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Tales of Yokai Beginners Guide and Tips

Build strong Yokais to win fights!

Tales of Yokai is an RPG game that encourages you to immerse yourself in a mesmerizing universe filled with fascinating characters and fascinating Japanese mythology. This smartphone game serves fans of the genre with its captivating gaming mechanics, tactical battle system, and interesting character growth. In this beginner’s guide, we will dive into the gameplay mechanics, combat system, character acquisition, and other essential aspects of this enchanting mobile game. This Tales of Yokai beginners guide will definitely help any newbies to get accustomed to the game and make it much easier.

Introducing the Basics of Tales of Yokai

Tales of Yokai is an immersive and captivating action-adventure game that transports players to a world steeped in Japanese folklore and mythology. Developed by a dedicated team of creators, the game offers an enthralling experience where players assume the role of a skilled warrior tasked with navigating a realm filled with supernatural beings known as Yokai.

  • Yokai-Infested World: Set in a beautifully rendered open-world environment, players explore diverse landscapes inspired by ancient Japan. From serene bamboo forests to mist-covered mountains and tranquil villages, each area is teeming with a wide variety of Yokai, each possessing unique abilities and behaviors.
  • Dynamic Combat System: Combat in Tales of Yokai is fluid, engaging, and deeply strategic. Players can employ a combination of melee and ranged weapons, as well as mystical abilities, to engage Yokai foes in intense real-time battles. Mastering various combat styles, dodging, parrying, and exploiting enemy weaknesses is crucial to success.
  • Yokai Bonds: A core mechanic of the game revolves around forming bonds with Yokai spirits. By defeating or pacifying Yokai, players can forge powerful connections that grant them access to new abilities, skills, and even transformations. These bonds deepen the narrative and encourage players to strategize their approach to battles.
Tales of Yokai overview 1
Image via Leniu Games
  • Narrative-rich Quests: The game boasts an intricate narrative with a strong focus on Japanese mythology. Players embark on quests that unravel the tales of different Yokai, their origins, and the conflicts they’re entangled in. The choices players make during these quests impact the game’s outcome and influence the relationships between characters.
  • Customization and Progression: As players advance, they can enhance their character’s skills, attributes, and equipment. Tailoring your warrior’s abilities to your preferred playstyle is crucial, as the challenges posed by Yokai become progressively more complex.
  • Enigmatic Puzzles and Challenges: Throughout the world, players encounter ancient shrines, hidden passageways, and puzzles that demand creative thinking and careful observation to solve. These challenges not only offer a respite from combat but also reward players with valuable resources and insights.
Tales of Yokai overview 2
Image via Leniu Games

With its compelling narrative, dynamic combat system, and richly detailed world, the game offers an unforgettable experience that seamlessly blends action, exploration, and mythology.

Summon and battle out with your team of powerful Yokai

The ability to call out distinctive and powerful Yokai to join your team is the core mechanic of Tales of Yokai. You can tap on the Machi Centre, a hub where you can access several game functions, to summon Yokai. You can tap to summon a new Shikigamia to your team by using the power of the Contract Summon Scroll.

Tales of Yokai battles
Image via Leniu Games

Additionally, you’ll run with devils who want to ruin your team’s journey. Tap the challenge button to start exciting battles against these foes and see how strong your squad is. Your overall strength is increased and you are given the ability to take on more challenging opponents with the addition of additional Shikigamia to your team. It becomes increasingly important to send out more Shikigamia to battle alongside you as the enemy population grows.

The battles in Tales of Yokai are the heart and soul of the gameplay experience, delivering exhilarating encounters against a diverse array of Yokai creatures that draw inspiration from Japanese folklore. Players are thrust into dynamic and strategic combat scenarios, requiring quick reflexes, tactical thinking, and mastery of various weapons and abilities. The battles not only showcase the game’s fast-paced action but also highlight the importance of forming bonds with Yokai spirits and understanding their unique powers.

Mastering your Shikigamis is an important part of the game

In Tales of Yokai, the bond between you and your Shikigami is the foundation of your strength. To fully unleash their potential and overcome the challenges that lie ahead, strategic gear selection and skill enhancement are paramount. Elevating your Shikigami’s level and equipping them with suitable gear not only enhances their combat prowess but also deepens your connection with these mystical allies.

Tapping on a Shikigami’s avatar unveils a treasure trove of information. Delve into intricate details about their unique abilities, attributes, and strengths. Understanding their innate qualities and specialties allows you to tailor your combat strategies, synergizing your Shikigami’s powers with your play style.

Tales of Yokai Sikhigma
Image via Leniu Games

Elevating a Shikigami’s level is a fundamental mechanism in bolstering its effectiveness. As you progress through your journey, accumulating experience points and engaging in battles, your Shikigamia evolves. By utilizing the level-up button, you can channel accumulated experience to enhance their existing capabilities. Witness your Shikigamia evolve, witnessing tangible growth in their combat skills and abilities.

A crucial aspect of nurturing your Shikigami’s power lies in equipping them with appropriate gear. Weapons, armor, accessories, and artifacts are at your disposal to tailor your Shikigami’s strengths to your tactical preferences. Each piece of gear bestows unique bonuses, enhancing specific attributes or granting new abilities. The art of gear selection becomes pivotal as you adapt to different challenges, carefully curating load-outs that suit your strategy. Hence choosing them properly is necessary.

Rewards after Levelling up

Mission completion not only makes you feel good about yourself but also earns you worthwhile incentives. You can strengthen your team’s power and advance in the game by collecting these rewards. Watch the trophy path, which grows when quests are finished. You can earn extra treasures and unlock milestone rewards once you reach a particular point total.

Tales of Yokai rewards
Image via Leniu Games

Tales of Yokai also provides a fascinating idle system feature that improves your play experience. Your characters continue to advance and amass rewards when you take a break or get involved in other activities. It’s a practical approach to make the most of your resources and maintain interest in the game even when you’re not actively playing. Since it only generates incentives for 12 hours without being collected, be sure to claim these benefits two or three times daily.

The idle system in Tales of Yokai isn’t just about passive progression; it’s a font of rewards waiting to be claimed. As your characters tirelessly toil in the background, they amass valuable resources, experience, and items. Upon returning to the game, you’ll be greeted by a cascade of rewards that reflect the efforts of your Shikigami during your absence. It’s a gratifying feeling to witness the fruits of your companions’ labor and see your journey advance, even when you’re not actively participating.

Tales of Yokai Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are the top five tips and tricks for beginners to enhance your gameplay experience in Tales of Yokai:

1. Master Combat Techniques

Engage in battles with Yokai creatures strategically. Practice dodging, blocking, and countering to minimize damage while maximizing your offensive capabilities. Study enemy attack patterns and weaknesses to exploit them effectively.

2. Form Strong Yokai Bonds

Building bonds with Yokai spirits is vital. Defeat or pacify different types of Yokai to unlock new abilities and skills. Experiment with different Yokai combinations to create powerful synergy effects in battles. Thus creating strong bonds is very necessary.

3. Diverse Gear Loadouts

Equip your Shikigami with gear that complements your abilities and your play style. Mix and match weapons, armor, and accessories to create versatile load-outs that adapt to various combat scenarios. Study Shikigami to get a level up in the game automatically.

4. Complete Quests and Challenges

Engage in quests, missions, and challenges to earn valuable rewards and experience. These tasks often provide insights into the game’s lore and offer opportunities for character development. If you continuously complete all quests you will see that you have progressed in the game easily.

5. Strategic Leveling

Level up your Shikigami regularly to enhance their combat prowess. Allocate experience points strategically to amplify their strengths and shore up their weaknesses. Prioritize abilities and skills that align with your preferred strategy.

Final Thoughts

In Tales of Yokai, players are invited into a magical world where the fantastical and everyday coexist to produce a memorable gaming experience. You enter a world filled with Japanese folklore, Yokai ghosts, and epic battles as you put on the armor of a brave warrior. The game’s intriguing story, intense combat, and complex mechanics all work together to create a tapestry of exploration and adventure.

As you progress, the bonds you form with both Yokai spirits and fellow players underscore the game’s essence of unity and camaraderie. Cooperative multiplayer modes amplify the thrill of conquest, fostering collaboration and a sense of shared accomplishment.

That’s all from us for the Tales of Yokai beginners guide! Did you find our Tales of Yokai beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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