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Tower of Fantasy: List of all Mirroria Daily Discovery locations in the game

Find all Mirroria Daily Discovery Locations with this guide!

Mirroria is a world full of mystery and adventure in Tower of Fantasy. It’s also a place where players can take on the role of adventurers and explore every corner of the land. While there are many different places to discover, some locations are more popular than others. In this guide, we’ll list all of the Mirroria Daily Discovery locations for players who want to get the most out of their Tower of Fantasy experience.

How to find all Mirroria daily discovery locations in Tower of Fantasy

There are a total of 8 Mirroria locations in Mirroria Area A and Area C of the in-game map. We will break down the locations under these two major areas of Mirroria. 

Mirroria Area A

A total of 6 Daily Discovery locations are present in Mirroria Area A.

Asset Management Center

As players enter the Asset Management Center, the first location is present just ahead of the starting point. The first Mirroria funzone is unlocked. 

Tower of Fantasy Asset Management Center
Image via Level Infinite

The next daily delivery location is far above and players need to climb up all through the Asset Management Center. After reaching the rooftop, players can find the next location.

Mirafleur Hall

As players enter the Mirafleur Hall, they need to just move forward and the next daily discovery location is found beneath the tree.

Tower of Fantasy Mirafleur Hall
Image via Level Infinite

Players need to jump down from the previous Mirroria Funzone and can easily get the fourth location beside Clark standing near your Daily Discovery location.

Oasis Club

Follow the location south of the Oasis Club and get the next Daily Discovery location to unlock the Mirroria Funzone. Here is the location below.

Tower of Fantasy Mirroria Daily Discovery locations Oasis club
Image via Level Infinite

The final location of the Mirroria Area A is found to the west of the previous location. Just zip through the area and the last location can be easily discovered. Follow the map given below.

Oasis club Tower of Fantasy Mirroria Daily Discovery locations
Image via Level Infinite

Mirroria Area C

The Mirroria Area C has got two Daily Discovery locations.

Hazardous Materials Lab

The 7th and 8th Daily Discovery locations are easily accessible. Players need to enter the Hazardous Materials Lab and move South to get to their next location. Next, move in the west direction and reach the westernmost area of the Mirroria Area C to get your last Daily Discovery Location. 

Tower of fantasy Hazardous Materials Lab
Image via Level Infinite

Thats all in our Tower of Fantasy Mirroria Daily Discovery locations guide. We hope that this guide has been helpful in your quest to find all the Mirroria Daily Discoveries.

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