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Ragnarok: The Lost Memories Beginners Guide and Tips

Plan your own unique strategy and deck to conquer different Ragnarok monsters and bosses

Ragnarok: The Lost Memories is an exciting 2D newtro role-playing game (RPG) that lets us explore the world of Rune-Midgard with Perr, who lost his memories accompanied by Rina Wardotir, a Beautiful Mage from the City of Geffen. This game will bring certain nostalgia, especially for you who have become huge fans of the Ragnarok game franchise for a long time. Ragnarok: The Lost Memories brings a fresh game mechanism, especially during the battle as it is combined with the card system, so you will have to use the card wisely to defeat the monsters during the journey. In this guide, we will show you a simple guide for beginners and tips to give you insights about Ragnarok: The Lost Memories.

Introducing the Basics of Ragnarok: The Lost Memories


As you embark on your adventurous journey, you’ll encounter a diverse cast of 20 playable characters, each of which belongs to a different class. These characters can be acquired as quest companions. But don’t worry, because you’ll be joined at the start of your gaming adventure by two formidable allies, Rina Wardotir and Perr, who will stand by your side and add strength to your initial adventures. So prepare for an exciting journey ahead, with a diverse cast of characters and the reassuring presence of Rina and Perr to guide you through the game’s early stages.

PvE Content

  • Mage Tower: You can find Mage Tower in the desert. You can try yourself and defeat enemies on each floor and climb as high as possible. At the end of the week, you will get rewards based on your floor.
  • Halls of Valhalla: This is a house for Valkyrie Brynhild that waiting for someone worthy enough to fight her. You can get goods to level up skills as a reward through defeating new enemies every day in the Halls of Valhalla.
  • Dimensional Crack: A dimensional crack is a random event that could spawn in every place so keep your eye on the map with this crack because you will get special accessories and materials as a reward from this crack.
  • Closed Dungeons: Closed Dungeons are special dungeons that lie in the deeper part of regular dungeons. Warning! This is only for brave, experienced, and courageous fighters!
  • Listen to Rumors: A pub is the best place to hear about rumors. Visit the town pubs and give a little penny to the bartenders and he will give you insight about any kind of hidden treasure that has become rumors for so many times.
  • Midgard Festa: There will be an exciting party full of requests and rewards in each city in Rune-Midgard.

PvP Content

Rune-Midgard is your golden opportunity to establish yourself as the unrivaled powerhouse. How, you ask? It’s all about engaging in exciting competitions with other players.

How to Progress Ragnarok: The Lost Memories
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But it’s not just about brute force; it’s a strategic game that requires the right combination of cards, clever positioning, and even a little mind-reading to win. So, buckle up and prepare for a challenging yet exhilarating journey to the very top!

Team Composition and Card Strategy

Before you venture into undiscovered territories, make sure your squad is a good mix of different types of characters. Try to have two heroes who are effective up close, two who can attack from a moderate distance, and one who focuses on supporting the team. It’s important to have a well-thought-out combination of abilities and strategies on your cards to increase your chances of winning. So, take the time to try out different combinations and figure out what tactics work best for your team’s success.


Cutscenes in your game aren’t just there to look cool. Pay attention because some important stuff happens in them, and you can get valuable gemstones (ranging from 1 to 5) that can help you out on your adventure.

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Don’t be too quick to skip through them, or you could end up missing out on some awesome rewards that could make your journey a whole lot easier and more exciting. So, keep your eyes peeled and enjoy the show – you never know what valuable surprises might come your way!


Dungeons are the best place for leveling up in the game. Invest in EXP potions to speed up the process. You can buy them, earn them from quests, win them after boss battles, or get them through daily logins. So, whether you’re shopping, completing missions, beating tough bosses, or logging in regularly, grab those potions to level up quickly!

Map Exploration

Don’t just rely on rumors; make sure to thoroughly search every corner of the map. Valuable goodies are frequently tucked away amid trees or within the grass.

hidden treasure
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Invest some extra time to guarantee that you don’t overlook any of these gratifying finds.

Card Combinations

The way you arrange your cards is crucial in determining whether you’ll succeed or fail in battles. In addition to the cards that deal damage, it’s important to include support cards that have healing or debuff abilities.

card combination Ragnarok: The Lost Memories
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A carefully planned combination of cards can greatly enhance the likelihood of winning. So, be strategic in selecting and arranging your cards to maximize your chances of coming out on top in battles.

Side Quests

Side quests are not just there to fill up your time; they come with cool rewards and are connected to the main story. Completing some of these side quests might be super important because they could be the key to discovering new cities, exploring dungeons, or getting your hands on awesome items.

side quest
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So, don’t forget about them – they’re not just distractions, they’re like hidden treasures that make your overall gaming experience even more exciting and rewarding.

World Map Bosses

Facing World Map bosses can be quite a challenge as they are tough opponents that require careful strategy to defeat. It’s essential to invest time in farming resources and boosting your hero’s stats before taking on these formidable foes. Make sure to enhance your items and cards to strengthen your character further. Remember, patience is crucial in these situations – there’s no need to hurry. Take your time to prepare adequately and approach these demanding encounters with a well-equipped and powerful hero.


Hall of Valhalla is like a treasure trove filled with awesome stuff to make your hero even more stronger and better! To make the most of it, make sure to drop by at least two times every day.

Run Valhalla Ragnarok: The Lost Memories
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But here’s the catch: getting in the door costs you 100 shiny gemstones each time. So, before you go on this cool adventure, check your backpack to make sure you’ve got plenty of those gemstones stocked up.

Ragnarok: The Lost Memories Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Choose Your Companions and Class Wisely

Stick with Rina Wardotir and Perr at the start they’re your early-game powerhouses. There are 20 playable characters, each with unique strengths. Balance your team with a mix of classes for better performance.

2. Card Combo Mastery

Dominate the Rune-Midgard PvP with smart card combos, strategic placement, and reading your opponent’s moves.

3. Balanced Team is the Key

Ensure your team has a mix of short-range, mid-range, and support heroes for success. The more versatile your team is the more easier battles will be for you.

4. Experiment with Cards

Victory depends on a strong card combination. Experiment with many different card combinations to find the best setup suitable for your team.

5. Don’t Skip Cutscenes

Cutscenes might seem long or troublesome sometimes but stay patient as cutscenes may reveal valuable gemstones that aid your journey.

6. Strategic Exp Potion Use

Instead of blindly farming in the Dungeons invest in exp potions wisely to use them in Dungeons to level up quickly and efficiently.

7. Complete Side Quests

Side quests offer valuable rewards and are often connected to the main story. So, don’t miss out on essential unlocks.

Final thoughts

Ragnarok: The Lost Memories is a very good addictive game especially if you are an RPG game lover. Like another RPG game, farming your hero will be your priority as it will help you for the rest of your journey. As Ragnarok the Lost Memory is an open-world game, you have to keep an eye on your surroundings as there is a high chance that you can find hidden treasure.

Did you find our Ragnarok: The Lost Memories beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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Hi. I’m looking for a guide on how do I identify the types of monsters. I can tell the type of some monster like plant monster and humanoid types or maybe I’m just guessing. I’ll appreciate if there’s a list or guide I can look for this. Thank you.

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