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PUBG Mobile Bonus Challenge: How to participate & redeem the rewards

Perfect opportunity to get more UC, weapon skins & rare outfits!

Bonus Challenge in PUBG Mobile is a special event where you can find multiple tournaments and you can join the tournament using bonus challenge vouchers. You will be sent your rewards i.e. battle coins via in-game email after the match. These coins can be used to redeem UC, weapon skins and rare outfits.

PUBG Mobile recently introduced the TDM warehouse. You can save time and earn battle coins by playing the Team Death Match, avoiding long classic matches.

The eligibility criteria for participation is for players with level 20 and above.

How to play the Bonus Challenge in PUBG Mobile?

PUBG Mobile Bonus Challenge screen
PUBG Mobile Bonus Challenge
  • Click on the trophy icon that you see on the lobby screen.
  • You will then find the above image on your screen. Click on the Bonus Challenge option and then you will be asked to register. For registration, all you need is the Bonus Challenge vouchers.

Ranks & Timings

There are 3 ranks:

  • Novice
  • Adept
  • Expert
PUBG Mobile Bonus Challenge rewards

The rewards and cost of entry depend on the rank you select. The timing of the bonus challenge is from 12 pm to 7:30 pm local time every day of the week.

How to get the Bonus Challenge Vouchers in PUBG Mobile?

PUBG Mobile Bonus Challenge

It is pretty simple to collect Bonus Challenge vouchers in PUBG Mobile. All you need to do is go to your weekly report and scroll down. You will get an option to collect your vouchers along with some BP and silver fragments every week.

The rewards will be send to you via in-game email!

Also if you have already exhausted the vouchers, you may buy them through UC (Unknown Cash). One voucher is going to cost you 10UC.

How else to earn Battle Coins without playing Bonus Challenge?

Well, other than playing Bonus Challenge, battle coins can be earned by a few more ways, particularly through prediction and betting:

  • Winning the Chicken Dinner in the next Classic match that you play in Asia server- you can place a bet from 10 battle coins to 50. The higher you put, the more are the rewards on winning. But on losing the Classic match, you will, of course, lose the betting amount.
  • Winning the chicken dinner in next 3 consecutive Classic matches- The betting amount is less and rewards are fairly high.
  • Predicting the course of the game in the next Classic match- Well that is purely on luck. If you predict the direction of the final zone correctly, you will be heavily rewarded.

But you need to follow the rules strictly or it will result in disqualification.

Rules of participating in the Bonus Challenge

  1. Spend Battle Coins to participate in the Challenge. Accept the Challenge and start a Classic Squad match. Result of the Challenge will be displayed after the match ends.
  2. After completing the Challenge, results must be confirmed before the reward is sent via in-game mail.
  3. 3. Players may participate in the Auto Challenge with the same Registration Fee. Auto Challenge will be stopped automatically when there are not enough Battle Coins left or there are too many uncollected rewards. Players may also stop the Auto Challenge at any time.
  4. A Challenge is considered failed if players leave their next Classic Squad match.
  5. Cheaters will be banned permanently.
  6. Bonus Reward is only available to Asian server players. Please check your server. 7. Win 3 matches in a row: Win the next 3 Classic Squad matches.
  7. In the Course Challenge, there are 8 possible directions. Check the direction at the top of the game.

How to redeem your rewards?

PUBG Mobile Bonus Challenge redeem
  • Redeeming your battle coins for a reward is easy. In the “Bonus Challenge” window, you shall find an option called ‘Redeem Reward‘.
  • On clicking that option, a screen will open where you shall find all the items that you can redeem.
  • You can redeem UC packs, gun skins, Bonus Challenge tickets and various other permanent cosmetics.
PUBG Mobile Bonus Challenge Battle Coins rewards

Did you find this PUBG Mobile Bonus Challenge guide helpful? Do mention your thoughts in the comment section below!

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