Subway Surfers Blast Beginners Guide and Tips

Burst all balloons and be the master of blast!

Subway Surfers Blast is a fast-paced mobile phone game that combines the excitement of endless runners with strategy just like interesting puzzle games. The game offers a unique take on the well-known Subway Surfers franchise. Matching colorful tiles in a planned manner is required for players to advance through levels while avoiding traps and obtaining power-ups. Subway Surfers Blast is a must for you and hence play it right away to embark on the adventure if you’re seeking a new and exciting challenge. This Subway Surfers Blast beginners guide article will definitely help any newbies to get accustomed to the game and make the start of the game much easier.

Subway Surfers Blast takes a different approach by combining the excitement of endless runners with the strategy of puzzle games. Players in Subway Surfers Blast must carefully match colorful tiles to advance through stages while avoiding hazards and obtaining power-ups. On a grid of tiles, each with a unique color or pattern, the game is played. Players swipe two adjacent tiles to switch their locations in order to make a match. A line of three or more identical-colored tiles will vanish, awarding the player points.

Subway Surfers Blast gameplay basics

The player must complete particular goals in order to proceed through each level. These goals could involve making a given score, gathering a certain set of tiles, or finishing a specified amount of turns. Players will come across barriers that can obstruct their progress as they go through the levels, such as locked tiles or tiles covered in ice.

Subway Surfers Blast overview 1
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Power-ups are another component in Subway Surfers Blast that can aid players in completing their missions. These add-ons can shuffle the board to produce new matches, clear entire rows or columns of tiles, or even temporarily double a player’s points. Additionally, the game contains a coin system that can be used to buy upgrades and boosters.

Subway Surfers Blast overview 2
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No doubt, the game is a popular pick for casual mobile gaming because of its captivating graphics, cheerful soundtrack, and addictive gameplay. People can compete with their friends and people from across the world to see who can complete the most levels and score the highest.

Customize your Hangouts according to your liking

In Subway Surfers Blast, the Hangouts are unique environments that players may unlock and customize with numerous accessories to finish their style. Every Hangout has a distinct theme, and each hangout’s decor is chosen to fit that concept. Players can use materials like steps, planters, audio players, and breakdance mats to embellish the Skate Park hangout, for instance. These objects assist to give the Skate Park an urban flavor and contribute to its cool and relaxed ambiance.

In contrast, the Skate Heaven hangout has a celestial pattern and includes clouds, stars, and other heavenly components. Skate Heaven is furnished with various elements that make it a heaven for every skater out there. Players are able to relax in a serene and peaceful environment thanks to these things.

Subway Surfers Blast Hangouts
Image via SYBO Games

The diner hangout features a checkered floor, a jukebox, and numerous other vintage objects in keeping with the classic American diner style. All the fancy decorative things upholds the hangout and is no doubt one of the most beautiful hangout ever. These objects contribute to the creation of a playful and nostalgic environment that is ideal for the diner concept.

The Rooftop Garden hangout is a green area with vegetation, flowers, and a serene ambiance. A tree swing, a flower bed, a fountain, and a birdhouse are some of the remarkable items in the Rooftop Garden hangout. Players may relax in this setting thanks to these objects, which help promote calmness and peace.

As they advance through the game’s stages and challenges, players can unlock new hangouts. Players can use the stars they have earned during the game to unlock various items to decorate their hangouts once they have one unlocked. Players can have a distinctive experience in each hangout thanks to the variations in the decorative things found there. The hangouts in Subway Surfers Blast are, all things considered, an enjoyable and creative means for players to personalize their gaming experience and add a bit of personality to their play style.

How to team up with your Crewmates in Subway Surfers Blast

The crew is a very important section of the game. In Subway Surfers Blast, players have the option to unlock crews once they reach level 21. Players can cooperate with other players in the game and work towards shared objectives by joining or making a crew. When a person joins a crew, they are able to communicate with the other crew members, send and receive likes, and talk with them.

The sense of community that crews give players within the game can increase the game’s appeal and enjoyment. Level completion and reward earning can be improved by teamwork with other players. In addition to allowing players to communicate with other players, crews can grant them access to special perks and awards. Members of the crew can cooperate to perform missions or challenges, which might result in bonus coins or other incentives.

Subway Surfers Blast Crew
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A wonderful approach to assemble a group of friends or like-minded individuals with shared interests in the game is by creating a crew in Subway Surfers Blast. Players have the option to define particular criteria for joining the crew and to make their crew public or secret.

In general, crews in Subway Surfers Blast give players a fun and interesting opportunity to communicate with other players and collaborate on shared objectives. Joining or making a crew is a wonderful way to improve your experience playing Subway Surfers Blast, whether you’re seeking a group of gamers to work with or just want to play with friends.

Subway Surfers Blast in-game shop can help with necessary items

Players can buy numerous items in the game’s shop with coins, which can be acquired through level completion or real money through in-app purchases. Players can buy cash, bombs, skateboards, spray paint cans, special shoes, and other stuff in the shop to advance through the game more swiftly and simply.

When it comes to easily clearing levels and making it simpler to get objects across a level, bombs can be especially helpful. Skateboards can increase speed and aid in currency collection, while special shoes can assist players in gaining more chances to complete the set of balloons quickly. Graffiti can be made with spray paint cans, which can provide players with more cash and points.

Subway Surfers Blast shop
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The store also provides the option to buy more lives in addition to products that can be used during stages. After failing a level, players need lives in order to keep playing. Players have a limited number of lives, to begin with, but if they run out, they can buy more through the shop.

Along with individual things, the store also sells a number of packages. Depending on the player’s skill level and preferences, the beginner’s bundle, pro’s bundle, champion’s bundle, and superstar’s bundle all provide various combinations of things. Overall, the shop is a pretty important section that players can use to boost their overall gameplay.

Subway Surfers Blast Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some top tricks and tips in our Subway Surfers Blast beginners guide for amateurs in order to progress in the game easily:

1. Focus on earning Trophies easily

Connect your account to the leaderboard of the game and you will be able to compete with various other players. Here you can find your rank, player name, and trophies level. This is beneficial as you can then calculate how much you need to play to get to the top spot of the game. Try to grab the first three ranks and win trophies.

2. Utilise your free Spray Cans

Spray Cans are super essential as they help you to match out balloons easily. As a result, gathering them shall be your first priority. On your home screen, you will find an advertisement option. Click on the tv icon and watch an ad and get free spray cans. They are very helpful in case of emergency purposes.

3. Chat with your mates and resolve your Doubts

Suppose in any part of the game you are stuck and after numerous tries, you are not been able to get through the task. In such cases, you can ask your online mates about the solution and how they cracked it. To do this you can message your crew members from the crew part of the game.

4. Save Coins to refill your Life when necessary

When the puzzle becomes more difficult at the top levels, you need a good amount of life with you. Hence increasing it is important. You can do the same by refilling it with only a hundred coins. As a result, store your coins and exhaust them wisely.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Subway Surfers Blast is a fun and compelling game that provides players with a thrilling journey through a variety of settings and obstacles. Players may easily become immersed in the game and aim towards completing stages, receiving awards, and unlocking new material thanks to its straightforward yet enjoyable gameplay. So go ahead and give it a try and if you ever have trouble understanding the basics, you can always refer to our Subway Surfers Blast beginners guide for tips.

That’s all from us for Subway Surfers Blast Beginners Guide! Did you find our Subway Surfers Blast Beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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