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Swordash Beginners Guide and Tips

Crazy enemies have invaded our home! The mysterious girl reappears! You are the only hero who can resist them.

Swordash, a sword-fighting action game developed by FATTOY is a game that takes the players on a journey aimed to defeat the invading zombies and secure the future. The game revolves around a mysterious girl who is the main playable character, she is asked to retrieve the disk stolen by the zombies, however, to retrieve the disk, the players will have to fight off the countless zombie waves and slice off anything that stays in their way. With the help of this Swordash Beginners Guide, we aim to help out the players in getting the best out of this game.

Introducing the Basics of Swordash

Swordash, is a simple button-mashing sword-swinging game where you also get the buttons for dodging and critical attacks but they are limited opportunities and can only be used at specific intervals. For dodging the attacks of zombies it all depends on the stamina of the character, you can probably just dodge the attacks around five to six times per wave.

Swordash Beginners Guide, Swordash
Image via FATTOY

For critical attacks, it all depends on how hard you are landing your blows, once the opponent’s boss would be weak enough you will already see the option of landing a fatal critical blow.

Mastering the Combat system

The game’s interface will provide the players with four major control options in the game first and most important is the smash button, through which players will be able to attack the oncoming Horde of zombies. There would also be a dodge button through which players would be able to dodge the attacks, then there be a movement pad to control the movement and a critical hit button which would be there to land a critical blow if the situation arises.

Completing the Missions

There are a plethora of missions available in the game, Swordash. players can complete these missions to grind for better equipment in the game. There are the main quest missions, around which the main story revolves, and new quests are unlocked through which.

Swordash Beginners Guide, Swordash
Image via FATTOY

Then there are the secondary quests which are there to help you get new and better gear. Completing missions can really help in progressing forward the main quests easily. These secondary quests can also be accessed through in-game events sections as they also offer rewards on completion.

Swordash Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

The game although pretty simple and straightforward to play does start to get a little harder as you keep on progressing forward down the line. The tips listed below will surely help to make your Swordash experience a better one.

1. Keep an eye on the Stun meter

To make your life really easy, let me tell you that you don’t need to fight the bigger zombie bosses down to their last unit of health. What you can do instead is you can keep a tab on the enemy’s health bar. It will have a yellow line around their final column of health.

Swordash Beginners Guide, Swordash
Image via FATTOY

After the health drops below that yellow line, the enemy would be stunned and a window of opportunity would appear in form of an attack button which can be pressed to land a critical blow. This grants great damage and would be very helpful in your attempt to kill the boss.

2. Aim for 5 stars in each Round

Attaining all 5 stars in every match can be a daunting task for many especially in the later stages of the game, Swordash. Achieving a 5-star performance would grant you better rewards each round, and you will be able to accumulate better experience points as well.

To make a 5-star performance players should only revive the player once throughout the level and should complete the level in 10 minutes or less. Pulling 5 stars each round would add great value in the later stages, however, to make a 5-star performance you will be needing a 5-star gear set as well, which brings us to the 3rd point.

3. Picking the right Perks

Every level in the game has 10 stages and after every stage, there will be a choice to be made by the players choosing the perk that would be applied to the character. Each perk offers something to offer for example Hp max, Flow Retaliation, and Basic DMG Attack.

Swordash Beginners Guide, Swordash
Image via FATTOY

There are many such perks that are offered in a random pattern. Players get the opportunity to select and keep adding to their list of perks after every level. It is up to the players to decide which perks would fit perfectly with their play style.

4. Upgrade your Attacks and Gear regularly

Players can increase their chances and odds of success by upgrading and improving the statistics. You can complete the in-game events and missions to get your hands on better gear or armor and can also get new blades.

Swordash Beginners Guide, Swordash
Image via FATTOY

Even your basic slashes in the game can be upgraded which will add an attacking bonus to every strike you land on the zombies.

  • Pyro Exiled Slash: Improves and upgrades your basic exiled slash into pyro
  • Blood Exiled Slash: Improves and upgrades exiled slash into blood
  • Electro Exiled Slash: Improves and upgrades basic exiled slash into electro

5. Watch Ads to get things done

Swordash Beginners Guide, Swordash
Image via FATTOY

You can watch advertisements in the game to do various stuff, like getting the daily rewards from the in-game shop, or can also watch the advertisements to revive your player once you die fighting a boss. This is a very handy trick that can help you save a lot of resources you would have to spend otherwise in the game.

Final Thoughts

The game, Swordash can be a little repetitive quite on some occasions but still offers a fun zombie slashing experience, they do offer unique final bosses at each level which can be a challenge to kill sometimes but with this Swordash Beginners Guide, we hope you will find it easier to deal with them. Follow all the tips listed above for a better and more fun Swordash experience.

Did you find this Swordash Beginners Guide useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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