Star Trek Lower Decks Beginners Guide and Tips

But be careful – if they don’t succeed, they’ll die for real. And even worse: they’ll miss the party!

Star Trek Lower Decks is the much-awaited game for Star Trek fans is now brought to them by the very own, East Side Games Studio to bring back all the memories and storyline of the Star Trek lower Decks series which was started back in 2020 and continues till the present. The game follows up with all the significant characters and storylines shown in the series with the exact fun that the fans demand. Hence, let us dive into the world of the Star Trek Lower Decks with our beginners guide so that the newbies don’t miss their first simulation.

Gameplay Overview

The game sticks directly to the storyline and lets the players feel the same way just like the series. There are a few characters who help in upgrading the simulations with the best supervision under them. The game has some of the most valuable currencies such as Lithium, Di lithium, Platinum, and Simulation Chips.

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These resources and currencies are very important in the game. These resources help a lot while upgrading simulations and significant characters. There are 11 simulations in which the players have to build and upgrade their base.

Introducing the Simulations

Simulations are the most important aspects of the game. There are 11 simulations in the game which are simulated by the players. Every simulation rewards Merit Points to the players after a certain time limit. These Merit Points help the players to increase workers in the simulation sites and to start another simulation as well.

The merit points increase from the initial simulation to the final one. Hence, Shuttle Bay provides the least Merit Points and Q’s Courtroom provides the maximum number of Merit Points. All the Eleven possible simulations are:

  1. Shuttle Bay
  2. Wrap Cube
  3. Borg Cube
  4. Genesis Planet
  5. Kilingon Ascension Rites
  6. Sector 31 Chip
  7. Kaminer
  8. Chateau Picard
  9. Cadassian Interrigation Room
  10. Risa
  11. Q’s Courtroom

Players must hire Holo Crews that provide a boost for earning more Merit Points through the simulations. Players must always try to unlock the simulations as soon as possible to earn more Merit Points. The players must invest more in the subsequent simulation and upgrade the base. Players also earn rewards for hiring Holo Crews. Upon hiring, rewards like Grant Chips and Di lithium are earned by the players. These rewards are granted at every objective or recruitment level.

Upgrade the Simulations

Upgrading simulations is as important as working with the simulations. This helps in increasing Merit Points from each of the simulations. For upgrading simulations, players need simulation chips and Di lithium. Below mentioned is the process for upgrading the simulations:

Image via East Side Games Studio
  • On the game screen, tap on the Tool icon.
  • After tapping on it, you can see all the simulations in the section. The required Simulation chips and Di lithium are mentioned below every simulation.
  • Tap on the Upgrade button and upgrade the simulation which is required to be upgraded.

Understanding the in-game Currencies

Resources such as Di Lithium, Simulation Chips, Character Cards and Latinum are the main items that are most necessary by the players while playing through every episode. Let us know how can we grab these items easily and proceed further into the game easily:

1. Video Ads

The game comes up with a lot of options in between where players can earn resources such as Di Lithium and Merit Points. Hence, if you are short of resources then you must watch some of the Ads to receive them so that you can utilize them and construct more simulations. 

2. Trading

Image via East Side Games Studio

Players can trade some characters and earn Di lithium in place of it. This option appears near Shuttle Bay where the Tractor appears and offers the players this deal. Grab this deal if you have extra Character Cards and have some Dilithium.

3. Holo Crew Recruitments Achievements

At the start of every simulation, the game assigns some of the requirements which are to be completed by the players. There are these requirements of having some exact number of Holo Crew in the simulation sites which comes up with some valuable rewards for the players. So, check for those objectives and complete them to earn more Di lithium, Character Cards, and Simulation Chips that will help you proceed firmly into the game.

4. Shop section

Image via East Side Games Studio

From the Shop section., players can buy crates that will reward them with valuable resources such as Di Lithium, Character Cards, and Simulation Chips. Players can also buy Character Cards and Simulation Chips with the Di lithium they have and upgrade the Simulation sites and characters.

5. Crates

Players can earn valuable resources upon completing every episode. The game rewards as a crate and from that players can win Di lithium, Character Cards, and Simulation Chips. These cards help a lot of the players in upgrading the specific characters and simulation sites.

Mastering the characters

The characters in the game are the same as in the series. These characters yield a lot of Merit Points and thus every simulation needs some of the specific characters that boost up the simulations. Hence, these specific characters boost up Merit Points from these simulation sites. Common characters like Mariner, Boiler, Tendi, and Rutherford are always available from scratch in the game. But the characters which help in boosting up Merit Points are thus unlocked after the completion of every episode.

Upgrading Characters

The characters are required to be upgraded as every upgrade values a lot. The characters after upgrade boost the yield of Merit Points and thus simulations become easier with the specific characters. Thus, follow the steps now to upgrade the characters:

Image via East Side Games Studio
  1. On the game screen; tap on the Three pivot figure icon present at the bottom of the screen.
  2. After you tap on it; you can see all the characters you have owned in the game. Select the character you want to upgrade and tap on them.
  3. Tap on the Do It option to upgrade the characters and thus boost up the merit points on every simulation site.

The main things required to upgrade the characters are character cards and Di lithium. These can be obtained by the method mentioned above and thus upgrade your characters.

Star Trek Lower Decks Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

After investing so much into the game; here are the best tips for beginners so that they can easily play and simulate every possible site in just the blink of their eyes.

1. Collect resources

 Beginners must collect as much of the resources as they can. Resources help a lot while progressing in the game. resources such as simulation chips, character chips, and Di lithium are thus utilized in upgrading characters and simulation sites so that they can yield more merit points that will further help to start new simulation sites.

2. Upgrade the characters and simulation sites

Beginners must upgrade the specific characters and the simulation sites. The specific characters help in boosting up the merit points and the simulation sites also come up with the capacity of more holo crews and also yield more merit points as well.

3. Start with the simulation sites as soon as possible

As soon as you collect the required merit points, start with the simulation sites so that you can yield more merit points. The initial simulation site generates the least number of merit points and thus increases as per the sequence. Hence, start with the simulation sites as soon as possible.

4. Open as many crates

Beginners must open all the crests they receive. Crests come up with the maximum number of valuable resources which are thus required for progressing into the game. So players must open the crests and also check for the free crest every day to earn valuable resources.

5. Complete all the milestones

At the start of every episode, players are assigned some of the milestones which are to be completed. Completion of the milestones leads the players towards the completion of the episode and players also receive valuable rewards for every milestone they achieve.

Final Thoughts

The Star Trek Lower Decks is a fantastic gift for Star Trek fans. The fans will enjoy the game and take the same feel they got while binge-watching the series. Players must follow up through the tutorials properly. Players must complete the milestones and complete every episode to earn valuable rewards. The resources are the most important aspect which is to be collected by the players. This helps a lot of the players in progressing further in the game.

Overall, there is a lot of stuff new players can do, and they should take their time with it and enjoy the game at their own pace. So go ahead and give it a try! If you find trouble, don’t hesitate to fall back on this Star Trek Lower Decks beginners guide for tips.

That’s all from us for the Star Trek Lower Decks Beginners Guide! Did you find our Star Trek Lower Decks beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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