Sachin Saga Cricket Champions Beginners Guide and Tips

Be the Master of the Game

Are you a Sachin fan? Well, it doesn’t surprise us because if you are a Cricket freak, you gotta be a fan of this man and his Straight drive. So putting it in this way, if you are a Cricket fan then this is the perfect game for you. Starting from his Ranji days playing for Mumbai at the Wankhede to his international debut at the age of 17 when he was hit on his mouth by a deadly bouncer from Waqar Younis, relive each and every moment of the legend’s journey. From the house of JetSynthesys, it was the first cricket game to have over a million pre-registrations and, in just a month of its launch, the game surpassed 2 million downloads on Google Play Store, making it one of the most downloaded cricket games on Android. So as you begin your journey in the master’s footsteps, here is our Sachin Saga Cricket Champions Beginners Guide with some tips and tricks to help you along the way.

Getting started

Sachin Saga offers exciting cricketing action from start to finish. Like any other cricketing game, it has 3 difficulty modes in the offer: Easy, Medium, and Hard. Pulling off games is not an easy job. You need to apply your cricketing knowledge in setting the appropriate field for the batsman. Then you need to hit the right line and length to trap the batsman, a matter of skill which you would acquire by playing the game. It comes with a separate practice section to help you get a hold of how things go. A progress report pops up on the screen after every 6 deliveries that you face/bowl in the nets.


Play 360°shots all along the ground. Get a near to real-life experience on how pitches behave. Select any of the 3 options Drive (to play a grounded shot), Stroke (to step out of the crease and play the shot), and last but not least loft (to play a lofted shot).

Sachin Saga Cricket Champions Guide

Move the batsman using arrow keys to the pitch of the ball and swipe in the direction you want to play the shot. To improve your hitting the game comes with joystick control to ensure proper placement. Make sure that you go for the swipe only when the ball has been released by the bowler because timing is the key.


Make sure to hit the right areas according to the conditions. Choose from the variations that are available for that particular bowler. Select the length at which you want the ball to pitch by just moving your hand on the screen(pitch).

Adjust the pace at which you want to ball to be delivered by tapping on the speedometer. Make sure not to tap when the cursor is in the red zone, otherwise, the bowler would overstep.


The game brings you an enhanced fielding experience. Experience some brilliant direct hits resulting in a run-out, some great saves, and take equally brilliant catches.

Sachin Saga Cricket Champions Guide

While catching the ball, make sure that you tap on the screen only when the ring-like cursor turns from red to green failing which would result in a dropped catch. Enjoy the authentic action replay of the runout/catch that you take, as the game comes with exciting new camera angles.


A new feature has been added to the game. Now you can challenge the umpire’s decision with 1 review allotted in each inning. Making a correct call makes you retain the review just as it works in the real world.


Some exciting news for you if you’re an Indian cricket fan. The game brings you Hindi commentary in its latest update. Cherish some of the hilarious remarks from your favorite commentators in the local language.

Free Revives

Who doesn’t want a second chance in life? It may happen that while playing the legend’s journey we end up playing a loose stroke and get ourselves out before reaching the desired target resulting in losing a lot of rewards that we earn.

Thinking about the users Sachin Saga has decided to give us 6 free revives while playing the legend’s journey and 5 free revives in a normal game.  You can get your batsman revived by watching a 30 seconds advertisement. For subscribers, it is a free gift. Not intrigued yet?

Sachin! Sachin!

The game brings you exciting new events including live series, tours, journeys, and a host of other tournaments and leagues going on around the world. Relive the journey of the World Cup-winning teams over the years 1975-2019. All of these come under a single Mega League Pack with an annual subscription of $5 only starting off with a three day free trial period.

Sachin Saga Cricket Champions Guide

Sachin Saga pays special tribute to the Master Blaster by including a special section which takes back to your favorite moments on the cricketing field. With video clips containing Sachin’s best moments and his impact on the world of cricket, it just feels amazing to relive the nostalgia of the past. What could be a more enchanting sight for a cricket fan than seeing the legends team (comprising of retired legends of all the cricketing nations) take on the youngsters in a limited-overs battle? Dream come true, isn’t it? Sachin Saga brings you the opportunity to live it.

Indeed his presence on the field is evergreen and would never fade out with time. Sachin Saga brings you a special feature where you could add Sachin (the highest rated player in the game) while playing as the current Indian team. Current Indian 11+prime Sachin, wouldn’t that be an exciting contest?

Additionally, The game brings in a surprise element for all its users. Earn Fan Points by playing and winning The Legends Journey, World Series, and Live Events. Collect 200 Fan Points till November 30, 2020, to convert them into Gold Pass. Earn a gold pass and get a chance to meet the man himself! Yes, it indeed possible!

Sachin Saga Cricket Champions Guide

There are online live events and PVP matches where you can showcase your cricket skills against other users and win in-game resources. With all the domestic leagues and ICC international tournaments, Sachin Saga Cricket Champions is a must-try for any cricket-loving fan. That’s it, all the basic tips covered, if you find any hassle whatsoever in the game, you can always fall back to this Sachin Saga Cricket Champions Beginners Guide for help. Don’t worry, like always we have got you!

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