Rise of Cultures: The Complete Battle Guide and Tips

Get ready to dominate battles and be victorious!

In Rise of Cultures, there is a battle option for players. This option allows players to fight it out with the environment produced by the game. This would emulate a scenario wherein players have to strategize and get ahead of the enemy team in order to progress through the main questline and also receive rewards. The thrill of battle is definitely present in Rise of Cultures. And with that, players should have a good understanding of how it goes and what to do in times that would lead them to a successful victory or a bitter defeat. This Rise of Cultures battle guide can give a few tips on how to get ahead in battles.

Rise of Cultures Battle Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Utilize the Barracks efficiently and upgrade them as soon as you can

Just like a lot of similar games, players will be given the option to engage in battle, but of course, players would not have to go unprepared. The game will prompt players that they should train some troops in order for the next battle. Over the course of time, players can gather resources to train more troops and also upgrade the barracks as well. When it comes to placement, make sure that the barracks also stay close to the Cultural Sites for maximum output.

Rise of cultures

2. Keep the Barracks full and restock your Troops

Just like in the real world, war and battles have a lot of casualties. Players’ troops are not invincible and would sometimes suffer a few setbacks. The troops can be quickly replenished if they would have some backup in their barracks. Players can always train more troops as the time comes and eventually become stronger and dominate in the fields of battle.

3. Choose the perfect position for your Troops on the field

The battle mechanic in Rise of Cultures allows players to set up their troops before the battle itself. Some troops may be squishy and might not be able to take more than a couple of hits. It would be best if players placed them on the back end of the field and go for more sustained damage from there. Putting up melee troops in front would be a good power move as these melee troops have more health than others and can also deal a good amount of damage.

4. Take advantage of all the situations in a battle

Rise of Cultures Battlefield

There could be a number of obstacles when it comes to battle. Players could also use those obstacles for their own advantage and lead their empire into victory. Some troops may struggle to get through some of these obstacles and it would be optimal to follow the tip above to get ahead. Players should plan ahead as they could see the field before the battle commences.

5. Improve and Enhance your Troops when they are available

Much like a lot of other games, your troops can and will become stronger over time. And in most times, players would want to get to improve their barracks but the pop-up for it might not be noticeable. It would be a good idea for players to check if they could upgrade their troops and barracks. This would give players a huge lead when it comes to battles as well.

6. Utilise the skills of your available Commanders

Rise of Cultures Commander

Players are given commanders to lead out their troops. With that, these commanders have their own special skills. These special skills can be used any time in the battle for a set number of times only. These skills can be used to quickly turn the tides of battle or even win players the battle instantly. Although they are powerful, these skills have a cooldown that players must wait for before they could use them again.

Some battles might be easy for players and some are not. Be sure to run through this Rise of Cultures battle guide again for all the players who are trying out this great and improving game. And in time, players’ empires would be stronger than ever, all while they enjoy playing the game.

Did you find this RIse of Cultures Battle Guide useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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Don Banks

what are you to do when the battlefield says no more troops can be positioned? and you’re getting defeated every time because you don’t have as many troops as the opponent ?


that’s what I came here to learn as


I can’t win the 2 attacks, when the first army kills everyone. I have tried every combination and still skunked.

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