Rainbow Six Mobile: Operators Tier List for July 2023

Ranking the Tier List in Rainbow Six Mobile!

A key reason why Rainbow Six Mobile is such a tactical and strategy-focused FPS game is its wide range of operators. They all vary in abilities and loadouts and it’s important to pick the best ones to improve the teams’ chance of winning. Usually, players will focus on and try to master one or two operators from each side which are useful in most circumstances. In this following Tier List, we will list out the operators (Attacker, Defender) and more in Rainbow Six Mobile.

All operators can be categorised into roles, however, some roles may be more important than others, and some may be too specific and are not worth mastering. In this article, we rank each of the operators in a tier list, both attacking and defending, based on which are most worth playing, updated as of July 2023.

Rainbow Six Mobile Operators Tier List July 2023: Best Attackers

Strong (S)Hibana, Thatcher
Good (A)Thermite, Ash, Twitch
Fair (B)Sledge, Ying
Weak (C)Glaz

Best Attackers in Rainbow Six Mobile for July 2023

Tier S (Strong) Attackers


Rainbow Six Mobile Operators Tier List Hibana
Image via Ubisoft

Some hard breaching ability is crucial for an attacking team in most maps. Hibana can do this from range which is why she is so high up in this tier list. Using the X-KAIROS Launcher, players can fire explosive pellets to trigger explosions from a distance, blowing holes in any soft or reinforced wall. Her assault rifle deals good damage at medium range and is quite comfortable to use too.


Rainbow Six Mobile Operators Tier List R6M Thatcher Profile
Image via Ubisoft

Thatcher’s EMP grenades are so simple yet so effective when used to their best. Just one of these can completely disable every electric defensive gadget and electronic weapon sight in its radius for a duration, even if there is a wall or surface in between. If one wasn’t enough, Thatcher brought 3 of thee every round.

Tier A (Good) Attackers


Rainbow Six Mobile attackers roles
Image via Ubisoft

Thermite is another hard breacher, and his Exothermic Charges function similarly to Hibana’s X-KAIROS pellets. The key difference between them is that Themite can blast the whole wall at once, but has to manually place the charge on the metal surface. Hibana edges it into the tier above since she can breach from range, and she has much more control over how much of the wall to open. Nonetheless, Thermite is still an excellent alternative and comfortably sits in the A tier.


Entry Fragger
Image via Ubisoft

To describe Ash in two words, quick and deadly. Her role as an attacker is to simply rush and take out defenders wherever possible, which is why she is a popular choice amongst fans of other fast-paced FPS games. The breaching rounds couple well with Ash’s aggressive playstyle and she even carries stun grenades too.


Rainbow Six Mobile Operators Tier List Twitch
Image via Ubisoft

Twitch carries Shock Drones which can fire electric charges at gadgets to destroy them, and this is great when scouting the area. However the drone can’t jump, it moves slower than normal drones and is easier to identify, so it’s an easier and more sought-after target for defenders. What keeps Twitch in the A tier is the weapon though – the F2 is a fantastic tool with high recoil but a deadly damage rate.

Tier B (Fair) Attackers


Rainbow Six Mobile attackers roles R6M Sledge Profile
Image via Ubisoft

Sledge is a simple person. He has a rounded loadout, balanced attributes and a nifty hammer to smash walls that will practically never run out of use in the round. Although being balanced is a nice trait to have, Sledge lacks that speciality which other operators have in the higher tiers. Nonetheless, this is a decent operator to play which is why it comes under the appropriate category of attackers.


Rainbow Six Mobile attackers roles R6M Ying Profile
Image via Ubisoft

Ying’s Candelas are a good tool for their purpose, which is to control crowds of defenders. However, the main issue with these charges is that they also impact teammates as well. They might end up causing more problems than solving them, which probably won’t leave a good impression on your teammates. When it works, it works well, and Ying carries a very solid weapon to go with that as well.

Tier C (Weak) Attackers


R6M Glaz Profile
Image via Ubisoft

The idea behind Glaz has always been interesting, but it feels like more of a gimmick after using it. The thermal scope and smoke combination might net a few kills and it is of course quite satisfying too, but Glaz is not the type of operator to main. He is strictly long-range, meaning he will undoubtedly be at a disadvantage at some point due to his weapons. That’s not to say Glaz is completely useless however, if used correctly he can be quite good. It’s probably best to avoid using Glaz as a main though.

Rainbow Six Mobile Defender Tier List for July 2023

Strong (S)Smoke, Valkyrie
Good (A)Mute, Bandit, Jager, Caveira
Fair (B)Kapkan
Weak (C)Rook

Rainbow Six Mobile Operators Tier List July 2023: Best Defenders

Tier S (Strong) Defenders


Rainbow Six Mobile Operators Tier List Smoke
Image via Ubisoft

Smoke is currently the best defender to use when anchoring on defence. His signature smoke grenade is a true way of completely blocking an entrance, dealing damage and impairing vision to any attacker that decides to move through it. Even if an attacker does get through it, Smoke can be waiting on the other side with a shotgun, ready to finish the job.


Rainbow Six Mobile Operators Tier List Valkyrie
Image via Ubisoft

Valkyrie’s Black Eye cameras are so versatile that they can be placed anywhere in the game. Intel can be a powerful tool for defenders and Valkyrie expands on that. That’s not all though, Valkyrie’s primary weapon feels accurate and powerful, and that’s what lifts Valkyrie to the S tier.

Tier A (Good) Defenders


Image via Ubisoft

Caveira is an operator with great potential, but as a dedicated roamer, she has limitations. Caveira thrives off stealth but once she is found out or is forced to retreat, her threat can be reduced. Fortunately, the current set of attackers doesn’t have the tailored skills to deal with Caveira, which is why she sits comfortably in the A tier for now.


Rainbow Six Mobile Roles Defenders Mute
Image via Ubisoft

Intel is as beneficial for attackers as it is for defenders, and each attacker has their own set of two drones to use to scout the objective site. Mute’s Jammers are the most efficient way to deal with drones, and that alone is enough to justify Mute in the A tier. On top of that, Jammers can interfere with remote explosives like breach charges, so they can be powerful in different ways if positioned correctly.


Rainbow Six Mobile Operators Tier List Jager
Image via Ubisoft

Projectiles can be annoying to deal with for defenders, and Jager’s ADS is essentially a direct counter to that. Not only do they deal with the standard frag/smoke/stun grenades, but they can also intercept any unique gadgets like Thatcher’s EMPs and Ash’s Breach Rounds. The only downside to them is that they are quite chunky and easy to spot for attackers.


Image via Ubisoft

Bandit can truly reinforce a wall by adding another layer of protection in addition to metal plates. The shock charges electrify the wall, meaning they deal damage on attackers when touched, and instantly destroy gadgets like drones, breach charges or other breaching tools. Additionally, Bandit can charge barbed wire and deployable shields too.

Tier B (Fair) Defenders


Using traps is one of the classic ways of defending anything in any game, which is why it’s difficult to dislike Kapkan. Players have all been caught out by one of his EEDs at some point. They are a bit of a pain to deal with. However, there are just so many attacking gadgets that deal with Kapkan’s EEDs already, even if they’re not the main target, like Thatcher’s EMPs, Twitch’s Shock Drones, and just any explosive in general. As a result, they’re not as useful as they possibly could be, unfortunately.

Tier C (Weak) Defenders


Rainbow Six Mobile Roles Defenders Rook
Image via Ubisoft

It’s not that Rook is a bad defender, he just doesn’t offer as much in a round. In essence, he’s sacrificing his special ability to pad out his teammates with extra armour which is nice but from a gameplay point of view, there’s nothing special there.

What are your thoughts on the Rainbow Six Mobile Operators Tier List? Do let us know in the comments below!

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