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Starborne: Frontiers Beginners Guide with Tips

The guide to begin your Sci-Fi adventure!

Starborne: Frontiers is the latest entry in the Sci-Fi RPG genre from Solid Clouds. Focusing on a colonized space, players must face the galaxy’s best, putting their tactical abilities to the test. It also requires the players to employ all of their knowledge and experience to defeat their opponents. In such cases, having a large number of resources will undoubtedly be beneficial. Because the game has only recently been released, new players would like to know some shortcuts and the basics of the game. So, in this Starborne: Frontiers Beginners Guide, we will do a detailed walkthrough of the game, and explain the basics with additional tips and tricks.

Gameplay Overview

Because this is an idle RPG, players must be going through the chapters in the game. Every step a player takes will take them down the Adventure path. Battles are the most important part of the game, as you will encounter enemies and must defeat them in order to progress. Before diving into the game mechanics and battles, players should become acquainted with game options.

Starborne: Frontiers battle
Image via SolidClouds

Different game modes are present in the game. All carry different objectives, but mostly you’ll be facing different enemies. Players get an option to choose their difficulties, which starts from normal. Players get the Campaign mode unlocked, which is followed by the other modes. Each battle will be rated between zero to three stars, with the latter providing the maximum rewards for a battle.

Features like Playtime Rewards and Battle Pass help the player start off the game with ease. They will be periodic and will be updated after a set period of time. The Battle Pass is divided into two tiers: Free and Premium. The Premium Battle Pass is divided into two tiers, Commander Pass and Admiral Pass. This is an in-app purchase, with the latter providing nearly identical rewards but also unlocking 20 extra levels.

Understanding the Basics of Starborne: Frontiers

To progress faster, players should learn about the various in-game items, characters, and more so that they can get help. This section will focus on the basics of the game players should know about.


Resources in the game are important to keep playing battles as well as upgrading your existing characters or heroes. There are types of resources in the game, with each carrying a different purpose. The Energy Cells will be important to play battles, as each battle will consume certain energy.

Starborne: Frontiers shop
Image via SolidClouds

For upgrades and other in-game purchases, you have Credits. For upgrades of your characters Exp Bits are helpful, which you can gain by battles or shop. Platinum is a premium currency, and you can buy all the resources from the Platinum Market.


The most important aspect of the game involves the Characters. They make or break your system, with their level-ups that matter a lot. When it comes to the tiers of each character, they are rated as Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. There are also classes, with each class having a total of 10 characters.

Characters also have affinities, which differ from character to character. During battles, it will be activated, and this will be added as an advantage. Three different types, Electric, Thermal, Chemical, and Antimatter are currently in the game.

Starborne: Frontiers characters
Image via SolidClouds

Each character can also equip different weapons separately, which will also boost their stats of certain abilities. These are of different types again and sorted by attack, defense, etc. Players also have the option to upgrade this using credits.

The skill panel also gives an insight into the skills that can be equipped by each character. Ranks and Refits are also the other options, that have the scope to upgrade. These are done with various materials that are available in the game.


Players can recruit characters from the Recruitment window. From Common to Legendary, Beacons that the players get will help in pulling players. There are four Beacon types, Public, Specialist, Expert, and Elite. Expert and Elite beacons can draw a Legendary Character, with the Elite giving the players a 100% chance.

Starborne: Frontiers Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Players have to remember a few tips and tricks to stay ahead in the game. So here are some suggestions from our side.

  • Formations matter a lot. If you are playing a defensive hero ahead, it gives you the advantage to take the enemy fire. But, it will be a miscalculation of a move if you prefer a team full of attackers, as usually, every attacker is not leaning towards survival.
  • Understand your roles well. Having different types of roles in your team will be a great benefit for you even while you face stronger bosses. So, try to unlock as many characters as possible.
  • Completing campaign objectives provides plenty of resources to work with and is essential for replenishing your energy. Because rewards are a part of the game, they can be very effective in advancing your game progress.
Starborne: Frontiers affinity
Image via SolidClouds
  • Affinity advantage is something you have to remember. Every character has their own affinity and using the best combinations will work out to your benefit in battles. You can again check them before battles.
  • Attempt to get a 3-star in every attack. These will aid in obtaining a large number of rewards in a single battle. You can also check the potential rewards before engaging. Also, there are certain bonuses in campaigns for a certain star count (total) for each level, so don’t miss out!
  • Challenges provide the players with some great bonuses. So if you want quick progression, check the daily, weekly, and monthly challenges and accordingly participate in those events to get rewards and move towards progress.

Final Thoughts

Starborne: Frontiers is a successful idle RPG with excellent graphics and ambiance. This game actually guides you to have a good experience for beginners, so you can expect it to be welcoming for those who are new to the genre. The game’s characters are numerous, providing the player with numerous opportunities to try out new characters. The battles are enjoyable and visually appealing, and the formations that the player chooses make a significant difference. Overall, it is simple and enjoyable to play. If you encounter any difficulties while playing the game, this Beginners Guide is always there to help you.

That’s all for today’s Starborne: Frontiers Beginners Guide! Did you find this Starborne: Frontiers Beginners Guide useful? Let us know in the comments below! 

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