Pokémon Unite Mimikyu Pastel Event: Here’s how to get a Mimikyu holowear for free

New event to obtain a free holowear!

With the Miraidon event and several other events going on, it has been long since there was a proper event for a holowear in the game. However, now with the Pastel-style Mimikyu coming into the game, accompanied by an event to win it, we have covered here, how to get the free Mimikyu holowear in Pokémon Unite. The holowear would be available as both permanent and rental versions through this event.

Pokémon Unite Mimikyu Pastel Event: Overview

The event will start from the 20th of March 2024, and go on till the 15th of April, 2024. The following is the overall summary of the event, about what needs to be done in the event.

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  • During this event, one can obtain event pass points by completing daily missions and challenge missions.
  • The number of points obtained can help in getting several rewards. There are regular and premium rewards available. The former may be obtained by exchanging Aeos Gems.
  • The exchange rate is 50 Aeos Gems for each event pass point.
  • Event pass points are exclusive only to this event, and can not be carried over to any other event, as usual.

Pokémon Unite Mimikyu Pastel Event: Missions

In this section of the guide, we will break down the list of missions, along with the rewards.

Log in a total of 1 day/daysEvent Pass Points x 50
Win a ranked match 1 times Event Pass Points x 50
Participate in 1 quick battleEvent Pass Points x 50
Defeat either Rayquaza or Zapdos a total of 2 times Event Pass Points x 300
Make a total of 2 assistsEvent Pass Points x 300
Use a Unite Move 6 times Event Pass Points x 300
Knock out a total of 1 opposing Pokémon Event Pass Points x 300
Score a total of 3 goals Event Pass Points x 300

Pokémon Unite Mimikyu Pastel Event: Rewards

In this section of the guide, we will break down the list of rewards for the upcoming event.

Aeos tickets x 50Item Enhancer x 10
Item Enhancer x 10Aeos tickets x 50
7-Day Aeos Coin Boost Card x 1Extra-Energy Tank x 1
Extra-Energy Tank x 17-Day Limited License: Mimikyu x 1
7-Day Limited License: Mimikyu x 1Pastel Style: Mimikyu x 1
Pastel Style: Mimikyu (1-Day Holowear Rental) x 17-Day Aeos Coin Boost Card x 1
Pastel Style: Mimikyu x 1Snapshot Background
Energy Boost Tank (4× Speed) x 1Silver Emblem Box x 1

The list is not final now and will be updated over time when the update arrives.

Final Thoughts

Many of the missions can be completed quickly enough in the quick games. Also, play with your friends for better chances of winning! Don’t forget to remember the said points and obtain Pastel-style Mimikyu in no time. Several new updates are coming too, besides new characters from the current generation. If you want to read more Pokémon Unite, please read these articles here.

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