblems.
  • Focus on farming from the start. Since leveling up is boosted in this mode, early farming enhances the leveling up. Whoever levels up faster, has the game in their hand.
  • Irrespective of whichever Pokemon you choose from the options, keep stacking held items and score shield as your held item.
  • Always prioritize scoring. Winning in this event doesn’t matter, what matters is the number of goals you score. In this instance, you may choose Goal Getter as your Battle Item.
  • If the situation permits, choose either of the following Pokemon, in cases you have their licenses:
    • Pokemon with huge burst damage like Machamp, Urshifu, Aegislash, etc. can deal huge burst damage! Use this to make sure you’re dealing the maximum pain to the opponents!
    • Pokemon that can disable the opponents, like Pikachu, Mamoswine, Gardevoir, etc.
    • Sustaining Pokemon like Venusaur, Sylveon, and Tsareena, who can steal the HP of the opponents, and,
    • Supporters like Wigglytuff, Blissey, and Eldegoss, come with buffs, healing, and shielding abilities.

That’s all about our latest guide on the new Full-Fury Team Clash Event in Pokémon Unite.

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