Project Winter Mobile guide: Complete list of Buildings available in the game

Know all the buildings in the game!

Project Winter Mobile is a free-to-play social deception game where survival is your primary mission. The game offers certain objectives for you and your team, including repairing the power station, the helipad area, etc. Besides taking care of the objectives assigned to you and your teammates, you also need to look after your health and hunger bars simultaneously. Project Winter Mobile comes with several buildings starting from Power Station, Helipad area, Cabin, etc. In this guide, we will be going to discuss each of the buildings in detail.

List of all the Buildings available in Project Winter Mobile

Once you start playing your desired mode in Project Winter Mobile along with your teammates, the game starts with you and your teammates appearing in the cabin. So let’s first drop by the first building that you can get to witness in Project Winter Mobile.

1. Cabin

The cabin can be called the primary safe house for the survivors in the hostile frozen land. The cabin consists of a stove which is used for cooking purposes, a storage box used for storing any sort of weapons, mechanical scraps, etc etc., a workbench that is used for crafting materials, and a radio which can be activated only after completing the two main goals and is used for calling the rescue helicopter.

Project Winter Mobile
Image via Boltrend Games

The cabin is the safest place for any survivor or even a traitor. When you are running out of health because of hunger or cold, head to the cabin, cook some food on the stove, and make yourself comfortable and warm.

2. Power Station

The Power Station is one of the main buildings consisting of machinery and a generator which needs to be repaired. Players need to determine the problem and find materials such as mechanical scrap, electronic scrap, etc etc. Materials can be found inside the bunkers that are spread all over the map.

Repairing the Power Station falls under one of the main primary objectives and survivors need to repair the same for escaping the Frozen Tundra Land. Survivors will get to know about the items that are required as soon as they check the repair page and check the materials inside the Power Station. It is to be noted that the type of repair materials varies every time.

3. Bunkers

Bunkers can be found spread throughout the map and there are variations of it. Bunkers consist of some important items starting from mechanical scrap, fuel, electronic scrap, etc. Bunkers consist of some useful materials which can be used for crafting important items or even they might contain some important and useful items for repairing the Power Station or The Helipad Area.

4. Helipad Area

The Helipad Area is the area where the rescue helicopter arrives when any of the survivors call for help from the radio. It falls under one of the random secondary objectives. Same as the Power Station, it needs to be repaired with materials.

After you successfully locate the position for the same, you can activate the beacon and share the position with your remaining teammates. Once you have repaired the Helipad area, you need to head to the cabin and call for escape. But before calling for the rescue helicopter, survivors must repair the parts with the necessary items or materials.

5. Armed Bunker

Project Winter Mobile Buildings
Image via Boltrend Games

Once you repair your first objective in the game, the bulletin board will display the location of the armed bunker which requires 1 or 2 survivors to open. The Armed Bunker contains weapons and energy drinks which are of utmost use.

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