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Starfall Fantasy: Neverland free redeem codes and how to redeem them (February 2023)

Redeem the codes for awesome rewards!

Starfall Fantasy: Neverland is an MMORPG game developed by EYOUGAME (USS). The game is set in a fantasy world with the thrill of ancient China and the main character travels to a futuristic world with various combat skills. Apart from that, you will need resources or items for your needs during the adventure, which you can get via redeem codes. There are many free codes that the developers have provided for the players to redeem and get awesome rewards. In this article, we list all the available free redeem codes in Starfall Fantasy: Neverland, the rewards they give, and also explain how to redeem these codes.

How to get free redeem codes for Starfall Fantasy: Neverland

Redeem Code is your chance to get rewards for free by entering the given code. But where can you get a coupon code? You can find them from various sources like Facebook, Discord, and more. This redemption code is an interesting thing, because the developer usually offers exclusive prizes not available anywhere else, but does not preclude the gift to be in currency or only material.

Starfall Fantasy: Neverland free redeem codes and rewards

Starfall Fantasy: Neverland redeem codes
Image via EYOUGAME

Below are several codes that you can exchange to get some rewards and we recommend that you redeem the code as soon as possible because there is a possibility that the code will expire or you can no longer use it. Here is a list of free codes from Starfall Fantasy: Neverland that you can redeem.

Redeem CodesRewards
SFLAUNCHEvoke Bead, 100K Sycees, 10 Enhance Gem, 2 Escort Token
RABBIT20231 Golphoenix Plume, 500k Sycees, 1x Enhance Gem, 2 Escort Tokens
STAR777Special Launch Giftpack (item content like Outfit, Mount Advance Orb, Pri. Wings Essence, Companion Advance Orb)
SF2023Evoke Bead, 100K Sycees, 10 Enhance Gem, 2 Escort Token
JollyNeverlandEmerald Plume, 100 B. Jade, 3 Treasure Key, Bloodlust Bead
Starfall2023Spiritless Orb, 100K Sycees, 10 Enhance Gem, 2 Escort Token
AAAA300M Diamond
BBBB300M Diamond
CCCC400M Diamond

How to redeem the free codes in Starfall Fantasy: Neverland 

To redeem the code on Starfall Fantasy: Neverland is fairly easy, you can follow this method.

  • First, you need to go to the Benefits Hall feature at the top right, if you don’t see it, you can tap the arrow to the left, if you have tap the Benefits Hall again.
  • Then select the Redeem section, there you can enter the code in the list above and make sure it’s the same as the capital letters.
Starfall Fantasy: Neverland redeem codes
Image via EYOUGAME
  • You have to tap Claim Reward and the rewards will be sent to your email.
  • However, for AAAA, BBBB, and CCCC codes, you can choose the Diamond Giftpack below and redeem (requires CD Time for each code).

That’s how you can redeem the free rewards easily in Starfall Fantasy: Neverland.

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