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Soul of Eden is a modern card-based strategy game. Matches are highly competitive and concluded within four minutes in real-time. In this Soul of Eden beginners guide we’ll go over everything you need to know to start going up the ranks, including combat tips and how to spend your currency in this Strategy game with additional tips to improve your game!

Just follow the instructions given to you and play a little. You’ll unlock most features quickly. Then you can slowly follow other aspects of the game. We will start this Soul of Eden guide with Factions.

Factions in Soul of Eden

It’s important to talk about the factions before anything, as the game pretty much revolves around them. There are four factions in the game: Republic, Alien, Beasts, and Empire. Each faction has its playstyle and unique Guardian Skill, as well as its own set of exclusive cards.

Factions have cards they can share with one other faction. Republic and Alien have cards they can share. Meanwhile, Beasts and Empire share cards with each other. You can level up your cards to make them stronger by getting duplicates of said card, or by using Stardust (we’ll explain Stardust later below).


This faction leans to a reactive, control style of play. It has access to a lot of damaging spells and defensive structures. Its Guardian Skill costs 3 Soul Power and allows you to deploy a drop pod anywhere you want on the map.

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Has access to a lot of debuffs and can swarm the board pretty effectively. This is more of a proactive, aggressive faction, but still has some decent defensive capabilities. However, unlike the Republic, Alien doesn’t have access to damaging spells. Its Guardian Skill costs 2 Soul Power and stuns enemy units in the target location.

X'inn, soul of eden
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Similarly to the Alien faction, Beasts can also swarm the board, just not as effective. But the Beasts units have better stats. Beasts also have access to a lot of healing spells that can keep their units alive. Speaking of healing, their Guardian Skill costs 1 Soul Power (making it the cheapest Guardian Skill) and creates a healing aura within the target location.

White Horn, soul of eden
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This faction is all about combat efficiency. With a lot of well-statted units and powerful combat affecting spells. Empire lacks removal which can make things troublesome as you’ll be relying on your units to defeat a push from your opponent. But the good units and spells allow you to be able to do so so long as you play your cards right. Its Guardian Skill costs 2 Soul Power and buffs your units within the skill range, allowing them to deal more damage.

Titan, soul of eden
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Which faction seems most interesting to you? Is there any specific one that you like? It’s important to know because unfortunately, you do not start with all of the factions unlocked. You have to go through the ranks and gather trophies to unlock them. You start with the Republic. At 300 trophies you get Alien, at 1000 you get Beasts, and at 1700 you get Empire.

Now don’t worry, it doesn’t take long to unlock them, especially if you play a decent bit each day. But if there is a specific faction (or pair of factions) that you really want to focus on, you might want to conserve your resources and go for the one(s) you actually want to play.

There are three ways to go about this. If you just want to have fun and collect as many cards as you want then don’t worry: you can do that! If you want to be a little more competitive, you could concentrate primarily on the faction(s) that you plan on playing. And, if you really want to go up the ranks, then the best thing would be to play Republic/Alien, as these factions are gotten very early on and thus you’ll be able to build upon them from the start. But you need to win games if you’re going to climb the ranks, so next up let’s talk about combat!

Soul of Eden Combat Guide and Tips

How to use Soul Power efficiently

Soul Power is your most valuable resource. You’re always generating it and always want to be generating it. Something I see players do much too often allows their Soul Power to reach 10 and then staying at 10 for too long. This is inefficient. But it’s also tricky because spamming your cards and staying at 0 Soul Power can be just as inefficient.

soul of eden guide
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You need a balance. Use some Soul Power to deploy units, and save a little to react to what your opponent might do in response.

Aggressive vs Reactive

It’s important to identify which of these is you, and which is your opponent. Who’s the aggressive player? Typically, it’s the one that initiates combat. Who’s the reactive player? The one that responds to it.

Your deck should have strong low-cost units if you plan on being aggressive. For example: if you’re playing an Alien deck, bring along cards like Leecher, Terminite, and Arachling. These cards summon multiple units to swarm the board.

Alternatively, you should bring defensive, slightly higher costed cards if you plan on playing reactively. So cards like Shotgunner, Terminite Queen, and Painling Fission.

Now don’t think that just because you’re playing a reactive deck means that it will be filled with 5+ Soul Power cards only! With every deck, be it aggressive, reactive, or something in between, you need a good balance of card costs. However, what changes are the numbers. So if you choose to play an aggressive deck, then naturally you should have mostly low-cost cards. Contrary, if you play a reactive deck, then it should have a slightly higher costed curve.

How to use free resources effectively

There are a number of free resources in Soul of Eden. There are three in specific that you should be mindful of. The first is the little minion your Guardian spawns every few seconds. Despite it being significantly weaker than the average unit, that little guy is still important because it’s free!

Soul of Eden Beginner's Guide
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That’s one more body your opponent needs to get rid of. So, if you’re not sure of when to start combat (assuming your opponent hasn’t already), a good way to tell is when both of these minions spawn. Deploying a unit to help it along is a good idea. For example: throwing in a pair of Sentinels will remove the enemy minion while protecting yours. Now your opponent faces three units, one of which you didn’t need to pay for.

Another free resource is the Guardian itself. Your Guardian fights back, so don’t be afraid to use it, especially if you’re playing defensively. But be careful! Your Guardian can tank hits, but not too many.

The final free resource to address is Guardian Skill. Technically, the Guardian Skill isn’t free, as it costs Soul Power. However, it doesn’t cost you a card which is very important.

Guardian Skills can turn the tide of a battle. You could use the Alien skill to stun your opponent’s power push, use the Beasts skill to heal your units once they’ve reached the enemy Guardian, or use the Republic skill to get a sneaky win on a dying Guardian.

Tips to spend your currency


The primary currency. You use it to purchase card packs, but can also be used to get additional missions and to reuse the Waterfall of Time. You mainly get Soulstones by completing missions.

Don’t be scared to use Soulstones on card packs early on, especially once you’ve unlocked the faction you prefer. Card packs will help you get started on your collection. Don’t waste Soulstones on additional missions or on the Waterfall of Time. The additional missions, while nice, aren’t worth the Soulstones.

The Waterfall of Time does give good rewards and is generally worth using Soulstones on, but not at the start. You want to get a decent collection of cards before you start using the Waterfall of Time.


Mainly used at the shop, where you can buy specific cards that are on sale. You get them by completing missions. You also get 150 for every three wins.

Use them freely on cards you like at the shop. Optimally you always want to have a good amount stored away so you’re not broke if a card you want pops up. Be sure to check the shop every day – it sometimes gives free goodies like Soulstones.

Gaia Stardust

Used to upgrade Republic and Alien cards. You can dismantle cards to obtain stardust, or purchase it directly from the store using Soulstones.

Eden Stardust

Used to upgrade Beasts and Empire cards. Can be obtained in the same way as Gaia Stardust. Don’t worry too much about the two Stardusts. They become important later when cards require a large amount to upgrade. But they don’t have much use at the start.

Soul of Eden Daily Routine guide

Waterfall of Time

Early on you will be introduced to the Waterfall of Time. You get free use of it each day, which gives you a card and a bit of Gaia Stardust and Eden Stardust. The first thing to do (after getting the log-in rewards) is to use the free trial.

Check the shop!

Always remember to check the shop! Cards you like/want might be up for sale. Furthermore, the shop gives free rewards sometimes.

Soul of Eden Beginner's Guide
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Daily Missions

Each day, you’ll get 5 missions. They reward you with cards and coins. They’re quite easy to complete. Most of them might as well read ”play the game.” Their requirements are things like upgrade a card, play a match, or win three matches. Again, things you will normally complete by just playing the game.

Land of Souls

Every time you play a match you gather energy. If you win, you get more energy, and if you lose, you’ll gain a bit. This energy goes to the Land of Souls, which will reward you with cards. It’s worth maxing out the Land of Souls each day. However, you don’t have to worry as it doesn’t take long. Just a few matches will do.

Soul of Eden Beginner's Guide
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Additional content in Soul of Eden


They are like daily missions, except they’ll always be there. Don’t stress about them if you’re new. You’ll unlock them simply by playing the game and there really isn’t any hurry to finish them. However, remember to collect them!

Puzzle Missions

These are a set of specific faction-based missions. When you complete one of these, you’ll add a piece of the puzzle, gaining rewards as you go. There is a puzzle for each faction for a total of 4 puzzles. When you complete the said puzzle, you gain the opportunity to purchase a Legendary Faction Pack, which brings 10 cards (from the corresponding faction) with one being a guaranteed legendary card.

It costs 500 Soulstones. So is that worth it? Sure. It’s not a bad deal, though once again if you’re a new player, you shouldn’t stress about rushing this or anything.


This is a great place to get rewards! Every win gives you resources – from Soulstones to Stardust. There is a limited amount of rewards you can get, but every few days it refreshes with a new set of rewards.

Soul of Eden Beginner's Guide
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Playground is home to several game modes which work differently from the regular game mode. For example: there is a game mode where your Soul Power is at x2 from the start. Don’t worry about your rank – Playground wins or losses do not affect it.

Always try to get the rewards from Playground! You have more than enough time to do it, and a few fun game modes to choose from.

Faction Quests

These quests help you understand each faction’s strengths. More importantly, they give you Soulstones! So, be sure to complete them once you unlock them. You unlock them fairly soon after you unlock the faction that corresponds with them.

This concludes our beginner’s guide to Soul of Eden! Good luck climbing the ranks, and remember to have fun along the way!

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