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Tower of Fantasy Server Transfer: Here’s how to choose the best server

Find the perfect server with this guide!

Tower of Fantasy is getting ready to launch its new Server Transfer feature and they’ve finally just released all the details on it. With two separate transfer rounds, players will have the opportunity to choose their ideal server based on their preferences. The first round kicks off December 29th at 3 am UTC+0, which is available to a selected few servers, while the second round launches January 10th at 9 am UTC+0 and is open to the rest of the servers that qualify.

Players should consider their character level and other major requirements when making their final choices. For wanderers looking to find their perfect fit, we’ve got the essential guide on how to make the best out of the Server Transfer in Tower of Fantasy.

Server Transfer Requirements in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy’s Server Transfer Requirements is like no other game. To transfer servers, Wanderer Level must reach Lv. 40, there can’t be any Crew affiliation and the mail status must be empty as well as, Bygone Phantasm weekly rewards must have been claimed. 

Additionally, to ensure a successful server switch, you’ll need to make sure your Wanderer is online and in the multiplayer Overworld scene when commencing the server transfer and that it has been more than 7 days since your last transfer. Everything has to align for a swift and different gaming experience.

Note: You can only transfer from one server to another within the same District (region) or from a later open date to an earlier open date server.

Wanderers Assets and Clearance with Server Transfer

Everyone is abuzz about the upcoming server transfer in Tower of Fantasy. Not only will players get to keep valuable assets like base currency, weapons, equipment, Simulacra, suppressors, and Relics, but players will also be able to transfer their achievements, Chronicles, missions, stories, and explorations. What’s more interesting is that some unique features such as activities, level pack special order guarantees, and passes are all part of the package too. 

Unfortunately though, as part of the process, any existing social relationships will be cleared as well as crew affiliation mail content rankings information and Omnium Beacons or Bygone Phantasm region information. 

Note: Players must be sure that they don’t have more than one Wanderer traveling between servers. If they do, only one will be able to remain when the transfer is complete. To keep both Wanderers employed, players will need to move them over individually or choose different servers for each.

How to use the Server Transfer Feature in Tower of Fantasy

The steps below will guide you through a successful server transfer in Tower of Fantasy.

  • From the game dashboard, tap on “Settings”.
  • In the bottom left corner, click on the option “Data Transfer”.
Tower of Fantasy data transfering
Image via Level Infinite
  • As the Server Transfer Primer window pops up, you can go through the basic server transfer requirements and hit “Continue”.
Tower of Fantasy data transfer
Image via Level Infinite
  • Now is the time to select the target server and click on “Continue” again.
Tower of Fantasy transfer data
Image via Level Infinite
  • That’s it! You will all be successful with the server transfer in seconds.
  • In case you cannot transfer the server, players should contact the in-game support service immediately.

List of Regions with Server Transfer rounds

As we know that the server transfer coverage will be split up into two rounds. Follow the list of regions with the first and second server transfer rounds.

First Server Round (December 29th at 3 am UTC+0)

North AmericaLibera
The Glades
South AmericaOrion
The Lumina
South East AsiaOsillron

Moreover, the Second Server Round begins on January 10th at 9 am UTC+0. It includes all the servers meeting server-transfer requirements.

Wanderer Name Criteria in Server Transfer

If players have successfully transferred to their new server via the server transfer function, the Wanderer’s name will remain unchanged if the name has not been taken on the new server. But if they may find that their existing name has already been taken on the new server. However fear not, in these circumstances you have got a solution. 

The Wanderer’s name will be temporarily changed to this format: Name@OldServer# – that is, it takes only the last 4 digits of your original server number and adds an “@” special suffix. Once the transfer is done, you’ll receive a rename card that enables you to revert back to your original heartwarming name.

Server Transfer Cost in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy has a limited-time offer that all users registered before January 10, 2023, can take advantage of — a free Server Transfer Ticket to move their characters to new servers. There is also the convenient alternative of purchasing a Single Purchase with only Tanium x500 for gamers who are ineligible or maybe missed out on the free ticket.

Final Thoughts

With the new server transfer update, there are a lot of things to consider before making the switch. Be sure to do your research and pick the best server for you. Weigh the pros and cons of each option and make sure you’re happy with your decision. There’s no turning back once you’ve transferred, so choose wisely!

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