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Tales of Dragon – Fantasy RPG Guide: Tips to earn free Gems in the game

Grab your gems quickly with easy steps!

Tales of Dragon – Fantasy RPG is an enchanting and immersive casual MMORPG that transports players to a fantastical world filled with mythical creatures, ancient magic, and epic adventures. Players assume the role of a heroic protagonist, setting forth on a quest that will shape the destiny of the realm. However, it is important that you collect a good amount of gems in this game to survive against the elements and mutant creatures. This Tales of Dragon – Fantasy RPG guide will help you earn Gems in this game quickly.

How to earn Gems quickly in Tales of Dragon – Fantasy RPG

Gems are a valuable resource, and you should use them wisely. They can be used to purchase powerful weapons and items, or they can be saved up to purchase more expensive items. Here are some ways to earn them quickly:

1. Complete Daily Quests and Achievements

Tales of Dragon rewards
Image via X-Legend Entertainment Co., Ltd.

This is the most common way to get free gems. You can earn gems by completing daily quests, such as defeating a certain number of monsters or completing a dungeon. You can also earn gems by completing achievements, such as reaching a certain level or collecting a certain number of items. Gems aren’t that commonly available like coins, as a result, have patience until any daily quests appear offering gems to you.

2. Watch Ads regularly

To obtain free gems, view advertisements. Although it is not the most effective method, there are certain free gems that may be obtained this way without doing anything else. Often the ads for gems are too long as they are expensive in nature. Hence this process is mainly for people who can gather patience in watching ads. Moreover, you cannot skip the ads also as then it would cut your gems gift and will yield you nothing.

3. Destroy the Big Towers

Tales of Dragon dragons
Image via X-Legend Entertainment Co., Ltd.

There are various dragon towers in the game Tales of Dragon – Fantasy RPG. As a result when you destroy these towers you not only get a lot of coins but also have a very high chance to get a pack of gems easily. This is one of the unique features in the game and this automatically boosts the players to play the game to reach new levels and destroy the big and strong dragon towers.

4. Participate in Events

The game frequently holds events with free gems as prizes. These occasions can range from a straightforward login to a difficult hurdle. Additionally, collaboration events bring a unique twist, as players can interact with beloved characters from other franchises while earning precious gems. The sense of community is fostered through various community events, where cooperation and friendly competition earn players additional gem rewards.

5. Keep hatching more new Pets

Tales of Dragon eggs
Image via X-Legend Entertainment Co., Ltd.

Many people would be surprised to know that when strong pets hatch the game actually rewards the gamer with sort of gems. Thus, collecting pets is beneficial both for fighting wars as well as getting rare currency, and gems. As a result, collect as many as pets possible as you don’t know which pet comes with what amount of gems.

Final Thoughts

Thus, the choices you make in Tales of Dragon – Fantasy RPG will determine your character’s legacy in this magical world and affect the course of history, making for an amazing gaming experience. Prepare to go out on an epic trip unlike any other one that will bring out the inner hero and make a lasting impression on the land of dragons.

The stories are about to be told, and you are in control of how they turn out. You should always go through this Tales of Dragon – Fantasy RPG resource guide which will help you to earn a lot of gems which normally require a good amount of money.

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