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10 Tips and Tricks to rank up fast in Call of Duty Mobile

Ranking up in Call of Duty Mobile can become problematic for many people. Players who are playing this game seriously and want to get into the esports scene, climbing the ranking ladder is very necessary. And, due to various reasons, sometimes the gamers are unable to rank up. So today in this article we will share 10 tips and tricks to rank up fast in Call of Duty Mobile.

1. Good teammates

First things first, a competitive game always requires good teammates with whom you play regularly and grind games as much as possible. Try finding out players or friends who are good at the game and start coordinating with them and play rank matches to quickly rank up.

2. Proper communication

The second most important thing is communication. Always communicate with your team players with calls or in-game chat. Try to strategize and call out enemy locations so that your team can help you and you all rank up easily.

3. Rush the B point

In domination, if three players of the enemy team are dead, then just rush to the B point fast with your team if you do not have it. There is always a good chance you get it. So as soon as you see the feed that three players in the enemy team are dead, communicate with your team and Rush the B point.

4. Winning over getting kills

You should always try to prioritize to win the game over getting most of the kills. It is true that the more kills that you get add up to your rank but, winning is the most important because if you lose, you lose a lot of points. If you win, you gain a good amount of points. Thus wisely chose your priorities. Do not rush the kills, let the kills come to you.

5. Slow Down when needed

In the game mode of Search and Destroy, when you are defensive, try and play slow. You can out position your opponents and surprise them. But you need to hold good positions. This trick also goes for the offense side. Do not run around like a mad man, be patient and play slow and outplay your opponents by making sure that your team is aware of your position and watch each other’s angles.

6. Use of right equipment in the right time

A shield will also make sure that you do not get shot or exploded. That is really helpful when you try to rush a point. Flak Jackets helps as well.

7. Have a variety of good players

call of duty mobile

Another important aspect is having a large variety of good players and friends to play with. This is because it is not always possible to play with the same five people all the time and having more number of good players will allow you to party up with them and play the ranked games.

8. Warmup

One of the most important tips is to warm up your skills in public matches before starting to play ranked matches. Just chose any mode and warmup your gun skills. You do not want to get into a ranked game not warmed up and losing the game because of it.

9. Learn to control anger

Yes. Learn how to control your anger when you are in a game. Try to avoid anger and never abuse or show verbal anger towards your teammates. Try to look at what is going wrong and improve it by strategizing peacefully. Make sure that you and your teammates are connected and make decisions together. There should not be any miscommunication. Focus at the game and improve constantly. Try to know what you are doing wrong and then try to never do it again.

10. Change Team or a player if needed

At the end of the day, your team matters. So, if anyone is not doing good from two to three games talk to them and kick them out of your team and find another substitute. If a player is getting pissed and shows verbal anger, then probably he is not a very good teammate. Try to replace him immediately. If someone is doing bad on your team consistently, do not be afraid to kick them and pick up new players. This is how it works.

That is all for now. If you find these tips helpful to rank up fast in Call of Duty Mobile, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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