Rocket League Sideswipe: How to contact the customer support service

Reach RL Sideswipe Customer Support in no time

From the house of Psyonix Studios, Rocket League Sideswipe has already received a lot of love and appreciation from fans since its launch on 29th November. With over 1M+ downloads within 2 days, it is all set to be the next big thing in this diverse world of Mobile Gaming. It is evident that gamers had longed for a game like this on mobile and, the developers did not disappoint either. We want all users to have a hassle-free experience without being bothered by in-game bugs. Here’s our step-by-step Rocket League Sideswipe customer support guide on how to get in touch with the support/developers team in case you face any issues. 

How to Contact the Rocket League Sideswipe customer/player support

There are many ways to contact the support team if you get stuck at any point. We are going to discuss each one of those stepwise.

How to Contact via the in-game support option

Once you open the game, it takes you to a menu page wherein, you can access all the in-game items, game modes, and other resources. Now follow this step-by-step.

Rocket League Sideswipe customer support
Rocket League Sideswipe: customer support
  1. On the top right corner of the menu page, you will see a settings button/icon. Click on that.
  2. Upon clicking, a drop-down menu appears. Choose the Other Settings option from that list.
  3. Once you reach the other settings page, click on Help/Support option. It will re-direct you to their support page.
  4. Psyonix support has already answered a lot of questions and issues on their Knowledge Base, which the users might face. Click on the Search bar and input some keywords from your query. There is a high chance of finding your exact query from the drop down menu which appears once you input one or two keywords.
  5. Once you have inputted your query in the search bar, the support page generates a number of results based on your query in the form of short answers. Reading those would surely get your queries resolved.

How to Contact by visiting the Rocket League official website

Another way of reaching out to their support team is via the official website of the Rocket League. Visit their official support and adhere to the following steps.

Rocket League Sideswipe customer support Knowledge base
Rocket League Sideswipe customer support: Knowledge base
  1. Access the drop-down menu by clicking on the three-line bar present on the top left corner of the site.
  2. Once the menu appears, choose the Support Option from the menu.
  3. Once you are re-directed to the support page, scroll down and click on RL Sideswipe, to get re-directed to their knowledge base.You canfind small guides on their Knowledge Base, regarding the Gameplay, Basic Controls and Troubleshooting.
  4. If your query/issue is something else, input your query on the search bar to fetch results from their Knowledge Base.

What if the Issue/Bug persists?

It may happen that your query is not met by Rocket League’s Knowledge Base. The issue might still persist or their Knowledge Base may not have the query you are looking for. Go for the following options then

1. Contacting via social networking handles

You can try connecting to the Rocket League customer support or developers on Twitter to get your queries resolved.  @RL_Support is their official support Twitter handle for catering to the queries of all users. You can even access their Discord Server, where tons of passionate fans, who are eager to help others get back on the field quickly.

2. Raising a ticket

The best way to reach them, in this case, is by raising a ticket.  To raise a ticket follow these steps

  1. Go to
  2. Click on your platform to Sign-in. If you play on a Nintendo Switch you will need to link your Switch account to Rocket League to submit a ticket.
  3. Click on the Submit a Ticket link in the upper right corner
  4. Fill out the form. You are required to input the following details in the form:
    • Which Game: You have to enter, which Rocket League Game, you are facing an issue with. Choose Rocket League Sideswipe from the drop-down menu.
    • Subject: Input the type of your enquiry.
    • Description: Input your issue in detail. Based on this, the support staff will get back to you.
    • Country: Select your Country from drop-down menu.
    • Platform: Select the platform on which you play the game.
    • Your Full Name.
    • Issue: Choose the kind of issue you want to report from the drop-down list. Choose “My issue is not in the list” option, if you do not find it in the list.
    • E-mail address: Type the address of the account; you have used to log in the game.
    • Preferred Language: The language you wish to be communicated in.
    • Attachment: Anoptional field, where you can attach the screenshot o your issue(if any).
  5. Click the Submit button at the bottom of the page
Rocket League Sideswipe customer support ticket submit
Rocket League Sideswipe: Submitting a ticket

Once a ticket has been submitted, any replies that you receive will be sent by email. Be sure to check your Junk/Spam folder if you do not see a reply within a day. Typically, they get back to you within 24 hours.

Still, facing any issues in contacting the Rocket League Sideswipe Customer Support Team? Head straight to our comments section and get your queries resolved. we’ll make sure to reply to everyone Happy Gaming. Cheers!

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Rl sides wipe is just stopping in the screen can you help me to play it


i realy love your game and it is realy fun I’m Diamond but can you please add like training packs next season or a better training thing thank you


Your game keeps crashing when I’m login in

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