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PUBG Mobile: Top 10 flare gun locations in Erangel

Flare guns are one of the best features of the classic mode in PUBG Mobile. Flare guns are used for calling a special supply drop with special weapons, level 3 armour, helmet, ghillie suit etc. inside of the play zone. The player can also fire the flare gun outside of the play zone for calling a ‘BRDM-2’ amphibious combat vehicle, which is 2x more durable than the UAZ. Finding a flare gun in the battle royal map Erangel is not that easy. The flare guns can spawn anywhere in the map. It can be a squad house, a single-story house or even a lonely wooden shack on the roadside. But there are some places where the chances of getting a flare gun are much higher. So, here are the top 10 locations in Erangel map of PUBG Mobile where you can find a flare gun.

10. Lipovka

lipovka erangel, pubg mobile
Lipovka – Erangel

Flare guns can be found in Lipovka, which is situated on the left side of the Erangel map. The warehouses, glasshouses, double-storied buildings are the ideal places to find the flare gun.

9. Zharki

Zharki erangel
Zharki – Erangel

The so-called ‘picnic spot’ of Erangel, Zharki is also a great place to find the flare gun. It is situated on the top right corner of the Erangel map. Small shacks, houses, warehouses are the places where you can get the flare gun.

8. Primorsk

Primorsk erangel
Primorsk- Erangel

Situated on the down-right corner of the map, near the seaside, Primorsk, is another great place to find the flare gun. 3 big warehouses, a glasshouse, and many buildings are there, where you can get the flare gun.

7. Mylta Power and nearby factory

Mylta power erangel
Mylta power – Erangel

Situated on the bottom-left corner of the map, Mylta Power is the nuclear power station of Erangel. Players can get multiple flare guns in the main building and the nearby factory.

6. Stalber

Stalbar erangel
Stalber – Erangel

Along with Georgopol hills, Stalber is the highest point of the map. There are many small buildings, huts, single-storied houses, etc. Players can get flare guns from those buildings. There is a double-storied laboratory, where you can get multiple flare guns. There are also some ruins nearby, where you can get good loots and yes, a flare gun too. But because it is situated on the corner of the map and there is no vehicle spawns nearby, so it is better to move quickly if the play zone is not in your favor.

5. Spawn island

Top 10 flare gun locations
Spawn island- Erangel

It may sound funny but yes, you can get flare gun in spawn island. There is a big double-storied building just like the military base, there you can get flare gun. There is also a laboratory and a bunker, where you can get multiple flare guns. But the island is far from the mainland so it is better to carry a decent amount of healing items and fuel cans to come back safely to the mainland.

4. Shelter

Top 10 flare gun locations in pubg mobile
Shelter – Erangel

The Shelter is a great place for newbies as well as a great place with a high chance of getting a flare gun. Also, it is a place where fewer people jumps, so you can expect a less crowded location to loot. It is a great place for those players who have passive style gameplay.

3. Novorepnoye

Top 10 flare gun locations in erangel
Novorepnoye- Erangel

It is one of the top three hot drops in the game. The loot spawn rate of Novorepnoye is very high. There are many containers and a lot of buildings. You can get flare gun inside and top of the containers, inside of the houses.

2. Georgopol

Top 10 flare gun locations in Erangel
Georgopol- Erangel

Just like the Novorepnoye, Georgopol is also a dock. It is the favorite drop location of almost all the players. So you can expect a large number of enemies here. There are many containers in Georgopol, you can get flare gun inside and top of those containers. There are three warehouses in Georgopol. You can get flare gun in those warehouses too.

1. Sosnovka Military Base

Top 10 locations to find flare gun in Erangel
Sosnovka Military Base- Erangel

Situated at the center of Sosnovka island, the military base is also a hot-drop. The loot spawn rate of the military base is high, so you can expect a lot of enemies here. Players can get flare gun in the caves, observatory, factory, laboratories. You can get multiple flare guns in the seven-storied tower, twin C buildings. You can even get more than 2-3 flare guns in the military base. It can be considered as one of the best locations to get a flare gun in Erangel.

Please Note – The flare gun spawn locations of Erangel is not prefixed, so it is not 100% sure that you will get flare gun from the locations we mentioned. The list is made from my personal experiences and various sources like Wiki, YouTube, Quora etc.

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it is realy helpfull to find flare gun in erangle map keep it up
i will share this with my friends


Hi, Sameer. We are glad that you found this useful. There are more articles on the loot locations and flare gun locations of the other maps. You can check those as well. 🙂

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