Reign of War Beginners Guide and Tips

Strategize and defeat the evil Fallen Elves and become the new ruler of Kaleria!

Reign of War is a strategy RPG city builder by Elex. In this Reign of War Beginners Guide, we’ll explain how the game works so you can be on your way to showing off your beautiful, powerful city and units to your guildmates.

Getting Started

Starting your adventure couldn’t be easier, the game will guide you through how to get your city started, build your first units, and summon your first hero. Before this, you have the option to choose your character, which will influence what type of units you’re able to create.

Reign of War Beginners Guide

Your options are pretty standard as far as RPGs go, but we will leave that as a surprise. You begin by being greeted by a plot of land eagerly awaiting you to build upon it. After placing a few buildings, you’re ready to create your first units. When you’re done making your first units, you’re given the opportunity to engage in combat for the first time.

City Building

Building your city is essential to creating units, summoning heroes, and collecting resources. Each building in your city has its own purpose and has available upgrades that will allow them to be more effective and quicker. Below is a shortlist of basic buildings that should get you started on where to focus.

Town Hall

Controls the speed at which things are completed, as well as the power of your units. This building should be your top priority because it affects every aspect of the game from combat to resources.

Archer Camp

Trains offensive units. Upgrade the Archer camp to increase training speed and capacity. This is a high priority as well because the archer is your main unit for taking out enemies in battle. Archers will look different depending on what race the character you made in the beginning is.

Shield Camp

Trains defensive units. Upgrade the Shield Camp to increase training speed and capacity. This is a medium priority, the defensive units don’t seem to be as valuable as offensive, because you can usually kill enemies quicker than they can get to you if you have enough archers.

Celestial Altar

Trains support units. Upgrade the Celestial Altar to increase speed and capacity. This is a high priority, your support units keep your offensive and defensive units alive by providing healing, buffs, and shields.


This building allows you to summon heroes and items. Upgrade the Portal to decrease summoning time, and increase the power of the heroes and items that are summoned. This is by far your most important building because you will be beaten very quickly after the easy combat sessions are over if you don’t have enough heroes, or items to back them up.


Fighting enemies in this game is a real treat, in turned based strategy style. Combat is started one of two ways: attacking something, or getting attacked. Upon entering combat, you select your units and they get summoned on a plane of hexes opposite your enemy. If you choose to venture beyond your city walls, you will encounter enemies in the surrounding area that you can attack.

Reign of War Beginners Guide

You can also enter combat by an enemy force attacking the walls of your city; to attack them just tap them and choose “Do Battle”. Turns cycle at the top of the screen, and when it’s your unit’s turn to attack, simply tap a green empty hex to move, or tap an enemy hex to attack them if they’re close enough. When the HP of units hit zero, they’re removed from the battle and it continues until one side loses all of their units. There is an auto-combat option, where the AI will take care of the battle for you, in case you have something better to do while playing the game.


Alliances are guild like features in RoW that allows you to play with other people by placing your city in an Alliance Cluster. Joining an alliance gives you some neat features:

Alliance Help

Allows you to help alliance members in progression. This doesn’t cost you anything and simply gives that other person a boost when researching a technology, upgrading a building, or pretty much anything else. You can also ask for help from your Alliance when taking part in progression tasks, and if they see it soon enough they can help.

Alliance Tech

Think of this as the alliance’s level. As the alliance progresses, certain perks will be unlocked that benefit all members. This requires members to donate resources to raise the level of individual perks until they’re unlocked. After they’re unlocked, they can be upgraded. For example, City construction, which is a perk that raises member construction speed, costs 2,000 lumber or 10 gems to increase in experience, and 24 total donations to be unlocked or upgraded.


This feature allows entire alliances to go to war with each other and fight for resources. The more you progress, the more powerful you are, the more resources you can get from enemy alliances. This requires the War Council perk which is tough to attain.

Alliance Shop

When you donate resources to improve your alliance’s progression, you’re given a currency called contribution points. You can exchange contribution points for exclusive items and boosts in the alliance shop that you can’t get anywhere else. This shows the player that alliance participation is a must.


Your three main types of currency are food, wood, and gems. Food is used to create and upgrade combat units. You receive food from battles, completing tasks, and completing objectives. Wood is used to create and upgrade buildings. You receive wood from the same sources as food. Gems are used to purchase everything in the game and are received by purchasing them with real-life money.

Reign of War Beginners Guide

You can purchase almost everything in the game with gems including Buildings, units, upgrades, heroes, all other currency, and anything else you can think of. There are also speedup and resource tokens in the game. Furthermore, you can consider buffs a form of currency as well, and are available as rewards in your bag.


If you’re not a person that wants to spend real money on gems to progress through the game, missions are vitally important for gaining resources, and moving through the story. There are two types of missions:


These missions are ongoing and help you progress. RoW uses these as a guide to get through the entire game, and you should complete them in order before you do anything else. The rewards are massive and vary in type from resources to currency.


These missions change (you guessed it) daily. They keep the player engaged, and offer smaller but helpful rewards. Even if you don’t plan to wage war on other alliances or take over the world, you should check in each day to complete these to build up your strength.

Reign of War Beginners Guide: Quick Tips

Here are some of our additional tips and tricks which will help you advance in the game quickly and in the easiest way possible.

1. Do not play this game if you love in-game purchases

While the occasional boost and time-saving purchase can be valuable in a mobile game, this one takes it too far by allowing you to purchase every aspect of the game.

2. Summon your heroes quickly and often

These powerful units give you an immeasurable edge over your opponent in combat, and can very easily turn a battle in your favor when you need it with massive damage.

3. Focus on offensive, ranged units

While defensive units are useful for lasting longer, that’s not really the focal point of combat. Upgrading your offensive units instead will guarantee a quick, effective way of battling.

4. Upgrade your town hall

This is the central processing unit of your city and is a top priority because it makes all other upgrades more effective and faster.


You should now have enough information to get out there, build your city, smash some orcs, join up with some new people, and go on a new adventure. If you enjoy games like this, instead of spending a ton of real money to purchase gems, you can just use the resources you have to upgrade and fight and when you’re out just go play Rise of Kingdoms because it’s essentially the same game. Focus on offensive units, upgrade your town hall, and get those heroes summoned.

In this guide, we have already covered all the basic tips and tricks that a beginner must know. If you find it harder to progress in-game, visit this Reign of War beginners guide anytime to get a better understanding.

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