Project Winter Mobile: The complete Objectives Guide and Tips

All the objectives you might need to look!

Project Winter Mobile is a free-to-play multiplayer game that offers various modes to play where you need to survive with your other teammates by collecting logs, ore fists, berries, etc. Besides taking care of your health and hunger in the game, you also need to complete certain objectives in the game to escape the hostile frozen tundra land that is prone to multiple threats. In this Project Winter Mobile Guide, we are going to discuss the list of objectives that you will encounter while you are playing this multiplayer 3D survival game with other teammates

The main motive is to complete the tasks given for survival and escape by calling the rescue helicopter leaving the traitors behind. Do remember that you need to survive for yourself and nobody is your real friend in this game.

List of Objectives for a Survivor in Project Winter Mobile

Two mission goals or objectives appear in Project Winter Mobile and we are going to discuss each of them in detail. Note that, the location of the first mission objective will always appear on the mini-map displayed right above in the middle of your game screen.

After you start playing your desired mode in the game, you will be asked to craft a weapon in case you need it for any purpose. In order to craft a weapon, you need to collect some ore and logs.

1. Repair the Power Station Parts

The first objective that appears before the survivors are to determine which parts are required for repairing the Power Station and you need to examine the generator to find out the problems and find items like Mechanical scrap, electronic scrap, and fuel. You can significantly find these materials and items spread throughout the map in bunkers or can be crafted significantly by collecting logs and ores.

Project Winter Mobile survivor Objectives
Image via Boltrend Games

Repair the Helipad Status

The second objective that appears is to determine which parts are required for repairing the Helipad area. Materials include electronic scrap, mechanical scrap, etc etc. You can significantly find these materials and items spread throughout the map in bunkers or can be crafted significantly.

After your team has successfully completed these two objectives any one of your teammates can call for rescue from the radio inside the cabin and then board the helicopter to escape the hostile frozen land.

List of Objectives for a Traitor in Project Winter Mobile

As a traitor, your main motive lies in, is to disrupt and destroying the objectives of a survivor and killing them if you want.

1. Be super-cautious about your movements

As a traitor, you should be very cautious about your movements as the slightest suspicion can land you into trouble and teammates will identify you as a traitor. So your job as a traitor might look easy than it seems. So watch your movements carefully.

2. Sabotaging the Power Station

Sabotage the power station by sneaking past your teammates and destroying the repairing process Power Station.

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