Rocket Star Idle Space Factory Guide: Tips, Tricks and Strategies

If the boredom is already eating you up and you’re too lazy to play a complex online multiplayer role-playing game, Rocket Star is the perfect choice for you. As per the name, its called an ‘Idle’ game as it hardly requires the player to grind his way to the top and tune in to the game every other hour just to check your progress. Rather it is a casual never-ending simulator filed with tons of stuff to be explored. So today in this article, we will discuss basic tips and tricks for Rocket Star Idle Space Factory which will guide you in the game if you are starting new.

Rocket Star Idle Space Factory Overview

The main target while playing Rocket Star is to manage workstations on Earth and the other planets along with moons. You get to recruit a whole team of workers and set up a chain of command to help build Rockets that are used to explore the other planets. Now lets dive a bit deeper into the game mechanics and what one should know if they’re completely new to the game.

Building Your First Rocket

Rocket Star Idle Space Factory Guide
Build rockets and explore the universe in Rocket Star

The game begins with the player in an empty workstation. Your first objective is to recruit enough workers to help build your rocket.

  • There is the bottom-most level that picks up the supplies and carriers it other to the elevator.
  • The elevator guy, also being the most important worker, delivers the supplies to all the different levels in an orderly manner.
  • The first and the second level is necessary to make the most basic rocket which is to be sent to the moon
  • You can purchase more levels to help build a bigger rocket and get a better reward for making a successful launch.

The workers just like all other simulators take some time to finish their work which can be seen via the meter on every level. Remember that the rocket cannot be launched unless every level you have purchased hasn’t finished their work.

But don’t worry as this being an ‘Idle game’, it does not require you to keep the application open for the rocket to continue building. You can keep the app running in the background and carry on with your work and the workers will continue with theirs.

Exploring the Galaxy

The main reason behind building these rockets is to explore all the other planets in the milky way including the moon.

Every planet has it’s own interface and requirements to be fulfilled before exploring it. These requirements are usually to send the given amount of rockets to it which unlocks the ability to build a space-station on it.

Upgrades and Payloads

Rocket Star Idle Space Factory Guide


Payloads are basically the different parts of the rocket that is to be built. These are to be purchased by the in game cash. The required amount can be checked from the meter provided at the top most part of the rocket.


Upgrades are the most important section of the game and mastering and keeping a balance between them is a most to progress ahead.

Try to balance out your upgrades for all workstations including the Elevator, Deliverer, and Platforms. This will help you increase the efficiency of collecting star coins without delay.

The first step is to upgrade all the platforms to the same levels if possible (For example, upgrade platforms 1-4 to about level 140-150). Then check both the Elevator and Deliverer and if you see the ‘Production/s’ turns red, upgrade that workstation until ‘Production/s’ turns back to white.

Now, for a complete beginner one should not care about upgrading to and above 30 to any of the platforms as the main motive behind upgrading them is to reduce the production time.


Rocket Star

Leaders are the characters that are to be assigned to every individual space-station, so that they can manage them for you when you’re away. You can unlock these once you have enough ‘cards’ of a particular leader.

Players can also acquire these cards from the ‘space crates’. And these Space crates are received as a reward for building a rocket and also as a daily reward.

To assign as leader click on the ‘+’ sign on the bottom of the screen and choose the preferred one as per your liking. Once assigned, their special ability can be used to boost the production.

Rocket Star Idle Space Factory Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Collect the valuable items dropped by your workers

These are available for a few seconds on every platform and they convert into in game cash.

rocket star tips
Don’t forget to collect the items!

2. Click on the ‘Space Dog’ whenever it pops on the screen

This space dog has the power to boost up the production rate for every single platform for a few seconds and can be quite helpful when building bigger rockets.

3. Watch the in game ads even if they seem annoying

Now this team is a bit unprofessional but the in-game advertisements give an extremely huge reward for watching them and will honestly make your game-play streamlined.

4. Click on the UFO

Dont forget to tap on the UFOs often. Moving around the galaxy to get free items that are helpful for your game.

5. Complete the in-game missions

These are like objectives which if completed give you Skill Shards and Space Cash. And more amount of cash will strengthen your game economy.

6. Keep on upgrading the platforms and the Elevator

Upgrading the platforms and the elevator is important to improve production. It will help in a faster overall progression.


In an era of competitive online multiplayer gaming and endless fighting, Rocket Star acts as a great refreshment for your mind without taking much of your time.

The game has little but none competitiveness to it and does not require any grinding as it provides with more than enough free rewards to enjoy the experience of playing it. And we hope our Rocket Star Idle Space Factory Guide will be useful for you!

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