Pokémon Unite Panic Parade Guide: Best Pokémon and How to play

Tips to play the Panic Parade mode in Pokémon Unite!

Panic Parade is a new game mode in Pokémon Unite! It is a PvE, 5-player defense map where players have to defend Tinkaton, another Pokémon from waves of enemy Pokémon. In this Pokémon Unite guide, we will know the best Pokémon to use in Panic Parade, how to play, spawn times, and more!

Pokémon Unite Panic Parade Guide: Overview


Pokémon Unite Panic Parade Guide
Image via The Pokémon Company
1stJuly 21, 2023 to July 31, 2023
2ndAugust 18, 2023, to August 20, 2023
3rdAugust 4, 2023, to August 6, 2023
4thJuly 21, 2023, to July 31, 2023

Features of the game

In the Panic Parade mode, players are tasked with protecting their Tinkaton ally from waves of Pokemon. Until all waves of the enemy Pokémon are beaten, the main goal of the game mode is to keep your ally Tinkaton alive and let it to fully evolve. This form of play may include 4 distinct levels. The game’s four difficulty settings can be chosen before it begins. A casual game typically contains eight waves, an intermediate game has ten, an expert level has twelve, and an extreme level has fifteen.At set times (1015 seconds) throughout the game, waves of Pokémon will spawn and push the three  lanes on the map. Weaker Pokemon arrive first in every wave, followed by the strong and resilient ones.

List of Enemy Pokémon

The following enemies come in waves:

Wave Spawns

1Baltoy (x6)All Lanes
Diggersby (x3)All Lanes
2Diggersby (x9)All Lanes
Bellibolt (x2)• Strong and Durable
• Does a charged attack
Top / Bottom
3Flamigo (x9)All Lanes
Paldean Tauros (x3)• Does a charge attackAll Lanes
4Vespiquen (x3)• Slow
• Summons Combees constantly
All Lanes
Combee (x1)• Fast
• Heads straight for Tinkaton
Appears near Vespiquens
Eldegoss (x2)• Heals and shields PokemonBetween lanes
Baltoy (x2)Top / Bottom
Random Pokemon (x1)• Can be captured and summoned when defeatedMiddle
5Hoopa (x1)
(Unbound form)
• Summons random Pokemon through portals
• Uses Psybeam occasionally
Specialty• Summoned by HoopaTop / Bottom

Random Pokemon Pool

Random Pokemon Pool

Delibird spawns occasionally, which doesn’t attack, but drops useful items when defeated.

Pokémon Unite Panic Parade Guide: Event Point Shop

In the Event Shop, one may buy essentials as well as decoration items for your snapshot, in exchange for Event Points earned after every match.

Pokémon Unite Panic Parade Guide
Image via The Pokémon Company

The following items are available in the shop:


Attack Boost (Lv. 1 onwards)
50 onwardsIncreases a Pokémon Attack.

Sp. Atk. Boost (Lv. 1 onwards)
50 onwardsIncreases a Pokémon Sp. Attack.

Attack Speed Boost (Lv. 1 onwards)
50 onwardsIncreases a Pokémon basic attack speed.

Critical-Hit Rate and Damage Boost (Lv. 1 onwards)
50 onwardsIncreases a Pokémon critical-hit rate and critical-hit damage.

Move Cooldown Reduction (Lv. 1 onwards)
50 onwardsReduces a Pokémon move cooldowns.

HP Boost (Lv. 1 onwards)
50 onwardsIncreases a Pokémon HP.

Movement Speed Boost (Lv. 1 onwards)
50 onwardsIncreases a Pokémon movement speed.

Die (1/1)
100For Mewtwo Cave Crystal Event.

Die (4/4)
1000For Mewtwo Cave Crystal Event.

Flamigo Sticker
400Snapshot Decoration

Bellibolt Sticker
400Snapshot Decoration

7-Day Max Grade Trial Card

7-Day Battle Point Boost Card

7-Day Aeos Coin Boost Card

Energy Boost Tank

Extra-Energy Tank

Aeos Coins x1

Item Enhancer x1
*The boost items are only exclusive to the Panic Parade Mode.

Pokémon Unite Panic Parade Guide: Tips and Tricks

In this Pokémon Unite, we will list out the tips and tricks in the newest mode. Keeping Tinkaton alive until all Pokemon waves are defeated is the primary objective of Panic Parade. Players must do what they can to defend Tinkaton from waves of Pokemon.

  • Obtain Aeos Shooter boosts to improve your Pokemon’s stats from the Event Point Shop by exchanging points earned after playing Panic Parade. They are automatically equipped once they are obtained. Buy higher-level boosters as soon as you earn sufficient points.
  • Take out the Eldegoss spawns as quickly as possible when they appear to make defending easier, as it continuously heals your enemies (its own allies).
  • Defeat Vespiquen as fast as possible when they appear to prevent Pokemon like Combees from piling up, near Tinkaton.
  • Some Pokemon can be captured and summoned as an ally when defeated. They are marked by a golden Pokeball beside their HP bar. Defeating these Pokemon can help defend Tinkaton by attacking waves and soaking damage.
  • Pull Pokemon away from Tinkaton. Try to beat them at the tip of the lanes, where they spawn. Take care of the rear flanks too, as Hoopa summons Pokemon near Tinkaton also.
  • Try to play Extreme mode games, they aren’t that hard to win, and the event points earned are almost double than that from Expert mode.
  • Remember that winning in these games also counts as a win for the Mewtwo Event tiles missions.
  • The Best Pokemon to use as of now are Decidueye, Cinderace, Leafeon, and Trevenant.

Keep these points in mind, and earn the maximum number of rewards in no time.

What are your thoughts on the Panic Parade Guide in Pokémon Unite? Let us know in the comments below.

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