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Tower of Fantasy: List of All Mirroria Gold Nucleus Locations

Find all Gold Nucleus Locations in Mirroria with this guide!

Ever since the release of Tower of Fantasy, gamers have been searching for clues and tips to help them advance in the game. One of the most coveted items in the game is the Gold Nucleus, which can be used to upgrade your characters and equipment. In this Tower of Fantasy guide, we will provide a list of all Gold Nucleus locations in Mirroria so you can get your hands on one as quickly as possible.

How to find all Mirroria Gold Nucleus Locations in Tower of Fantasy

The Mirroria map is divided into three areas: Area A, Area B, and Area C as stated in the in-game map. We will take a look at the Gold Nucleus locations in these areas separately.

Mirroria Area A

The Area A of Mirroria has 28 Gold Nucleus locations up for grabs. Here we will list the name of the areas from where you can easily spot the locations following the below map. On the West Side, players can get 3 Gold Nucleus in the Department of Science and Technology. Next, go to Mirroria Security Force for 3 more Gold Nucleus locations. The Vera Tower of Fantasy is home to 2 Gold Nucleus locations on the west.

Image via Level Infinite

On the East Side, players have to go to the Reception Area and collect 3 Gold Nucleus. Moving on to the North Side, 9 Gold Nucleus can be found surrounding the area of Oasis Club and the below Mirafleur Hall has 5 Gold Nucleus for the players.

Lastly, as we move to the South, players must go to the Asset Management Center to collect the 2 Gold Nucleus and finally, reach the Hazardous Materials Lab to collect the last Gold Nucleus in Area A. 

Mirroria Area B

The North-West side of Mirroria is the Area B of the map. To locate this area, players need to move northwest from any of the following locations namely Vera Tower of Fantasy, Department of Science and Technology, and Oasis Club.

Image via Level Infinite

The next lot of Gold Nucleus locations are to the north of the above-mentioned places where you can get 4 Gold Nucleus. The rest 31 Gold nucleus are scattered to the west and players just need to follow the interactive map given below. Get ready to do some digging in the mysterious Area B of Mirroria.

Mirroria Area C

The Area C of Mirroria has altogether 33 Gold Nucleus locations that exist in the Southwest area of the Mirroria map. Players can start their exploration from the South of the Asset Management Center and move west along the Hazardous Materials Lab and explore each and every inch of the west side of the map. 

Image via Level Infinite

Follow the locations given below on the map and get all the locations of Gold Nucleus in no time. Players just need to keep in mind that these locations are nearby to each other and can easily be missed at any time. So, make sure you keep your keen Sherlock-like eyes on and let the adventure begin. 

You have made it to the end of our Tower of Fantasy Mirroria gold nucleus locations guide. We hope you found this information helpful and that it will make your gaming experience more enjoyable.

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