Ultimate Football Club Beginners Guide and Tips

Achieve your ultimate football club!

Wanda Cinemas Games come up with its exclusive and latest football game, Ultimate Football Club with official FIFPro registration, partnership with top clubs like Bayern Munich and Juventus, real-world player stats, and excellent in-game graphics. In this Ultimate Football Club Beginners Guide, we are going to do a detailed walkthrough of all the new features. The game is created with the most modern 3D engine, providing a unique football gaming experience! Combine the unique talents of players with the formation system and tactics to create the best football team.

Gameplay Overview

Introducing the Basics

The game starts off with really cool graphics with a realistic stadium atmosphere and player card introductions. The game begins in a user-friendly manner, where almost every step is countered by a tutorial. The key to scoring or shooting on target is to drag the slider from the point in the screen the ball is, towards the net.

Gameplay Overview Ultimate Football Club
Image via Wanda Cinemas Games

The path of the slider from the finger sensors the movement of the ball, accompanied by curls and accuracy. The key to passing in-game is to select the Player and the position you want to pass the ball to, in case of short passes. For lob passes, or long balls forward in the run of play, you can use the lob pass button after selecting the player you aim to pass the ball to. There is full-scale training available starting from finishing, passing, whipped cross, attacking, and saving before you actually get into the chapters of the game.

Adapt yourself to the given Scenario

Each chapter of the game is given with a scenario where you have to win with your set of players, given a backdrop of the game. A proper justification of the match scenario, alongside the real-world tournament name, opposition name, tasks, bonus tasks, and challenges are given on the introductory slide to each game from the chapters column.

Advanced graphics and storyline
Image via Wanda Cinemas Games

For example, there will come a scenario where in the round one match of the African cup of nations, you will be given a proper scenario to defend Egypt, like Egypt pulling through the qualifiers and making it to the group stages.

The most notable group of the knockouts is also given at your disposal with Egypt being drawn at group e against the Black Star Ghana, Congo, and Uganda. The backdrop of the stories given and then the tasks are given like keeping a clean sheet and assisting once thereby winning the game by more than a Goal margin. Each challenge completed adds up to a newer reward from the conquest. Some elite standard graphics are used in the celebrations of the game, with updated player trademarks and play stats.

Ultimate Football Club Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Ultimate Football Club is a game of dexterity, patience, and endurance where winning a match largely depends on the skills one inherits. Here are some of our tips in our Ultimate Football Club Beginners Guide to help you, newbies, to kickstart your journey.

1. Masters the Tactic connection

It is a mode on the playing styles, available during the course of a match, which when turned on, enables one player to be more inclined to pass to a specific player of your team in comparison to other players from your team. There is a guide store available that allows you to exchange items with guide coins.

2. Prepare for the Tournaments

The tournaments give you a total of ten changes to challenge your opponent and get promoted. For every win, you are rewarded with pounds and might even drop surprising rewards like assistant coaches. One must be very careful about appointing the correct manager and assistant manager, especially those that suit the attributes needed in the team. Another expert tip about the tournaments suggests that in case one is not confident of winning the game against the next opponent, do not waste the pounds which are pretty rarely found.

Tips and tricks
Image via Wanda Cinemas Games

3. Manage your Fan club and Finances

Its centers are of genuine importance in the game. Both these features make the game unique and interesting to play. The Club honors are also of great importance and can be produced by upgrading the Hall of Fame facility. The important attributes to be taken care of while choosing assistant coaches for strikers should be aimed at finishing and passing. Similarly, the assistant coaches for midfielders, aim to intercept and pass, and defenders aim to intercept and tackle. For the goalkeepers, emphasis more on what skill set your goalkeeper already possesses.

4. Daily tasks and the Road to Champion

Like every other online multiplayer Mobile game, Ultimate Football Club also gives you daily tasks which result in receipt of several rewards if you can complete them all every day. In order to acquire a task competition, you have to complete 12 phases of a task, and each faces results in obtaining a player.

Daily tasks and road to champion
image via Wanda Cinemas Games

Similarly, there is also an option for daily training where you need just 80 points to collect all the rewards possible. In the daily training feature, you cannot go above 80 points but it can be a valuable input to your game. According to experts, aiming only at the targets you feel are achievable and comfortable, 45 scores for 2 attempts is decent enough.

5. Chemistry

Team chemistry is an important factor in the game, especially with squad building. The key players of your team need proper boosting and training for them to unlock their fullest potential. The easiest way to boost this is to obtain players from their chemistry links. You can also request the player shard to boost the chemistry level which is available from Giveaway in Guild.

Final Thoughts

The game gives an overall good gaming experience to football fans but lacks the actual intensity of controlling the happenings in an actual full-sized match. The match stops at places giving you the option to opt on which player to pass on to, or which to perform. You are then asked to give a fitting response and the match proceeds according to your selection.

Conclusion Ultimate Football Club Beginners Guide
image via Wanda Cinemas Games

The super shards are an important item as well and are needed in almost every instance to upgrade the pivotal players. You can access these shards faster by selling the non-chemistry players and continuously buying the normal scouts. Ultimate Football Club already has developed a decently big user base and their regular updates with patches make the game really intriguing to play. So go ahead and give it a try! If you find trouble, don’t hesitate to fall back on this Ultimate Football Club beginners guide for tips.

That’s all for the Ultimate Football Club Beginners Guide! Did you find our Ultimate Football Club beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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