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The Lord of the Rings: Heroes Guide: Tips to get free Gems

Grab your gems quickly with easy steps!

The Lord of the Rings: Heroes is a gripping role-playing game from the house of Electronic Arts, that transports you to the wonderful land of Middle-earth, a timeless struggle between light and darkness where magic, bravery, and destiny are intertwined. As with any other game, resources or gems are a vital aspect of Lord of the Rings. This Lord of the Rings: Heroes resource guide will help you to get gems easily.

How to get free Gems in LoTR: Heroes of Middle-earth

Earning gems is that simple if you focus on the right sections of the game properly. Here are some steps:

1. Complete Daily Objectives

There is an objective section of the game at the left bottom corner of the screen. You can easily get its access when you first launch the game. When you reach Level 3 of the game your first aim will be to obtain free gems from the objective section. You just need to complete all the objectives given and you can earn a lot of gems from there.

2. Focus on completing the Quests quickly

LoTR Heroes of Middle earth quests
Image via Electronic Arts

The quests option is located just beside the objective option. Both are very good sources for the collection of gems. But, quests give a greater amount of gems to the players. Quests consist of several achievements that you just need to clear to get a huge number of gems. The quests section comes with missions and a bar. When the bar is completed by you, that is by completing targets, you earn gems.

3. Winning Fights

It may sound cliché but winning the wars in the game LoTR: Heroes of Middle-earth helps a lot to earn gems. For this you don’t need to battle with the strong opponents, you may just beat the weaker enemies and can gag easily. For this, you should have a good team that can easily knock out all the enemies at once. The quicker you qin, the extra gems you get.

4. Leveling up is beneficial

The more you level up the game, the more amount of gems you receive. If you can get into Silver II level for Arena you will get 50 Gems a day, and doing all of the Daily Challenges will net you 100 Gems a day. This will also allow you to pay for the three 50 Gem refreshes for Light/Shadow Campaign refreshes every day. Hence, leveling up is important from many perspectives.

5. Spending Real Money

If you spend some real money you can buy gem packs that will yield you quite a good number of gems. Various packs start from a nominal rate to even a good amount rate. Finally, it’s your choice whether you want to spend real cash to progress your gameplay or you will play normally to earn a high amount of gems.

Final Thoughts

Hence, LoTR: Heroes of Middle-earth offers a comprehensive adventurous experience with a pleasing success system, a selection of currencies, and customizable gameplay. Players of all skill levels can enjoy LoTR: Heroes of Middle-earth, whether they play for fun or on a competitive level. You should always go through this Lord of the Rings: Heroes of Middle-earth resource guide which will help you to get gems easily.

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