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Tower of Fantasy: The complete Currency Guide and Tips

Learn all you need to know about the available currencies in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy being an MMORPG, it is not unlikely that the game would have sophisticated systems needing various currencies and resources for different purposes. Aside from the gacha currency and the premium currency, it has quite a long list of currencies that you should know about, for which there is a Tower of Fantasy Currency guide for the complete list of currencies along with details of the ones available and how to obtain them.

Introducing the in-game currency in Tower of Fantasy

Gacha Currencies

1. Tanium

Image via Level Infinite

Tanium is the premium currency in Tower of Fantasy and can only be obtained when bought with real money. It can be used in various places in the game, but the primary one is that it can be converted into Dark Crystal which is also another form of universal currency.

2. Dark Crystal

Dark Crystal
Image via Level Infinite

Dark Crystal is a very important currency and is primarily used for pulling on the limited banner after it is converted into Red Nucleus.

3. Gold Nucleus

Gold Nucleus
Image via Level Infinite

Gold Nucleus is the primary gacha currency just after Red Nucleus in terms of value. It is used to roll on the Weapons Galore Banner for Simulacra Weapons. Gold Nucleus is abundantly available on the world map and can be farmed directly or from Supply pods, aside from that the game also gives it in the form of rewards like achievement completion milestones and in the mail.

4. Black Gold

Black Gold
Image via Level Infinite

Black Gold is a special type of currency and is used in buying Simulacra Weapons from the Weapon Store. Once a Simulacra is unlocked for the first time, their respective weapon appears in the shop and you can buy them directly from there. Black Gold is obtained by wishing on the Weapons Galore (Gold Nucleus Banner), with every pull you will gain one piece of Black Gold. After an SR character has reached max constellations, rolling them again will also provide you with one piece of Black Gold.

5. Proof of Purchase

Proof of Purchase
Image via Level Infinite

Proof of Purchase is the gacha currency used for rolling Matrices on the Weapons Galore banner. It can be only obtained via special rewards or converted from Dark Crystals.

6. Base Chip

Base Chip
Image via Level Infinite

Similar to Dark Gold, Base Chip is the byproduct of rolling on the Weapons Galore banner. It can be used to directly buy matrices from the store.

7. Black Nucleus

Black Nucleus Tower of Fantasy Currency
Image via Level Infinite

Balc Nucleus is nearly the same as Gold Nucleus, but their respective banners have different draw rates for the items and have no pity whatsoever. Black Nucleus is probably the item that you would see the most when you explore the world as they are scattered everywhere and can amount to over 500 in the count.

8. Red Nucleus

Red Nucleus
Image via Level Infinite

Red Nucleus is used for rolling on the limited banner and can only be obtained from Dark Crystals, Tanium, or in-game rewards.

9. Flame Gold

Red Nucleus2 Tower of Fantasy Currency
Image via Level Infinite

Similar to Black Gold, Flame Gold is the byproduct of rolling the Red Nucleus, but once a limited banner ends all the accumulated Flame Gold will be converted into Black Gold.

Resources Currencies

1. Gold

Image via Level Infinite

Gold is probably the most important currency after Dark Crystals and Tanium since it is used in everything from upgrading simulacra, equipment, and matrices and even for buying normal items from the overworld. Usually, a player can never have enough Gold in the game because it is needed in every upgrade. Gold can be obtained from Supply Pods, Chests, and Bosses, and is also available to be directly bought from various shops like Crystal Dust Store and Support Store.

2. Merit

Merit-Tower of Fantasy
Image via Level Infinite

Merit is the Crew Store currency that can be used in the Crew Store to buy various useful game items. It is primarily obtained from Crew Missions and Daily Donations.

3. Energy Crystal Dust

Energy Crystal Dust Tower of Fantasy Currency
Image via Level Infinite

Energy Crystal Dust is given out automatically whenever you spend your available vitality. This dust can be used in the store buy-out weekly Booster and Advancement Modules, equipment pieces, and gifts.

4. Training Points

Training Points
Image via Level Infinite

Obtainable via Training missions that are renewed every day. You can find the said mission in the Adventure Tab.

5. Support Points

Support Points Tower of Fantasy Currency
Image via Level Infinite

Support Points are generally rewarded when you finish a dungeon with other players. Currently, all the instances provide you with varying amounts of Support points, for example clearing World Bosses gives you Support 100 points and Dimensional Trials gives 150 Support Points. They can be used in the shop to buy various goodies.

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