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Starborne: Frontiers: How to contact the customer support service

Get instant help for the customer service!

Developed by Solid Clouds, Starborne: Frontiers a Sci-Fi RPG that focuses on a space environment that is on the brink of colonization. It requires the players to employ all of their tactical knowledge and experience to defeat their opponents. Since the game had a recent release, the need to contact Customer Support has steadily increased as players try to discover more. So in this guide, we’ll be explaining the steps to contact the customer support service of Starborne: Frontiers.

Some players of the game are frequently hampered by in-game bugs, account-related issues, and in-app purchase questions. Every user desires a smooth and bug-free gaming experience. As a result, they must contact customer service to clarify their doubts and problems.

How to Contact Starborne: Frontiers customer support

The support team has already answered many frequently asked questions on the game’s official website. However, if a player is unable to find a solution to a persisting problem, or found a new issue, Starborne: Frontiers customer service is available to contact at any time to answer questions from the players.

There are three ways to contact Starborne’s customer support team. Players can contact them through in-game menu options, the official Starborne: Frontiers support website, or directly through Solid Clouds’ social media handles.

How to Contact via in-game Customer Service Option 

The first method is to contact through the in-game menu. The game must be launched on the players’ devices. They must follow the steps below once the in-game home screen has loaded:

Menu in Starborne
Image via SolidClouds
  • Click on the Menu option, located in the upper right corner of the game screen, marked with three lines.
  • The Help option can be seen after the Menu section drop-down; select it to access the options for Support.
  • There will be two options to choose from, Support and Discord. Select the former.
  • Once selected, it will lead you to their customer support website. Enter the email to which you have linked the game with.
  • There are plenty of options which you can select. Choose the option necessary and then fill in the Title and Description.

Reporting a Bug

Currently, you can follow the above steps to report a bug. However, follow some extra steps given below.

Bug Report in Starborne
Image via SolidClouds
  • Once you enter the customer website, you will get plenty of options to choose from in the dropdown menu that is on the site.
  • From the Category section, select the BugReport menu.
  • Once selected, it’ll open the platform, and the build number pre-filled, so you need not worry about it.
  • For the rest of the sections, fill in detail so that they can address them during their testing.
  • Also, we suggest adding attachments if it supports your case. This will help in resolving your queries the earliest.

How to Contact the Developer team directly

Players can contact the developers at Solid Clouds directly. This can be done by contacting them via their social media handles. They can contact the handle @frontiersgame which is the official Twitter handle of Starborne: Frontiers. Additionally, players can contact the handle @frontiersgame which is the official Facebook handle of Starborne: Frontiers. A follow-up on their Discord server will help too, where tons of passionate fans are there to help users resolve their queries.

Are you still facing any issues in contacting the Customer Support Team of Starborne: Frontiers? Head straight to our comments section and get your queries resolved! 

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