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Starborne: Frontiers: The Complete Characters guide with tips

The guide to understand the characters!

The Sci-Fi RPG Starborne: Frontiers is certainly one of the games with a high number of characters available. Because there are so many characters to choose from, it will take some effort to push and unlock the top characters. When it comes to the best characters in the game, without a doubt falls to the Legendary tier, but there are some other characters of varying rarities that fill in as one of the best if none of the top ones are available. Players need to understand the characters they unlock so that they can level them up and progress. So, with this Characters guide, we aim to provide in-depth insight to know about the characters in Starborne: Frontiers.

Recruitment and Class of Characters in Starborne: Frontiers

Class of Characters

Characters come in different classes and rank in Starborne: Frontiers. The characters are divided into five classes: Legendary, Epic, Rare, Uncommon, and Common, with the Legendary being the highest and the Common being the lowest class.

These are not to be confused with the stars or the rank. These reflect the upgrade level of each ship/character, and by default, it’ll be 1 star. Players can rank them up to a 6-star character.

Another way of listing the characters is by groups or corporations and their roles. Character corporations are 10 in total, which you can view via the Index. As far as roles are concerned, there are four: Attacker, Defender, Debuffer, and Supporter. More details about the affinities, skills, etc are given in the coming sections.

Recruiting of Characters

The collection of characters can be by the recruitment process. Players can obtain the characters in the game by two methods, via Recruitment or by the Shop. The Recruitment menu is where the players can recruit the characters in the game. This is done by a Beacon, which are four tiers, given below.

  • Public Beacon: The most common of them all. Players can sign any one character from the Common, Uncommon, and Rare classes.
  • Specialist Beacon: The 2nd type. Rare, Epic and Legendary characters can be pulled from this beacon.
  • Expert Beacon: Epic and Legendary characters can be recruited.
  • Elite Beacon: This is the highest tier, and guarantees a Legendary character upon use.
Beacon Probabilities
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Each Beacon can pull one character at a time. The beacons also provide a certain probability while pulling the characters, and more often players will be pulling the lowest class of the characters. For example, with the Specialist Beacon, a player has only a 1% chance to sign a Legendary Character.

Another way to approach recruitment is via the Shop or Offers. Yes, it is through in-app purchasing, but it’ll guarantee the desired character for the player. After recruiting, you can lock the characters if you want to avoid releasing them or using them for upgrades.

Character Equipment, Skills, and More

Character Upgrades

Upgrading each character will play a major role in the development of each ship, as it’ll help the players tackle the stronger opponents. Upgrading the characters can be done via the Ship section, and the rank-ups are carried in the Rank menu. Exp Bits are burned for each level upgrade, which players can easily earn by chapters or credit shops.

Rarity in Starborne
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For the rank-ups, players have two choices. Either by Mainframe Upgrades or Ships. Mainframe upgrades are for different rarities and can be utilized for the cards for that particular class. Ships can be sacrificed as well, without any filter for class. This is followed for every 10th Level. As the level increases, the rank-ups will be needing more numbers of Ships or Mainframes.


Equipment is aimed to boost the character’s stats in the game, which will offer a higher advantage whenever they are participating in the battles. In the Equip section, there are six different sections that can be equipped: Weapon, Hull, generator, Sensors, Software, and Thrusters.

Equipments in Starborne: Frontiers
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Again, the equipment is divided into classes ranging from common to legendary. Each category serves a distinct purpose, such as Weapons, which primarily contribute to HP and Attack stats, while Sensors and Software equipment will focus on hacking, security, and rate.

Affinity and Skills

Each character will be having its very own affinity. There are four different types, Electric, Thermal, Chemical, and Antimatter. They all have their advantages. The affinity order will be recycling between Electric, Thermal, and Chemical.

Starborne: Frontiers affinity
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A unit with an affinity advantage over its target deals 50% more damage and has a 50% higher chance of applying debuffs. A unit with an affinity disadvantage over its target deals 25% less damage and has a 25% lower chance of applying debuffs.

Skills vary for different characters. It can be upgraded by having the Nueroprints, which is an enhancement item that is used to upgrade the skill levels. Again, this will be on the basis of class as well, which you can obtain with the help of the credit shop and by participating in the battles in Anomaly, which is on the basis of the character’s affinity.

Tips to Remember

Here are some basic tips and tricks to remember about the characters.

  • Always upgrade the higher-class characters/ships. The reason because they are superior in many ways, and even if you could not unlock the best picks available, always choose to upgrade the ones that are the best in the lot.
Characters and Upgrades in Starborne: Frontiers
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  • While it is okay to mix equipment while allowing them to your characters, it is suggested to equip these according to their roles. The reason behind this is to have balance in your team and also not make other characters lose their bonuses.
  • To get assistance with equipment selection, simply click on a category, and it will only show the equipment that can be selected for that category.
  • Keep track of your total stats. Especially during equipping, as it may have an adverse effect during the battle, especially boss fights. Hence avoid degrading your functional ship without checking twice.
  • Do not use Epic or Legendary characters for rank-ups. Almost all the characters from these classes are absolutely lethal and are difficult to obtain, so better not risk it by any means.

This concludes our Starborne: Frontiers characters guide. Feel free to drop your queries, if any, in the comments.

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