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Tower of Fantasy: The Complete Fishing Guide and Tips

Fish easily with this guide in Tower of Fantasy!

Fishing has arrived in the new version 2.2 update of Tower of Fantasy and is ready for players to start exploring. With its charming animations and plentiful rewards, Fishing in the game is sure to bring hours of entertainment. Players can relax by beautiful riversides or sail across deep sea waters. Whether you’re an experienced fisherman or sailing into these waters for the first time, this guide will provide detailed tips for success on quests for unique rare catches. Let’s dive into it and explore what awaits in this fun game mode.

Introducing the Fishing system in Tower of Fantasy

Fishing in Tower of Fantasy Update 2.2 requires an initial investment. Players will have to make a trip to the Fishing store and pick a basic rod for the low cost of 1000 Gold. Once they have their basic rod, they can purchase bait up to 350 times a week.

Tower of Fantasy Fishing
Image via GosuNoob

The amount of XP earned from catching fish depends on their rarity. As players increase in level, more and more items become unlocked in a treasure trove of goodies such as Blue rods, purple rods, gold rods, hats, cosmetic glasses, and more!

How to get Fish Tokens in Tower of Fantasy

When catching your fish in Tower of Fantasy, you have them transferred to your Fishing Store. But to buy rods and baits you’re going to need Fish Tokens, which you get by selling your fish. Once they’re caught they’ll be stored in the “Fresh” tab with their full original value. 

On top of that, the value of your catch goes down every day the game resets – 10% on Day 2, 30% on Day 3, and a whopping 50% come Day 4. That’s why those Fish stock market queues are always booming with business and nobody wants to miss out on an amazing deal.

Understanding the Fish Market Mechanism

The Fishing Market is an amazing new feature that all fishing enthusiasts will surely love. With each fish having their market value for the day – a percentage increase or decrease, players can reap huge rewards if they stay patient and strategically play the market. So, instead of instantly cashing in your catch as soon as you have it, you could let your fish-stock build up with an eye towards a bigger payout later on when margins begin to swell. It’s all part of the fun and excitement in the game’s latest update.

Fishing Dashboard and the Fish King System in Tower of Fantasy

The brand new Fishing Dashboard features a clear window of all the fish locations and their associated time zones, as well as detailed information on each type. Now players will have an easier time selecting the perfect spot at the right time, to grab that coveted rare fish.

When you finally snag that super-sized fish, it needs to be acknowledged – and that’s where the Fish King System comes in. It displays your giant catch for all to see so there can be no doubting your achievements! The heated PvP system rewards those who have caught the heaviest fish for that week with limited edition avatars. Moreover, players can reap rewards in the form of dark crystals in the range of 5 DC, 10DC & 20DC as per the type of fish.

Type of FishDark Crystals
Blue Fish5 DC
Green Fish10 DC
Purple Fish20 DC

How to Fish in the Deep Waters in Tower of Fantasy

Fishing in the deep waters of the Tower of Fantasy has never been easier. All you need to do is get to the location, open the fishing dashboard with a click of F, equip the rod and bait you’ll need for the right fish, aim into the fishing spot, press 1 to fish, and finally maintain both your Fishing Stamina (A) and Rod Endurance (D). With just a few clicks and some finesse, you’re sure to catch something extraordinary.

Tower of Fantasy Fishing Guide
Image Via Kyrios Yuudai

Note: Every fish has got some endurance & Stamina value and your fishing rod must exceed that level to be successful in adding the fish to your store.

Rod TypeStamina Value
Green Rod30
Blue Rod45
Purple Rod55
Gold Rod60

How to put Fish in Aquarium

Adding fish to your Tower of Fantasy aquarium is an easy and exciting way to add life to your setup. All you have to do is find the Food Tab & Fish tab on the Aquarium dashboard, and tap any of the lovely fish that you have caught. They’ve now become part of your aquatic kingdom. 

Tower of Fantasy Fishing
Image via gateoo

You can fit up to 8 fishes in your tank at once, but be careful, once they’re in, they can’t escape. Players must not forget to keep them fed. You can get food from any pet store – just buy 10 fish foods for every four mirrors. Set up your dream ocean scene today with Tower of Fantasy’s fishing system.

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