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Shadow Slayer: The Dark Impact Beginners Guide and Tips

Stock up on epic hero powers to start the battle of the century today!

Shadow Slayer: The Dark Impact is a new 2D-based RPG game. It has recently come into play on Android and iOS devices. The game follows up a particular storyline through several stages and chapters. Every stage consists of several waves of attacks that come from the side of the shadow devils and their enemies, players have to slash through them and win over the round. The game comes up with several powerful characters as well. Thus, let us dive into the depth of the world of Shadow Slayer: The Dark Impact and come up with a detailed beginners guide for the players. 

Gameplay Overview

Shadow Slayer: The Dark Impact is an RPG game that offers players several characters. Thus, using them jumps into the battlefield to finish off the shadow demons that have conquered the world and snatched away the peace. The game brings very easy mechanics for the players and follows the basic game switches just like other RPG games.

At the left of the screen, players can check out the joystick and thus use it smoothly. Players can get the switches of melee attacks, heavy attacks, rage skills, and jump and dash switches on the right side of the screen. 

Shadow Slayer: The Dark Impact Beginners Guide
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The game follows up with decent 2D-based graphics and has several game modes apart from the usual main storyline. Players need to either level up themselves or complete a particular stage of a chapter and thus they can unlock those game modes and continue their journey. The best part is that the characters in the game get upgraded or leveled up on their own just after the completion of a stage. Players get a lot of EXP points and in-game currencies and resources that help them out in various ways.

Introducing the Basics of Shadow Slayer: The Dark Impact


The skill section is the area where players can go through the Active and Passive skills of all the characters they own. Players can upgrade any skill and also change their slots of them as per the comfort of the players. Players can easily upgrade the skills of the players from this section by following these easy steps:

Shadow Slayer: The Dark Impact Beginners Guide
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  • Open the Skills section and choose the character to which you want to upgrade the skills. 
  • Under the Active Skills section or the Passive Skills section, select the skill.
  • Then, Tap on the Upgrade button and upgrade the following skill of that particular character.


Quest is the main section of rewards. Players get tasks over here and thus they need to complete them during the period they complete the entire game. There are mainly three types of quests:

Shadow Slayer: The Dark Impact Beginners Guide
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  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Achievements

The Daily quest updates tasks daily and thus players need to complete them in the meantime daily. Just like the daily quest, the weekly quest updates its tasks every week, and thus players get time a week to complete them. Achievement tasks never change, it remains the same always as those are the most premium tasks. Players receive rewards such as Gold, Gems, Keys, and Gacha Coupons. 


Shadow Slayer: The Dark Impact Beginners Guide
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Blacksmith is the section where players can upgrade their gears and thus help out their respective characters to strengthen their DEF stats. Players can even dismantle the extra gears that are present and thus get Gold in return. 


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Inventory is the section where players can check out all the itineraries they own. Players can thus utilize them from there as well. Apart from the currencies, players can check all the itineraries such as guards, equipment, weapons, and keys. 

Other in-game Features

The game follows up with many features, but the most important of all of them are as follows:

  • Hunter: Hunter is the section where players can check out the characters they own. For now, the game has only 2 characters out of 5, the rest 3 will be coming soon. Players can check out their stats, levels, skills, and many more aspects a character owns.
  • Shop: The shop is the section where players can go for real-time in-game transactions and purchase in-game currencies such as Gold and Gems and thus use them further in their progression. 
  • Check-in Rewards: The check-in section comes along with the daily quests and tasks. Players need to complete them and thus collect awesome rewards such as Gold, Gem, Keys, and other Gacha coupons. The section also consists of a daily login reward that helps out players to get interesting rewards just after they open the game. 
  • Gacha: Gacha is the section where players can use the Gacha coupons and summon important items, Guards, and equipment for their character.  

Understanding the Gamemodes

1. Adventure 

Shadow Slayer: The Dark Impact Beginners Guide
Image via ONDI

Adventure is the main storyline mode that follows up with 4 chapters of that particular storyline. Of the 4 storylines, 2 are active and rest 2 are coming soon. The chapters follow up with several stages under them and thus every chapter bangs on with different villains at the last stage. Players need to complete the storyline mode and thus they can then easily unblock other game modes and level up themselves as well. 

2. Doom Tower

Doom Tower is another game mode where the players have to complete the respective waves of enemies for each of the floors. To win, players need to fight and reach the top of the tower and win there. This is a very interesting section and this will thus help players to improve a lot in combat. 

3. Endless Dungeon 

Endless Dungeon is another amazing game mode where players can also improve their combat skills by playing up here. Players will face a continuous wave of shadow demons and thus they have to fight against those.

Endless Dungeon
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Once the player dies, the player has to start the round again from the beginning to win the game mode. The character also does not get any unlimited health options and thus players have to defeat opponents in this way only. 

4. Boss Raid 

Boss raid is the section where players have to set the main boss players of the storyline directly through this mode. Players will not get an unlimited health option and thus they need to play like this against the villains. 

Shadow Slayer: The Dark Impact Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

After spending a fair amount of time in the game, here is a collection of some of our best tips and tricks to assist beginners in Shadow Slayer: The Dark Impact.

1. Complete the Storyline mode as soon as you can

Players must complete the storyline mode of the game first. By going through this, players can unlock many other modes and thus players can even go for a great progression in the game. 

2. Improve your Combat Skill

Players have many other game modes such as Endless Dungeon, Doom Tower, and Boss Raid where they can choose their character and practice by defeating those waves of shadow enemies. 

3. Keep upgrading your Skills

Players must consistently upgrade the skills of both the available characters. This will help the character to enhance their skills and thus provide more damage to the enemies and complete the rounds easily. 

4. Summon more Gears

Players must use their Gacha coupons and summon more gears and thus upgrade them as well. This will help the players to improve the DEF traits of the characters and thus characters will sustain more on the battlefield. 

5. Utilize the Keys properly

Players will get a limited amount of keys while playing the game modes. Thus, utilize them properly and try not to waste them by going all out in front of the enemies. 


Shadow Slayer is a new RPG game that follows a reality where the shadow demons have conquered the world and thus now the hunters need to get rid of them to protect and bring them back to the world. Here is a detailed beginner’s guide and tips for the players so that players can go through this and get to know all about the world of shadows. Thus, follow up on this guide and become the protector for all.

That’s all for today’s Shadow Slayer: The Dark Impact Beginners Guide! Did you find our Shadow Slayer: The Dark Impact Beginners Guide useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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Hi! I have a question how can i connect my shadow slayer account to my facebook or gmail so I dont lose my progress after deleting the game or playing on another phone

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