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Realm of Spirit Beginners Guide and Tips

Enter the fantasy world with this guide!

Realm of Spirit is an RPG game interspersed with an interesting storyline in each of its quests which was developed by Metaworld Entertainment Inc. In this game, you will fight enemies with the class that you choose from the four existing classes. You will explore 14 regions in this fantasy world that you can visit with different structures and themes. Therefore, you can ride a mount to speed from one region to another. In this Realm of Spirit Beginners Guide, we do a detailed walkthrough of the game, and explain the basics with additional tips and tricks.

Introducing the basics of Realm of Spirit

Here are the basics you should know before playing the game:


There are four main classes in this game with their respective uniqueness, stats, and roles in the game. First is the Warrior who has a low level of difficulty with his ability to provide targeting damage in the form of physical damage. Then there is the Priest who has a high level of difficulty but is very useful because he is in a team and he can heal and has good stats in survival.

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Next is the Mage who has a normal level of difficulty with his ability to deal damage in the area of ​​effect in the form of magical damage, very suitable for fighting crowds. Finally, there is the Illusionist which has a high level of difficulty with its ability to provide the best Crowd control and seal among other classes. Very suitable combo with other classes.


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When you have chosen which class you will use, then you can see important information in the character info. There is various information such as the attributes of the character, such as HP, P. Attack, SPD, Magic, and the like. Apart from that, there is also a point allocation that is useful for focusing on his abilities. Then there is also a title that can be displayed above the character’s head.


Realm of Spirit Beginners Guide
Image via Metaworld Entertainment Inc

Guardians are important when you want to fight with enemies because you need their help in terms of damage and support. There are 2 types of Guardians with 3 slots for each, namely, there is a Fight Guardian which you can control yourself as to which skill you want to deploy, and for slots 2 and 3 you can summon in battle. Then the second one is Assist Guardian, you can’t control this, so they will attack automatically. You can get this Guardian through Recruit with a Recruitment ticket.


When you play this game, there are several things that you can do through the existing quests. There are 5 types of quests in this game, the first one is Main Quests, so main quests are the main quests and the storyline of this Realm of Spirit and sometimes you need a certain level to be able to continue the quests.

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Then there are Side quests as side quests, this is usually done when you want to level up more. Next are Guide quests which are useful as guides for you to further develop in this game. Then there is the Daily, which are Daily quests that you can do and sometimes they will be refreshed when changing days finally there are Event quests that will appear when there are certain events.

Realm of Spirit Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some of our tips in the Realm of Spirit Guide to help you newbies kickstart your journey.

1. Upgrade your Guardians

As said before, these guardians are the key to victory in battle, and it is important to upgrade each existing guardian. First, you can level up using Guardian EXP, this is the easiest way you can do it. Then you can do training to the guardian using Training Potions which are useful for maximizing P.ATK, HP, DEF, and SPD.

Then when the breakthrough condition is met, you can make a breakthrough to increase the tier and exceed the limit of their stats. Apart from that, you can also start up, which is useful for replacing old skills with newly learned skills that were not determined by your guardian.

2. Ascend the Tower to Heaven

This Tower of Heaven is very useful for those of you who want resources to upgrade your guardian. There you will do battle first from floor to floor to get several prizes such as Guardian EXP, Training Potions, Vaultsone, Character EXP, Silver Coins, and sometimes even Recruitment Tickets.

Image via Metaworld Entertainment Inc

Apart from that, there are also chests which, when we are idle for a certain duration, will get a reward in the form of chests according to the accumulated length of time you have been idle.

3. Allocating Character Points

In this game, you can focus on where your character is going, whether to focus more on physique, strength, magic power, stamina, or agility. This can depend on the class you chose before. When you choose a warrior class, allocate points to strength and physique.

character points
Image via Metaworld Entertainment Inc

If it’s a Mage, then it can only allocate it to Magic Power, if a priest can allocate it to Physique and Stamina, then if Illusionist it can allocate it to Strength and Physique. Or you can also do a hybrid, so the points are allocated evenly.

4. Utilise the best Gears

Gear is a factor for you to increase combat power. You can check through your backpack to see what gear you are using and don’t forget to enhance this enhancement.

Realm of Spirit Beginners Guide
Image via Metaworld Entertainment Inc

There is an enhancement target which when it reaches the target will gain bonus effects and weapon special effects when advanced. To do this enhance, you need Black iron and silver coins.

5. Understand Battle Mechanisms

During the battle, you can bring as many guardians as you have slots, if all the slots have been unlocked, you can deploy 6 guardians. Then to attack, there is a turn, so if all enemies have attacked, then it’s your turn to attack. Various actions can be carried out, one of which is removing the existing skills on your character and Fight Guardian, or you can do a normal attack. Then you can summon it when you reach the second slot in the fight guardian. Then there are retreats, protects, and defends which are not needed.

Image via Metaworld Entertainment Inc

To make it all easier, you can use the auto feature so that your team attacks automatically. Even so manual is the best because like an example in the early game when the enemy is in a crowd condition, you can issue a group attack, and during the late game when the enemy is dying you can carry out targeted attacks for finishing.

Final Thoughts

To make it easier for beginners in this game, the most important thing is to always upgrade everything that exists, such as gear, guardians, characters, skills, and the like. Then increase your level also through existing quests, because as you increase your level, you will get stronger.

That’s all from us for Realm of Spirit Beginners Guide! Did you find our Realm of Spirit beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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