Rainbow Six Mobile Guide: Tips to deal with Roamers in the game

Discussing the top 10 ways to deal with Roamers in Rainbow Six Mobile!

In Rainbow Six Mobile, roamers are defenders who leave the objective site and move freely around the building. We have all met them at some point and may have fallen to them too. A good roamer is tough to play against and can waste both time and resources. What’s more, it is difficult to pinpoint exactly where they are since they just keep on moving around. In this piece, we will discuss how to deal with Roamers in Rainbow Six Mobile.

Nonetheless, it is important to deal with their quality, otherwise, they will keep on coming back. In this guide, we will go through some useful tips and strategies to help counter roaming defenders in Rainbow Six Siege Mobile.

How to deal with Roamers in Rainbow Six Mobile

1. Learn the Maps

Good map knowledge is essential in Rainbow Six Mobile. Knowing which doorways lead to where possible breach points, hiding spots, all these things and more can help make informed decisions. There is no easy way to learn the maps in Rainbow Six Mobile, just keep playing the game and pay attention to the surroundings.

2. Deciding when to change the plan

Roamers are there to try and waste your time. The first course of action should be to deal with roamers quickly, but if that eats up too much time and resources, sometimes it is just better to push on with the objective. It is a risky move since there is a chance roamer attacks from behind, so make sure to keep watching your back. Perhaps, players can use claymore mines to cover their tracks, if the operator has them.

Rainbow Six Mobile Attackers
Image via Ubisoft

Sometimes, in the initial preparation phase, the drone might identify a defender roaming at a potential entry point. One strategy is to just attack them early, with the advantage of roughly knowing their whereabouts. The disadvantage to this is that the roamer could have placed traps, or have set-up good cover positions, so it could be a long gunfight. An alternative is to take a different route entirely, such as from a different window, or from the rooftops.

3. Think like a Roamer

There is no more satisfying way of beating a roamer than by playing them at their own game. Think how a roamer would think and try to predict their moves. After identifying a roamer, consider the situation and the room they are in.

There may be an obvious exit from that room to cover or a flanking opportunity that you can ambush. Playing as the roamer when on the defender’s team is a good way of understanding how roamers play, and the experience from here can be used when dealing with other roamers later.

4. Use Drones before entering

All attackers get two drones to use every round. One is used in the initial preparation phase whilst the other can be used at any time later in the round. Before entering a room, it could be useful to scout the area with the drone first.

Rainbow Six Mobile deal Roamers
Image via Ubisoft

Check behind the door and in a few connected rooms, just in case a roamer is hiding anywhere nearby. Ensure their surroundings are safe first however and avoid spending too long here since it’s possible a roamer turns up whilst you’re navigating the drone.

5. Use Tactical Focus

Tactical Focus is a feature in Rainbow Six Mobile that can be activated by holding down the aim button. As a result, the player’s movement speed is slower and the audio is quieter, but there is one big advantage, the player will automatically shoot if an enemy walks into the reticle. When approaching doorways, windows, and corners, using this feature is very useful. If a roamer appears by surprise, there is no disadvantage of slow reflexes as the gun will shoot by itself in the Tactical Focus stage.

6. Combine with your Teammates

Roamers usually work individually or in pairs, so it can be much easier to take them out using teamwork. Stick with each other and be ready to make a revive if needed. If all the attackers spread out, it is easier for roamers to pick off each individual player. Additionally, overloading roamers can cause them to retreat, so attacking couples or trios is a good idea.

7. Keep an eye out for Punched Barricades and Walls

Some roamers spawn-peek through windows on the outside to get some shots off early in the round. Keep an eye out for any holes in barricades and walls, as that is a sign of a roamer possibly being near there. If there is something like this walk carefully and use cover to remain a difficult target. Use tactical focus on the window too, to be ready if a defender appears.

8. Flush out Roamers with Gadgets

Sometimes, it might be useful to throw in gadgets like grenades, stun grenades, or similar, into rooms where roamers could be hiding. This forces them to move, and perhaps run into your or a teammate’s line of sight. Remember to avoid using too many gadgets, since they will be particularly handy when attacking the objective.

9. Destroy Security Cameras quickly

Rainbow Six Mobile deal Roamers
Image via Ubisoft

Defenders can use security cameras to gather intel on the whereabouts of attackers. If a good roamer can get an attacker into one of their frames then that could be a big advantage for them. As attackers, it’s important to ensure this doesn’t happen, and destroy every camera one can come across both outside the building and inside the building. Firing a single bullet at it with a pistol should be enough, taking too many shots might give your position anyway.

10. Avoid aggressive playstyles

Putting the stress on the fact that Rainbow Six Mobile is a tactical game, rushing head-first will rarely do any good. Players must make sure to make quick but well-planned and strategic movements to efficiently take out roaming defenders. Roamers want to encourage chaos and panic amongst attackers, so try to keep a cool head when countering them.

What are your thoughts on our guide to deal with Roamers in Rainbow Six Mobile? Let us know in the comment section below!

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