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PUBG Mobile or BGMI Synergy Guide: How to show up as partners

A guide to showing your bond with your partner

The Synergy system of PUBG/BGMI is some points given to those players who socialize in-game with each other by giving BPs or playing together partners. Synergy applies only to in-game players, so the first thing which should be in mind is that the partners should be each other’s friends. Now, there is a limit of adding friends that are 200. A player can add only 200 friends, and they should increase their synergy with them only. Now the question arises how to increase synergy faster to appear as partners.

PUBG Mobile/BGMI seems to have a laser-sharp focus on socializing gamers along with the gaming stuff. These games offer people to connect with each other and also unlock a feature of showing up in their favorite player’s profile. The social features of the game are always loved by all but there are some who don’t know about the connection feature. For them, here is a complete guide on the synergy system of the game. 

How to increase Synergy Faster in BGMI

If a player wants to appear with his best partner, faster in each other’s profile then Increasing synergy just by playing matches will not be sufficient. Therefore, a player should have some knowledge as to how one can increase the synergy points faster. Now, here are some points which can help to boost up one’s knowledge on the same. 

Types of Synergy Levels in BGMI
Types of Synergy Levels in BGMI
  • A player can team up with his friends and enter into a match. This will increase 6 synergic points.
  • When a player and his friend is in the same crew and starts a match then this will increase 8 synergic points.
  • Next tip is to send BP and Receive BP. This will increase the players’ synergic points by 2.
  • +2 synergic points waiting for those who give ‘like’ to their future in-game partners.
  • If players give each other gifts from shops then also the synergic points increase.

Different Synergy levels in BGMI

When two players complete 100 or above synergy with each other then they can send a connection request. Now, PUBG/BGMI allows one connection as a lover, five connections as a buddy, five connections as BFF, and five connections as Bromance. 

BGMI different synergy levels
BGMI different synergy levels

This means that a player can request and confirm a maximum of 16 connections. If a player crosses more than 400 synergy points then they can apply to become partners. Once they become partners, they will appear in each other’s space. 

Next comes the connection tag on the character’s head. This tag unlocks when both the partners cross 1000 synergy points with each other then they will carry a tag that will be displayed as X’s Y, where X is the player name and Y is the connection type.

Different postures for partners in BGMI Synergy System

The game also offers partners to change their standing postures but that is possible only when both the partners cross 2000 synergy points.  

BGMI different postures of partners in synergy sytem
BGMI different postures of partners in synergy system

Premium Partner Pose (M/M)

Two men and completed 2000 synergy points then here unlocks a new posture than that of default one.  

Premium partner pose (F/F)

This posture is for those who are two gamer girls ni aa skti kya and completed 2500 synergy points then here unlocks a new posture than that of the default one. 

Premium partner pose (M/F)

If someone says ‘Bahut/ PUBG and completed 3000 synergy points, then here unlocks a new posture than that of the default one.

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