Soccer Manager 2023: Top 10 Best Free Agents to sign instantly

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The Free Agents list is a manager’s best friend in Soccer Manager 2023. When a player reaches the end of their contract, they may be released by the club and into the pool of free agents. These players are all available to sign for no transfer fee at all, with just the player’s contract to negotiate for. Often, these deals can be completed very quickly, meaning free agents are a great option to consider for the short term. On the flip side, there may even be some hidden gems in here with untapped potential

In this article, we’ve picked out 10 valuable free agents who are worth considering in Soccer Manager 2023. New players are always moving in and out of the free agents list but these 10 players in this article will be available from the get-go.

Best Free Agents to sign instantly in Soccer Manager 2023

1. Max Kruse (Rating – 82)

Soccer Manager 2023 Best Free Agents
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Kruse is close to the end of his career but he still has one club left in him. As a deep-lying forward, Kruse offers a short-term solution for clubs in need of a striker. He is 82 rated in-game and has some good stats too, including great leadership, quick, and intelligent movement, and a high work rate. This is the type of player that can bring useful experience to the table and can play an important role at a high level to do.

2. Mario Fernandes (Rating – 81)

Fernandes is a starter-quality RB with lots of experience in his position. He is solid defensively and he has the work rate and stamina to play in the demanding wing-back role. At 31 years of age, this is another short-term choice to plug any gaps at right-back in the squad.

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Signing Fernandes could also allow the club to sign a young RB with good potential for the long term. By the time Fernandes’s short-term contract expires, the young RB would be good enough to replace him.

3. Nikola Maksimovic (Rating – 78)

Soccer Manager 2023 Best Free Agents
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Modern football is leaning more towards ball-playing defenders but sometimes, having a solid no-nonsense CB can make all the difference. Maksimovic offers exactly that – with fantastic strength and good leadership, he can reinforce the backline when needed. To fix a leaky defense or to add depth behind the first team, Maksimovic is a good short-term option to consider.

4. Simone Zaza (Rating – 76)

Sometimes, it might feel like the team just doesn’t score goals, no matter how many chances the players create. Zaza can be signed as a free agent to solve that exact problem for at least a season or two.

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He offers good finishing, a great work rate, and is a strong aerial threat, giving the team a presence in the box. His experience means he can play as the focal point of the team’s attack, leading the line and hopefully helping the team convert their chances.

5. Faouzi Ghoulam (Rating – 76)

Ghoulam is a good short-term choice to plug any holes in the squad’s depth at left back. He can bring experience and leadership to the table, along with a good technical base as well.

Soccer Manager 2023 Best Free Agents
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Having Ghoulam on a short-term contract could potentially open the door for a young LB with high potential. By the time Ghoulam’s contract runs down, the young LB should then be ready to take over.

6. Marcos Guilherme (Rating – 76)

At 26 years old, Guilherme is only just approaching his prime years, as opposed to other free agents who are usually approaching retirement instead. Guilherme is very versatile, in that he can play as an attacking midfielder or as a winger on either side.

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Players like these are great as squad depth to have behind the first team. Additionally, Guilherme has a decent 76 overall rating, along with some well-rounded individual attributes as well.

7. Richard Strebinger (Rating – 75)

A long-term injury to a goalkeeper midway through the season is one of the worst nightmares for a manager. Luckily, Richard Strebinger is there on standby, ready to sign a contract if something like that happens in Soccer Manager 23.

Soccer Manager 2023 Best Free Agents
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With a decent overall rating and some well-balanced stats, Strebinger is worth considering for either a short-term starting goalkeeper or as a backup. He does the job and he does it fairly well too, which is all you would expect from him.

8. Leo Jaba (Rating – 73)

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Jaba‘s versatility is what makes him stand out as one of the top free agents available in Soccer Manager 23. He can play in several attacking positions, including either wing and even as a striker. On top of that, Jaba is much younger than the other players on this list, at 23 years of age. He still has some untapped potential there which could be worth looking into.

9. Zakaria Labyad (Rating – 73)

Soccer Manager 2023 Best Free Agents
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Labyad is an experienced creative midfielder worth considering for teams that are struggling to create chances. He is technically efficient, is comfortable on both feet, and can play in multiple positions as well. 29 years of age isn’t too old either. All in all, Labyad would be a decent addition to the team in the medium term.

10. Jose Mauri (Rating – 71)

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If low on midfielders, Mauri could be someone to consider particularly for lower-table teams. He can offer good medium-term depth in his position and can perform when called upon. With a decent defensive ability and good control of the ball, Mauri is actually quite well-rounded. He can use both feet and is also comfortable as a defensive midfielder as well as a central midfielder.

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