TerraGenesis: Operation Landfall: Tips to earn Credits in the game

Here's how to earn credits!

TerraGenesis: Operation Landfall is a new simulation game that challenges players to take on the role of an interstellar civilization seeking to colonize a new planet. The game is free to play and as it gains in popularity, gamers around the world are eager to figure out how to earn credits fast. Credits are in-game currency in TerraGenesis and are the only resource to grow your city in space. Our TerraGenesis: Operation Landfall guide will provide tips on how to speed up the process and start accumulating the Credits. So whether you’re just starting or want to get ahead of the competition, read on for some handy advice!

How to earn Credits in TerraGenesis: Operation Landfall

1. Completing the Rover Missions

TerraGenesis: Landfall Credits
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The most common way to earn credits is by completing Rover missions. There are different types of rover missions available, and they generally become more difficult as you progress through the game. However, there are also many rewards available for the successful completion of these missions. It is possible to find iron ore, copper, ice, or locations of various mines depending on the mission.

If you need some credits and see an Unusual Formation pop-up on your mission list, send a Rover over there ASAP because it’s bound to be worth the time investment. You might even get credits for doing so. These rovers take time so be sure to head back into the base after completing these shorter trips around Mars or else all progress made in the game is lost if something goes wrong.

Unusual Formation
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Completing side objectives within a mission can often result in greater rewards than simply completing the main objective. It’s important to pay close attention to mission details to maximize your rewards! 

2. Performing Commercial Research

The key to making the most out of commercial research is to focus on the long-term benefits. Yes, you will get a lump sum of credits upon completion of each tech, but you will also get a continual stream of credits per minute. This is where the real value lies. Make sure you research all 16 techs to ensure you are getting the most benefit possible.

TerraGenesis: Landfall Credits
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The first thing you need to do when building your research lab is chosen which commercial techs are most important for earning credits. This can be done by selecting “Commercial” from the menu after entering a laboratory, choosing between 16 available options like Algae-Grown Meat (which gives 5k+credit output but only 60 credits/minute of ongoing production).

TerraGenesis: Landfall Credits
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The benefits may not be immediate, but over time, you will see a significant return on your investment. So make sure to keep an eye on the lab and commercial research to maximize your credit earnings!

3. Using the Export Hub

TerraGenesis: Landfall Credits
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The last way to get some quick credits while selling off your extra inventory is by fulfilling contracts with other settlements. If you built the Export Hub, it should be at least partially completed already – use this as an opportunity for more income. 

Export Hub
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Contracting with the Exchange helps to make some extra money, but it can be tough luck if you don’t get what your heart desires. Every 15 minutes new contracts will appear in front of you – provide goods and receive credits for them while they last! If one doesn’t suit our needs at that moment we simply decline its offer without worry because just like everything else there’s always another waiting right around the corner.

Final Thoughts

TerraGenesis allows players to terraform planets and manage their resources to create an empire. The Operation Landfall update has added new challenges for players with other aspects of gameplay to achieve victory. While there are many ways to earn credits in the game, we’ve highlighted some of the most important methods in this post.

Did you find our guide on how to earn credits in TerraGenesis: Landfall helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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