The Immortal Mayor Beginners Guide and Tips

The town isn't always a peaceful place...

The Immortal Mayor is a construction and management sim game where you play as a local deity that watches over the land. Befriend other gods and use magic to help your residents build the town, thereby earning the offerings of your people and growing your town. This is the Immortal Mayor beginners guide for you to get to know the game and a couple of tips to help you.

Understanding the basics of The Immortal Mayor

The village

At first, the game will prompt you with a world setting. You can freely what type of world your village will be placed in, may that be from the size, available resources, initial population, etc.

The Village The Immortal Mayor Beginners Guide
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The main core of your village is the shrine, where it generates a new believer after a certain amount of time. You will need a number of total believers in order to reach a higher god level.


You will have to provide materials in order to satisfy the needs of your villagers. The main materials are the ones that are present on the top of the screen, they are :

  • Food : Divided into two types, meat and vegetarian. Meat can recover more fullness for villagers. Food can also be processed into dishes which gives even more fullness.
  • Wood : Obtained from chopping down trees. Wood is the most basic building material.
  • Rock : Obtained from the Quarry. It is one of the most fundamental material for building.
  • Metal : Obtained from the Mines. It can be processed into metallic tools.
  • Fabric : A material used to make clothing. Planting cotton in fields and rearing animals can yield it.
  • Clothing : Lowers the villagers’ susceptibility to diseases and is produced at the Tailor Shop.
Materials The Immortal Mayor Beginners Guide
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  • Tools : Heighten the user’s efficiency. Made at the Smithy
  • Medicine : Can be harvested from the field and used to treat diseases. The effect is even better if processed by a doctor in the apothecary.
  • Soulstone : Obtained from gathering. Used to worship deities or advance technology.
  • Tribut Incense : You can obtain normal Incense Trees by planting them in the fields and burning them as offerings at the Shrine. The effect is stronger if the trees get processed at the Incense Workshop.
  • Rarities & Exotics : An invaluable tool used to produce decorations. Obtained in the store or through expedition.


The needs of villagers are connected with the materials you have, such as Clothing, Food, Tools, Housing, funerals, Entertainment, Security, and many more. Naturally, your villagers will marry one another and have children that will grow up to become adults. They can also die of old age, so makes sure to build a Yinzhuang and an Ancestral Hall.

Your villagers can have different professions depending on what buildings you have, their own abilities, and of your own choosing. Makes sure to put the right villagers on the building by looking at how many stars and moons they have.


There are various types of building that you can construct to fulfill the needs of your villagers. Some of the most important ones are :

  • Planning: Field and Roads
  • Bazaar: House, Store, Yizhuang, Ancestral Hall, School, and etc.
  • Industry: Lumberyard, Quarry, Mine, Hunter’s Cabin, Fishing Ground, Soulstone Hut, and etc.
  • TianGong: Smithy, Tailor Shop, Crafty House, Maintenance Center, etc.
  • Defense: Watch Tower

Different buildings will give out different increasing and/or decreasing attributes (which consists of Aesthetics, Prosperity, Tidiness, and Stability) to the surrounding building within their range and might also need a specific number of bonus attributes from other buildings and decorations to upgrade into a higher level.


Decorations can give out various kinds of attributes and come in different shapes and sizes (Small, Medium, and Large). To create a decoration, you will first need to construct a Crafty House and assign a villager. You will also need Rarities & Exotics since they’re the main ingredient to make decisions, either buy them from the Store or find some while in the expedition.


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Technology is skill and buildings that you can research and unlock by using a certain amount of Soulstone. It is separated into four categories, that is Cultivation, Agriculture, Artisan, and Commerce. However, more Technology can only be researched by reaching a higher god level.


Refers to yourself and other deities in the game. It is a set of powers that you can use to help your villagers by spending divinity points that you have collected over time. You can also unlock and use the power of other deities. Deities are separated between different factions who are each named after a leading deity. They are :

Divinity The Immortal Mayor Beginners Guide
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  • Baidi : Skilled either in battle or manufacturing. Befriending it is good for the village’s stability
  • Qingdi : In contact with nature. Befriending it will facilitate the village’s access to all types of natural resources.
  • Xuandi : Tend to focus on heritage and faith. Befriending it is benefial to the village’s population expansion.
  • Chidi : Concerned with the livelihood of the people and spread well-being widely. Befriending it will make it easier for the villagers to live in harmony.
  • Huangdi : Preach humanistic development and put people first. Befriending it will make the villagers be better off.
  • Chiyou : In charge of all kinds of disasters. Befriending it to get more challenges and rewards.

You can upgrade the abilities of these other deities by using certain amounts of Statues (which you can buy in the Store).

Disasters and Disaster Shop

Disasters are a terrible phenomenon that can occur for one season or more that has various kinds of effects on the village. Some can cause famine, laziness, and many kinds of negative effects. However, you can choose what kind of disasters will occur and it also gives you some time to prepare.

Disasters and Disaster Shop
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After you have successfully survived a disaster, you will be rewarded with Disaster Points. You can spend it in the Disaster Shop to buy various things like Blueprints for buildings, Technologies, Survival Supplies (such as Livestock and Elixirs), Power Cards, and Training Techniques.

The Immortal Mayor Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some of our tips in our The Immortal Mayor Beginners Guide to help you, newbies, to kickstart your journey.

1. Sort out your Priorities first

For the first two years, you should focus your attention on getting enough food and clothing, since your villagers can die if there’s not enough of it. Makes sure to build enough farmland to plant wheat and cotton while also setting enough villagers to become farmers. You will also need to unlock the Tailor Shop and set some villagers to become tailors so that they can process the cotton to become clothing.

Priorities The Immortal Mayor Beginners Guide
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After you have secured enough food and clothing, you can move to another priority, which is providing enough wood, rock, and metal. Metal would be the most important of the bunch since you can use it to make tools. Makes sure to put enough Lumberyards, Quarries, Mines, and villagers so that progress doesn’t get hindered.

Lastly are the needs of your villagers, such as housing, entertainment, food, and security. Don’t forget to make enough houses, construct entertainment buildings (such as Teahouse, Hot springs, Theather, etc) and also create watchtowers.

2. Create and use Decorations

Decorations actually play a huge role in the game since they can give out bonus attributes to make your building level up. Makes sure to create and place decorations effectively to maximize space.

3. Trading in the Store

Sometimes you may have an abundant amount of material that you don’t really need while you desperately need another. This is where the store can come in to save your life. Simply trade a certain amount of the materials that you don’t need with the ones you need.

Of course, different materials will have different value, so makes sure you exchange them effectively and not too much to the point of making the abundant one scarce.

4. Utilise your Disaster Points wisely

When you first started, the game will give you quite a number of Disaster Points. You need to effectively use this in order to survive, so make sure to use it on Survival Supplies as a priority.

That’s all for today’s The Immortal Mayor beginners guide. Did you find our The Immortal Mayor beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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