Sea of Conquest: Pirate War Hero Tier List for January 2024

Get these heroes in your crew

Sea of Conquest: Pirate War is a strategy game where you step into the boots of a pirate captain. Crafted by FunPlus International AG, this game is set in the mystical Devil’s Sea, offering a perfect blend of magic, treasures, and thrilling adventures. Success in Sea of Conquest hinges on building a skilled crew. This Sea of Conquest Hero Tier List Guide is your compass, revealing the heroes that will guide you through challenging waters. Learn their strengths, understand their roles, and turn your crew into legends of the sea.

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Sea of Conquest: Pirate War Hero Tier List: Best Heroes Ranked

Keep in mind, while the Sea of Conquest: Pirate War Hero Tier List is a handy reference, your gameplay style might influence your choices. In simpler terms, we’ve categorized heroes into three tiers: Strong (S), Good (A), and Average (B). This makes it easier for you to grasp each hero’s potential and simplifies the process of building a robust team for your adventure.

TierCaptainFirst MateGunnerJack-of-all-trades
Strong (S)Griffin,
Good (A)Barnacle,
Old Ahab,
Madame LuluNed
Average (B)Zola
Lord Kojo,
Mad Dog,
Henry Hell,
Cursed Ed,

Best Heroes for Sea of Conquest: Pirate War in January 2024

1. First Mate – Sharky

Sea of Conquest Pirate War Sharky
Image via FunPlus International AG

Sharky, a First Mate, his Master Blaster skill launches five powerful attacks, totaling 540% of Attack damage. Despite the drawback of self-stunning, the impact is significant. Sharky’s Thrill Smokes skill, on the other hand, adds a strategic layer, inflicting a stacking Wound effect that amplifies damage on the target. His unique abilities make Sharky a force to be reckoned with in the game.

2. Captain – Griffin

Sea of Conquest Pirate War Griffin
Image via FunPlus International AG

Griffin, a Captain, his Vengeance Inferno skill transforms him into the undead, unleashing a powerful area-of-effect attack on all enemies. This formidable skill, with a short cooldown, ensures Griffin’s sustained impact on the battlefield. Additionally, his Indignation of the Dead skill boosts his Attack and overall damage after transformation, solidifying his status as a game-changing Captain.

3. First Mate – Eileen

Sea of Conquest Pirate War Eileen
Image via FunPlus International AG

Eileen, a First Mate with a distinct tactical approach. Her Triple Shot skill deals direct damage three times, accompanied by a Bleeding effect that inflicts continuous damage on the target. Eileen’s Pursue the Victory skill introduces speed enhancements and a chance to disrupt enemy hero cooldowns, making her a versatile and strategic addition to any crew.

Final Thoughts

The Sea of Conquest: Pirate War Hero Tier List is a handy guide for pirate captains looking to assemble a strong crew. Sharky, Eileen, and Griffin shine with their special abilities, making them top choices for battles on the high seas. Sharky stuns, Eileen inflicts bleeding, and Griffin transforms into the undead, giving each hero a unique edge. While this tier list is helpful, feel free to choose heroes based on your playstyle. Sail forth into your pirate adventure, and may your chosen heroes lead you to victory in the Sea of Conquest

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