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Time Raiders: Tips to quickly unlock all Skills in the game

Here's how to easily unlock in-game skills!

Time Raiders is an adventure RPG game developed by Yoozoo (Singapore) Pte. LTD. This game will take you to the vast eastern underground world to explore it. Search for historical treasures, fight different bosses, and have spooky forms. Look for unique artifacts that can make you stronger, and also form a team so that you can pass all challenges more easily. In the Time Raiders game, various skills are depending on the class used and we’ll tell you how to unlock all skills quickly. It is not easy to get this skill, because there are several processes and conditions needed to unlock it.

How to unlock all Skills quickly in Time Raiders

The following are some of the ways needed to unlock all skills:

Time Raiders Unlock Skills
Image via Yoozoo Games

1. Increase your Level

Levels are very important in the Time Raiders game because when you reach a high level, you can unlock lots of things like the Tomb King’s Challenge, and one of them that we will discuss is Skills. One of the requirements to unlock skills is to reach the requirements of the required level, for example, level 130 to unlock new skills on Blademaster 1 like the photo below.

Time Raiders Unlock Skills
Image via Yoozoo Games

Then to unlock the second Blademaster, you are required to reach R1 or level 140 to unlock the skill. When your level is sufficient, then you need to pay it for the price listed using a gold diamond, therefore you need to save or collect gold diamonds so that when the skill can be unlocked, you pay it immediately.

2. Collecting the required Materials

Time Raiders Unlock Skills
Awakened Book on Fame Hall (Image via Yoozoo Games)

To strengthen these skills, you can do it by awakening. However, this method requires quite a long process, because you need an Awakened Book of the skills you want to awaken. This Awakened Book can be purchased through the Fame Hall at a price that varies depending on the skill. The currency is used Fame.

Time Raiders Unlock Skills
Clan Donation (Image via Yoozoo Games)

Then to collect this fame, you are required to enter a clan first, because there you can only collect it through Clan Donation or Clan Assists which is the easiest way to collect Fame. When it has been collected, then you choose which Awakened Book you want to awaken.

Time Raiders Unlock Skills
Chamber Trials (Image via Yoozoo Games)

In addition to awakening, another way to strengthen it is to upgrade the skill, which requires a Torn Skill Scroll as a material. This material can be obtained through Chamber Trials by fighting monsters.

Final Thoughts

Time Raiders is a game that has a variety of skills, the more skills you have, the more combos you can do with these skills. When all skills are unlocked, you can explore which skills match other skills.

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