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Tower of Fantasy trick explains how to use the Hair of any Simulacra on your own customized character

Character customization to perfection!

Character customization has been an irresistible part of Tower of Fantasy. The game offers a range of features and the ability to modify the characters to the way they like. Simulacra has been an inseparable part of the game and undoubtedly the developers have thrown in their effort in character development to the point that many people use their simulacrum skin instead of customization. But if you are looking to replace your character’s hair with a simulacrum of your choice, this tower of Fantasy guide will walk you through the trick to get the hair of your favorite simulacrum on your custom character.

How to get the hair of simulacra on your customized character in Tower of Fantasy

Here are the steps to get the hair trick done.

  • Firstly, go to the outfit menu and find the bald preset. Once you have found it, apply it to your current character. Keep in mind that this will cost 1 beauty voucher. If you are unable to find the bald preset, use the character code “11707729” and apply it.
Tower of Fantasy hair trick bald preset
Image via Koro ToF
  • Once done, go to the character customization screen and customize the character a bit. Don’t customize the hair.
Tower of Fantasy hair trick customize except hair
Image via Koro ToF
  • After the bit customization is done, go to the simulacra screen and select the simulacrum whose hair you would like to be on your character.  Then activate the simulacrum and then deactivate it.
Tower of Fantasy hair simulacra activate
Image via Koro ToF

There you go. If the steps are done correctly, you should be able to see the simulacrum’s hair on your customized character. The most interesting part of this trick is, the hair can also be seen by other players in the game. If you are confused, this video can help you understand the steps even better.

That’s all about the hair trick to use the hair of any simulacra on your own customized character.

What are your thoughts about our guide to using the hair trick on your own customized character in Tower of Fantasy? Let us know in the comments below!

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