Trooper Shooter Beginners Guide with Tips and Tricks

Climb up the ranks by following simple tips!

Azur Interactive Games Limited, an International mobile game publishing company recently released their brand new Action PVP game Trooper Shooter on PlayStore. The game has more than 50K downloads within a month of the official release in PlayStore. Trooper shooter is still under active development and pushes timely updates with new features and in-game improvements. Before jumping straight into the game, do check out this Trooper Shooter Beginners Guide with tips and tricks and become a Pro player among your friends without much hassle.

About Trooper Shooter

Trooper Shooter is a military theme-based FPS game that offers smooth controls and cool animated graphics. In this, Soldiers or Troopers have to capture certain zones namely A, B, and C, and collect Control Points to achieve victory. Trooper shooter also offers exciting rewards for watching in-game advertisements in the rewards section. Trooper shooter offers free chests and credits which can be used by players during purchasing new weapons, medkits, etc. It also offers new maps, weapons, armors, soldiers, and much more, when a player’s rank increases.

Trooper Shooter Guide: Tips to remember

1. Selecting and upgrading a Trooper

You can easily win almost all the matches if you understand the basic principle i.e. the more troopers you’ll have in your team, the harder it’ll be for enemies to win the match. You should not hurry at the beginning itself and rush towards the capture point and should have at least one or two short-range shooters and a sniper trooper in your army. So, that you’ll have enough time to turn the tide against enemies whenever you’ll find appropriate. Having a balanced army is a plus point in the fighting zone.

Have an army consisting of troopers that have a high range weapon like a sniper rifle and a high damage weapon like Shotgun and finally, a close-ranged weapon like melee. With this, try to upgrade them timely so that your army can easily compete with players of higher ranks in the capture zone. That’s all you need to dominate the war zone and win the match with ease. One should also note that troopers can easily be upgraded with credits but it’ll become harder for you to manage if you’ll end up wasting your credits on each trooper.

2. Use abilities and passive skills of your Trooper wisely

Another important point we press in this Trooper Shooter Beginners Guide is that Passive skills and abilities are the game-changers. You should know the effect of different abilities so that you can step forward and act wisely. One of the best abilities we found in the game is stun and the mega jump. Both the abilities comes pre-equipped with troopers like spy, sniper, nameless etc.

You can easily start hunting enemies with them without much effort. Moreover, these abilities have timeouts too. After using an ability it can only be reused after a few seconds depending on which trooper you’ve selected. Passive skills that are available for some special troopers in the beginning ranks will be a game-changer for them at higher ranks if used wisely. Besides this, Spy is one of the best troopers at earlier stages which can easily help you to achieve MVP in every match.

3. Control Points matters the most

It really doesn’t matter whether you have killed 2 enemies or 20 in the field. Ultimately, what matters in this game is Control Points. Control Points reflects the points, a team have gained while capturing zone A, B, and C. The team with higher control points or the team which has captured more zones will ultimately win the match.

So, the focus of every player should be to gain more and more control points than killing more and more players. No doubt, you’ll get more coins for higher kills but if you lose then, the winning amount of coins will drastically reduce a lot. Moreover, there are no restrictions in spawn limits of troopers which means even if an enemy kills you in the match, you’ll be able to respawn and select the same trooper after a few seconds.

4. Troopers to choose at the beginning

Trooper Shooter Beginners Guide

This decision completely relies upon the players whether they love sniping and go for headshots or wants to engage in close combat with the enemy troopers. Having a team with many troopers is good but at the same time, a well-equipped balanced team should be your priority before starting a match. After playing this game actively for a few days. Here’s the list of troopers that helped me to win almost 30+ matches with MVP all the time.

  • SPY

5. Use Bombs and Med kits wisely

Bombs and Medkits too plays an important role in the war zone. A player receives 5 Bombs and 5 Medkits with every individual trooper. Players can purchase bombs or medkits from the shop by credits or by watching ads. Similarly, you can easily gain more coins and credits by watching ads whenever required.

When to use bombs?

Bomb deals a lot of damage to the enemies when thrown from a short distance. You should prefer using bombs in front of 2 or more enemies in order to gain the maximum benefit from it.

When to use Med kits?

Medkits heal your life only up to a fixed certain level. So, instead of using medkits after every hit you received, it’s better to use it when your HP drops more than 50%. You should keep in mind that once you received damage while using a medkit the healing effect will be nullified. So, you should use it alone, you can also hide behind vehicles and let your HP increase first.

6. Additional Tips & Tricks

  • Set the sensitivity between 60 – 65 in settings to improve your response time and kill your enemies easily. You can also use sniper for one-shot kills.
  • Credits can easily be gained from battles, ads, timely chests but coins are one of the most important resources in this game. Use them wisely or you’ll find it harder to purchase weapons or troopers at higher ranks.
  • Compare Trooper statistics like speed, HP, attack power, abilities before purchasing them as most of the troopers are too costly to purchase with coins and real money. It’s recommended not to purchase any Trooper till 5th Rank. Rather you can invest that credit on upgrading weapons and existing Troopers as well.
  • This game is all about Control Points, so fight for that instead of going for kills first. Teamwork is a must. If a player from your team is holding A zone, you should go towards capturing B or C. Coordinate attacks together as a team to win the match and become an MVP.
  • After playing a few matches you’ll remember the spawn locations of enemies and thus, can surprise them anytime with your whole team. It’s one of the best strategies for newbies to get familiar with the game and win MVP most of the time – This is what Pro players of Trooper Shooter say.


Trooper Shooter is one of the best military PVP based games currently. This game is still in early beta. You’ll surely see tons of exciting new troopers, resources, and new modes in the upcoming updates. It seems to be quite easy to master it at the beginning itself, but on higher levels, you’ll surely be facing enemies with better tactics and strategy. Of course, you need to play with every Trooper to find out which is suitable for you. If you find it harder to survive in the war zone and gain control points, visit this Trooper Shooter Beginners Guide guide anytime to get a better understanding.

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Thanks for the tips admin. I’ve mentioned some of your tips in my video with proper credits

Tousif Hasan Biswas

Thats awesome!


Hey so umm i wanted to play with a friend so i made him download the game but even after reaching lvl 10 and being in the same region andd connected to our facebooks on which we are friends with each other he still couldn’t find my base or my alliance and also the players on the map were completely different then on mine.
Help me fix this somehow please.

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