Train Manager 2023 Train Tier List for September 2023

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Train Manager 2023 is a new train management simulation game brought to you by Xombat Development – Airline Manager Games. The game, being a simulator offers plenty of real-life concepts and features in the game regarding the railway industry. One such feature is the availability of different train coaches available for the players in the game to select from. These options include both Electric and Diesel coaches available for selection in the game. In this Train Manager 2023: Train Tier List we will list out the best trains in the game players can choose from.

Train Manager 2023: Train Tier List for September 2023

As stated before the game, Train Manager 2023 offers a load of different railway coaches where each and every different railway coach offers different amenities and has different statistics such as power and passenger seats. Passenger seats allow players to accommodate more people resulting in more revenue for the company.

The trains are broadly classified as electric and diesel ones, and both of them have their own pros and cons. However, with this tier list, we will make sure that players get the best trains as part of their fleet. To make the train choices simpler and easier for the players we will now try and divide the trains into different sets of tiers namely, Strong (S), Good (A), and Average (B), Further, we will divide the trains and list them based on their Engine Types.

Strong (S)Northern Ridge TNR 4119,
Northern Ridge HFL 849,
Olegska Motop WM G51ace
Olegska Motop WM G34i
Cavellier Alceo P2,
Cavellier Alceo 078F,
Saember CIX,
Saember GPR-20,
Danavia X-Liner C42,
Saember GPV-34,
Shinotsuke f2
Good (A)Novazon P6 D2M,
Novazon G2 RAMM,
Transit Rapide Coureur.
Transit Rapide Beucx,
Siberia Koural,
Weixiao Kiwi,
Fasstipper Arcadia Rapid,
Fasstipper Urbania Flex,
Weixiao Cassu,
Scandi S3,
Danavia X-liner CT22
Average (B)GlobaTrak MPN T-2,
GlobaTrak MPN C-4,
Weixiao Pux R36,
Weixiao Pu r014
Bazem KP9
Bazem KP10
Bazem KP20
Siberia Pirola

Best meta Trains in Train Manager 2023 for September 2023

As stated before there are plenty of choices that the players can go for in the game, Train Manager 2023. There are some real-life big names in the game from which players can select their rail fleet from. Here in this section, we will discuss and list the best trains for both electric and diesel engines. The aim of this section will be to provide the players of the game enough clarity to pick the best trains available in the game.

Best Diesel Train – Northern Ridge TNR 4119

Northern Ridge TNR 4119 is a diesel-engine train in the game and in our opinion it is the best one in the category. The reasons are pretty simple and easy to differentiate it from the rest. While the Train is not the most diesel-efficient one, it offers the max capacity of 720 people in the game, which is the joint highest number of passengers with Northern Ridge HFL 849, that any train can carry. Additionally, the train has a max speed of 180kph, making it the fastest in the game for a diesel engine.

Train Manager 2023: Train Tier List, Train Manager 2023
Image via Xombat Development – Airline Manager Games

Northern Ridge TNR 4119 offers not just speed but also range as it has the highest range of 1000 km in the game, making it the only option in terms of diesel ones for a long-distance voyage. The train engine while being quite expensive and not so diesel efficient still in our books ranks the highest and deserves the nod ahead of the other ones.

Best Electric Train – Shinotsuke f2

Shinotsuke f2 in our opinion is not just the best electric train in the game but is also the best train in general. The train does struggle in capacity however, the speed and max range of the train remain unmatched by any other train in the game.

Train Manager 2023: Train Tier List, Train Manager 2023
Image via Xombat Development – Airline Manager Games

Shinotsuke f2 offers a max passenger capacity of 546 while having a max speed of 603 kph and a max range of 2,500 km. The train is essential for players who aim to earn big revenues in the game.

Final Thoughts

The game, Train Manager 2023 being a simulator offers a huge amount of real-life features and options for the players to make, both from managerial and logistical perspectives. Selecting the right Trains in the game is an essential part of the game and we hope that with this detailed Train Manager 2023: Train Tier List we made things simpler and made it easier for the players to build their yard of trains.

Did you find this Train Manager 2023: Train Tier List useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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