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Tower of Fantasy Nightmare’s Edge event Guide and Tips

Participate and obtain exciting rewards!

Tower of Fantasy has released its newest update Version 2.5 which will bring several upcoming Events and playable Simulacrums to the game. One of the latest events is called the Nightmare’s Edge Event which is essentially a combat-focused Event. The event duration is from June 1, 2023, 17:00 PM – June 14, 2023, 17:00 PM (EDT). Here is a quick guide and tips on how to play in the new Nightmare’s Edge Event in Tower of Fantasy.

Tower of Fantasy Version 2.5 – Nightmare’s Edge: Event Overview

Nightmare’s Edge in Tower of Fantasy has 3 difficulties: Normal Mode, Hard Mode, and Nightmare Mode. 

Each difficulty has 10 levels. Players must proceed with the levels of the same difficulty sequentially, and no skipped are allowed. Corresponding rewards can be obtained after clearing each level. Completing these stages in order is necessary, meaning you start from the first stage and progress to the second, and so on. Each difficulty level offers a unique set of rewards upon completion.

Within each difficulty level, there are four enemies, and the weaknesses of these enemies are randomly determined from a pool of three possible weaknesses. It means that each time you encounter the same enemy at a specific difficulty level, their weaknesses may differ. Importantly, the progress you make in one difficulty level does not affect the progress in another difficulty level.

Tower of Fantasy Nightmare's Edge Event
Image via Level Infinite

So, completing stages in one difficulty level will not impact your progress in the other difficulty levels. Additionally, if you choose to reset your progress, it only applies to the current difficulty level you are playing and will not affect your progress in other difficulty levels.

Event Weapons System

The power of the weapon in the game is automatically adjusted to its maximum potential based on the player’s current level. However, there is a limitation on how often the weapon can be used due to energy restrictions.

Each weapon starts with an initial energy value of 100, which cannot be reset for that specific weapon, and this energy is not replenished when the player progresses to the next level. Using the weapon to attack or get hit by enemies will deplete its energy, and once it reaches 0, the weapon becomes ineffective and won’t cause any damage anymore.

Tower of Fantasy Nightmare's Edge Event
Image via Level Infinite

The weapon’s level is automatically adjusted to its maximum potential based on the player’s current level. Each weapon initially has around 100 units of energy, and this energy value is not automatically restored over time.

It’s important to closely monitor the energy of your weapon because both receiving damage from enemies and dealing damage to them will decrease its energy level. The amount of energy remaining directly affects the base damage of the weapon. If the energy of the weapon reaches zero, it will no longer be able to cause any damage.

Stage Break-down and Additional Tips 

In each stage of the game, the enemies have specific weak points that can be exploited by the player. By selecting a weapon that is effective against these weak points, players can have an easier time overcoming the challenges. To facilitate this, there is a Reset button available that allows players to reset the enemy’s weapon back to its initial energy value of 100.

However, it’s important to note that using the Reset button will also reset the progress of the current stage, meaning players will have to start from the beginning of that stage again.

Tower of Fantasy Nightmare's Edge Event
Image via Level Infinite

Players should pay close attention to the stats indicating the weak points of the enemy in the current stage. Based on this information, they can strategically choose a weapon element that counters the enemy in battle. It’s advisable to plan out the choice of weapons for each level in advance, ensuring that enough weapons are available to tackle the challenges in higher-difficulty levels.

Tower of Fantasy Nightmare’s Edge: Event Stage Completion Rewards

Completing a Stage on a higher difficulty level allows you to receive rewards on all previous difficulty levels. Some of the Rewards that can be obtained through the Event include: 

  • Red Nucleus
  • Augmentation Factor    
  • Energy Crystal Dust x100            
  • Spacetime Crystal Fragments    
  • SSR Relic Shard Box       
  • SR Relic Shard Box         
  • Joint Supply Chip I  
  • Weapon Battery III        
  • Matrix Data Pack III       
  • Elemental Ore Box         
  • Elemental Ore Shard Box 

That’s all for the current ongoing Tower of Fantasy Nightmare’s Edge Event.

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